Many PWDs who have expressed that they can no longer find Quick Sticks glucose tube packs have discovered Elovate 15 powder glucose a€?slimpaksa€™. Mary Ely of Brave Buddies reported, a€?I ended up buying some and my son liked the way it tasted, ease of eating it (even on a windy boat).
DIABETES MINE, Mike Hoskins reviewed Elovate 15 A and had some comparisons to make of Elovate 15 vs. Elovate 15 comes as a box of six 15-gram flat pouches, or a€?slimpaksa€™, and can be purchased as a case of 12 boxes which saves on shipping costs. Wear an identification bracelet or necklace (your diabetes educator can tell you more about this). Use of the copyright symbol on this website does not limit or abridge the rights of Veterans, the general public, or the Government from non-commercial access to, and use of, the information displayed on this website. It is important to instruct the patient and caregivers on the proper sites of administration for insulin injections. Medical monitoring is essential to meet the ongoing needs of the child with type I diabetes. Physical activity plays an important role in the management of diabetes "as it potentiates the hypoglycemic effect of insulin" (Potts & Mandleco, 2007, p. Brave Buddies and Carb DM, two SF Bay Area diabetes support groups, discovered Elovate 15 and enthusiastically embraced the new product. And I personally plan to carry them around during those times when I need something on-the-go, to quickly pop into a pants pocket or stuff into a bike pouch when I’m out riding. A You can share a case with others, or stock up for summer travel or school.A It is available online from mail order companies and diabetes supply houses, or direct from Diasan Corporation, the manufacturer. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Insulin is administered by subcutaneous injections (figure A, B) or a portable insulin pump (figure C).

Insulin is administered into the subcutaneous fat which is found in the abdomen, back of the arms, legs, and above the buttocks. Home blood glucose monitoring is available for convenience and facilitation of self-management. The ultra-fine powder can be mixed up with water to drink…or easily dissolved under the tongue. Medical treatment will include daily injections of insulin, blood glucose monitoring and management, following a meal plan, exercise, self-management skills. The frequency of the injections will vary according to the prescribed treatment and the goals of management for the child. Glucose monitoring at home consists of lancing the fingertip or other appropriate area (new meters are able to test small blood samples from the forearm, thigh, or side of hand) (Potts & Mandleco, 2007).
Increasing physical activities such as exercise (walking, running, jogging) assists in decreasing blood glucose levels and improves glucose control.
Now, a typical meal plan will provide balanced nutrition such as grains, breads, fruit, vegetables, and meats, beans, eggs, cheese, and legumes.
For instance, some individuals with higher levels of activity may be allowed a larger meal plan or lower doses of insulin. If proper site selection and rotation are not utilized, the individual receiving the injections may suffer from lipoatrophy (indentation or atrophy of subcutaneous fat) or lipohypertrophy (lumpiness or hypertrophy of subcutaneous fat) specifically at the sites of injection (Potts & Mandleco, 2007). The insulin pump provides the child or teen with a more discrete and managable method of controlling their condition.
Therefore for this reason the mechanics of rotating sites with each injection should be taught to the patient and caregivers administering the injections.
The breakdown of food groups is 50-60% of the calories derived from carbohydrates, 10-20% from protein, and 20-30% from fats.
After administration or consumption of any food listed above, wait 15 minutes and recheck the blood glucose levels.

Current pumps are approximately the size of a pager and contain a syringe that can hold up to 300 unites of insulin (Potts & Mandleco, 2007). The pump works by delivering insulin via a tiny catheter that is placed every 2 to 3 days into subcutaneous fat.
Lipoatrophy is uncommon today with the use of purified insulin preparations available and is "treated by injecting insulin into the edges of the area of atrophy" (Potts & Mandleco, 2007, p.
The pump is programmed to deliver the insulin continuously throughout the day and night, in small amounts. Treatment options, glucagon preparation and administration of IM glucagon should be taught to the caregivers. An immediate bolus of insulin is programmed to be delivered  with each snack and meal. Lipohypertrophy occurs more commonly and is a result of trauma to the injection sites from repeated injections to the same area. Medical assistance is required for administration of IV glucose and other measures to prevent further complications. This bolus is based on the dose of insulin that is essential for the carbohydrate consumption and the individual's blood glucose level. Several studies have shown that pump therapy reduces episodes of severe hypoglycemia in pediatric populations as well as increases client satisfaction (Potts & Mandleco, 2007).
Example: Regular insulin may be mixed with Lispro insulin=stable when mixed with Lente and NPH.

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