Scientists who studied more than 180,000 people found a a€?small but statistically significant improvement in survivala€™ in those taking metformin - a drug (above) used to control glucose levels and treat type 2 diabetesHowever, experts said the five-and-a-half year follow-up period was relatively short, considering the complications of diabetes get worse over time and are linked with a shorter lifespan.Lead author Professor Craig Currie, from Cardiff Universitya€™s School of Medicine, said further research into the effects of metformin on healthy people was merited, particularly as it had negligible side effects.
Effective glucose control in diabetics is important in reducing the risk of complications such as strokes or coronary artery disease, and metformin is recommended as the first line of therapy for type 2 diabetesThe findings were published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. It is a fatal condition which can be controlled by regular insulin injections, but that becomes much more complicated during pregnancy.The safe range for blood sugar levels is much narrower then, and high or low levels which would be fine for an adult can damage a baby. Dr Helen Murphy, from Cambridge University, told the BBC: "Half of all babies born to mothers with Type 1 diabetes are overweight or obese at birth because of too much sugar in the blood". A footbridge collapses on the M20 motorway in Kent after it was hit by a lorry carrying a digger, on one of the busiest travel days of the year.
In type 1 diabetes the pancreas no longer produces insulin (or at least not a significant amount) therefore the primary type 1 diabetes treatment consists of giving the body insulin as closely as we can to the way the body would do it naturally. There is no one right way to manage diabetes, since many different types of insulin treatment can successfully control blood sugar levels.  The type of insulin treatment varies from person to person, and can depend on many individual factors – including age and life style. Many type 1 diabetics have what is called a ‘honeymoon’ period for the first few months (or even year) after being diagnosed.
Over time, people with type 1 diabetes usually learn to adjust their own insulin dose, although you will need help from time to time. There are a few types of insulin, which can be used alone or in combination in order to treat type 1 diabetes.
There are two general types of insulin treatment plans: intensive insulin treatment and standard (conventional) insulin treatment.
Intensive insulin treatment — Intensive insulin treatment is best for keeping blood sugar in tight control.

Intensive insulin therapy is recommended for most people with type 1 diabetes because it gives you the best chance for successful blood sugar control, and it is best to start it as soon as possible. The drawback to intensive insulin control is that you might experience a higher rate of low blood sugars (hypoglycemia) and it is about 3 times as expensive as standard insulin treatment.
Intensive insulin therapy usually entails a long acting insulin (like glargine or detemir) that is used as a basal insulin, and an additional rapid insulin (lispro, aspart, or glusine) every time you eat. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes. When diabetics are first diagnosed they suddenly have a lot of new expenses and some can’t afford all of these new expenses. A1c chart, Another difference between different diabetes testing strips is that completely different strips need different amounts of blood to browse your blood glucose levels.. A1c and high post-meal blood sugars … – blood sugar 101, A1c and post-meal blood sugars predict heart attack please scroll down to read text.
A1c chart & calculator using the dcct formula, A1c chart has a1c to bs conversion using dcct formula. They show that average survival time was 15 per cent lower in healthy people compared with diabetics on metformin, and 38 per cent lower in diabetic patients on older drugs.Effective glucose control in diabetics is important in reducing the risk of complications such as stroke or coronary artery disease, and metformin is recommended as first line therapy for type 2 diabetes. Insulin requirements are relatively lower during this time, and when it ends patients insulin needs rise dramatically. Changes in weight, diet, health conditions (including pregnancy), activity level, emotional states, and work can affect the amount of insulin you need to take in order to control your blood sugar.
Most people with type 1 diabetes meet with a doctor or nurse every three to four months, and review blood sugar levels and insulin doses at these visits, helping to fine-tune diabetes control.

You will need to take 3 or more insulin shots per day or use an insulin pump, and you will need to check your blood sugar frequently. However, this regimen will be successful only if you are fully committed to it and you have good understanding of the regimen—this means checking your sugars 4 or more times a day. Standard insulin treatment is an older regimen, although it may still be recommended for selected patients. Diabetes is where the body begins to stop or slow in the production of a chemical called Insulin. If not you should then go online as there are several sites that may be able to get you free diabetic equipment or cheap equipment.
Insulin is a very important chemical that the body uses to convert the sugar in the blood stream into fuel that the body can use. When the insulin levels are low the sugar levels are high and when they reach a certain level they begin to cause damage.
The damage that the high blood sugar causes is heart damage, kidney damage, nerve damage, and eye damage.

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