A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that keeping a food diary may double your weight loss efforts. Hypoglycemia also known as low blood sugar is an alarming side effect of the disease that needs immediate treatment. If it is left untreated at all or if the reaction is too slow, hypoglycemia can lead to permanent damage to the nervous system, seizures, coma and even death. The following is a list of steps you should take in case the diabetes management plan you have has failed and you experience low blood sugar symptoms that suggest that another episode of hypoglycemia is on its way. In case you or any person close to you suffering from diabetes start experiencing any of these symptoms, take instant safety measures. In majority of cases, when the symptoms are mild, you can check whether you are having a hypoglycemic episode or not, but taking tests. When a person suffering from diabetes is experiencing another hypoglycemic episode, they need to increase blood glucose levels. You should not overeat, because these foods can easily boost your sugar levels way too high.
In case you don’t react to the carbs intake or if you had seizures or you have fainted, you are most likely experiencing an episode of severe hypoglycemia and you need urgent medical attention.
In case you are experiencing frequent hypoglycemic episode or you had a severe one, consult your doctor about your current diabetes management plan. Being ready and understanding the things you need to do in cases of hypoglycemia is a vital element of every good diabetes management plan. This type of hypoglycemia without diabetes happens when a person did not impart food for duration of eight hours or longer [2].
This type of hypoglycemia without diabetes happens in duration of two to four hours after food intake.
Oral anti-diabetes or anti-hyperglycemic drugs should be individualized because when a person took in drugs for the treatment of diabetes but doesn’t have diabetes, this will result to hypoglycemia. Severe liver damage [4] can deplete blood sugar due to the decrease in metabolism caused by the impairment or destruction of the liver. Sepsis [8] or the presence of infection can lower blood sugar levels most especially to patients with limited stored sugar in the body.
There is an enlargement of beta cells [3] in the pancreas causing it to overproduce insulin. A person should possess visible sign and symptoms of hypoglycemia without diabetes, as shown above.
Health care providers will give you a meal that contributes in the lowering of your blood sugar [5]. In order to treat hypoglycemia without diabetes, a person should eat foods rich in glucose or sugar.
Have a regular exercise[7] with the advice of your doctor and have a healthy diet approved by your physician. Avoid caffeinated food or drinks – has the same signs and symptoms as hypoglycemia and makes patient feel worst.
Eat nutritious foods such as green leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage, broccoli) and fruits (pineapple, grapes, banana).
The reason why I say 4 hours is because I bolus with Novolog and that stays active in the body for about 4 hours.

My recommendation is to be honest with yourself, and if you can’t go into the kitchen and just have those 15 grams of carbs without emptying the fridge every time, then keep your emergency carbs in the bedroom next to where you sleep (that’s always a good idea anyway). There is probably no way to completely eliminate low blood sugars at night (unless you are on a pump with suspend function) but I have learned to limit them quite a bit. For example, my last low blood sugar was at 4 am a few nights ago, and when I went back and analyzed the data, this is what I found: Since it was 4 am and my last snack was at 11 pm, the low couldn’t be due to my last bolus.
Join the Fit With Diabetes Challenge The Fit With Diabetes Challenge gives you all the tools you need to exercise safely and effectively with diabetes.it's 6 weeks of FREE diabetes articles, workouts, activities, and community support. If I don’t have access to a fat or protein and it is several hours before breakfast I will suspend my pump. I sometimes get headaches if my sugars are going up really quickly, I wonder if that could be the case for you as well? If you send me an email I’ll send you the name of one endo I know that works with athletes. When a person suffering from diabetes starts noticing low blood sugar symptoms, ignoring these symptoms may increase the odds that the hypoglycemia could turn into an illness that threatens their life.
However, any person who is using diabetes medication or insulin must learn more about all the symptoms. In case some of the people close to you knows about your condition and can give emergency glucagon injections they should do that right away even before dialing 911. This will hinder the release of the stored sugar into the liver that will circulate throughout the entire system. There is a low potential for the toxic substances metabolized to get out in the system, thus affecting the level of sugar in the body. There is a long duration of starvation in the body leading for the body to deplete blood sugar.
Hypoglycemia is considered the reason for angina pectoris, shortness of breathing and faster heart rate on patients with heart failure. Most probably because of these underlying conditions there is an overused glucose in the body cause by hormonal changes or deficiency of glucose in the system due to the impairment of these organs. The patient will not be advice to take in solid foods and other liquids except for drinking water.
After a while, health care providers will test your blood sugar levels if it changes significantly. Exercise decreases blood sugar level [6] but it will not cause hypoglycemic episodes in people.
So I test my blood sugar and immediately eat or drink 8-15 grams of carbs in the form of 2 glucose tablets or 125 ml juice.  I then assess whether I need a low glycemic carb as well (you can read more about low-glycemic carbs here). If it has been more than 4 hours since I took my bolus, I know that just the sugar or juice will get me through the night. As I said, it’s a medical emergency and you need a carb that will hit your blood stream quickly.
No, I still have nights where I go low and nights where I overeat to treat it, but they are really far apart. And you are not the first to suggest adding a little PB, definitely something I have to try if needed. We created TheFitBlog to share our passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle and to give people the tools they need to succeed with their fitness goals.

In case you are using diabetes medication or insulin on a regular basis as part of your diabetes management plan, you must have access to a food that can quickly fix any problems.
If the results show that the levels are still low, then eat some of the foods we have mentioned again. A person suffering from diabetes should respond fast to the glucagon and can eat again in 15 minutes. Toxic substances that are filtered in the body through the kidney can hinder the production or generation of sugar molecules.
Deprivation to eat or starvation for a long duration of time not only decreases the level of sugar in the body but also causes fatigue and weakness. The assessment is pretty quick, and for me only involves checking that I didn’t bolus within the last 4 hours. Pure sugar or juice is the best for that since the fat in candy or cake will slow down carb absorption.
If I have a low during the night, I’ll go back and see how my bolus and basal patterns were the day before, what I ate and what I did. I’m not perfect, but always analyzing why I had a low and making adjustments going forward has helped a lot in reducing my nighttime lows, and having the right food and drink easily available has helped me treat my lows in the right way.
As a type 1 diabetic, Christel is particularly passionate about helping others with diabetes and is always available to answer questions about how to get fit and healthy.
In case the symptoms won’t allow you to take these tests, skip this step and take step four.
Thus, hypoglycemia without diabetes or non-diabetic hypoglycemia means the lowering of blood sugar in person without suffering diabetes. Alcohol intake can impede the building up of sugar molecules to the liver as it is an organ for metabolism. That feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat and shaking due to low blood sugar.
So my conclusion was that to avoid future nightly lows, I should take less basal insulin before I go to bed if I’m to continue working out later in the evening. And also brain can function properly if there is enough sugar circulating the entire system. When you reach this level, focus on snacks that are more nutritious or wait for the meal, if it is not more than 60 minutes away. I absolutely hate it, so I wanted to share my approach on how to treat low blood sugar at night with you guys. I reduced my nightly basal and now I’m sleeping through the night again and waking up with perfect sugars.
I hope this can help some of you and I would love to hear your best advice and tricks as well. If you have a smart way of dealing with nightly lows, please write it in the comments below this post so everyone can learn it.

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