There are dozens of reasons why I love my kettlebell… here are the THREE biggest reasons. The tighter tummy results have been recently highlighted in my pre and post pregnancy weight loss…not only was I able to maintain core strength – but I was surprised at how quickly I was able to melt my mommy belly and get my flat tummy back after Alexander was born!
I incorporated the kettlebell into many of my prenatal workouts which helped me maintain strength throughout my pregnancy.
Even more exciting  – is the fact that consistency with my workouts helped me Flatten and Tone my Tummy!
If you do some browsing you will find it was a process of steps to even GET to this point. The kettlebell can be used anytime, anywhere which is perfect for Busy Moms who are always On The Go who only have 10-15 minutes to get a workout in.
We spent the long Labor Day weekend filming a series of Kettlebell Workouts specific to Busy Moms. I am wrapping up the final details and creating a fun video to show you some of my favorite moves – so while you wait – leave a comment below and let me know what Questions you have about Kettlebells! This entry was posted on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at 12:36 pmand is filed under Strength Training, Workouts. Holly, I found one of your kettlebell videos on you tube and did that for a month as a way of tackling my Mummy Tummy and then became sidetracked with illness. Awsome Holly I have a lot of belly fat which I really want to get rid off so maybe I should consider kettlebell.
I LOVE the FYM system and have recently tried the workouts on your original Kettlebell DVD. Hi Holly, wondering what kettlebell weight you recommend starting with for your dvd’s? I have never used kettlebells before, but now that I am more comfortable working out with other weights, maybe this would spice things up. I have a kettlebell and know a few of the exercises, but would be great to have a dvd of exercises instead of searching the internet. This would be perfect to add to my workouts – I’ve just started with the Transformation Kit workouts and would love the Kettlebell one too, to mix things up!

Prior to starting my workout I did 100 sandbag weighted bridges ( 25 lbs ), I also finished this routine with 100 sandbag weighted bridges ( that was fun ?? ). Just the workout I need after viewing my buns in my new swimsuit bottoms (as I silently scream with horror). Warm up:Basic warm up rotuine, 4 round of 1 minute elevated plank on a med ball, then 50 reps 25lbs weighted bridge with a 2 sec hold at the top.
About 4 years ago I stumbled across this sneaky little workout tool that can quickly burn belly fat, boost energy levels – like literally overnight – and completely reshape and tighten your body. After Alexander was born and as soon as I had my Dr’s okay, I was able to ease right back into my kettlebell workouts. I’ve had Kettlebells for almost two years, put them aside but started thinking about adding them back to my routine and you helped me.
I was searching for the same video today and have now found your website and discovered your kettlebell DVDs coming soon, I can’t wait to get them and get started. I love that they look like a quick and easy workout to get in when ever you have a free moment.
I have your other KB dvd (and love it) and have had one on one training with you and Pam at the FYM Summit last summer so I am familiar with the moves.
Can I use kettlebell routines instead of free-weights to accomplish my fitness goals(weight-loss)? I have an 8 kg, would that be good enough and I am thinking of including it in my workouts which are fixed to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, would it be ok to do workout A on a Monday, workout B on a wednesday of my transformation kit and a kettlebell workout on friday? The kettlebell dvd would be a great addition to my workouts to really whip my butt into shape!
As you can already tell by the title of this post, this routine is seriously going to be focused on booty.
There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. I was using a pair of dumbbells ( 12.5 lbs each ), a sandbag 25 lbs, a balance ball and my Gymboss Timer. I may not like all my imperfections, but I do accept them or continuously work to accept them, which is where wonderful online trainers like you come in!

My 8 year old wrote down my numbers from me on part 2 because 92 degrees at 8am makes for lots of sweat! Along with my supportive nutrition plan, my kettlebell workouts helped me to not only get my body back, but regain my strength and help tone and tighten my mommy belly faster than I could have imagined! Just an initial month gave me good results so can’t wait to do a longer more structured routine. Curious on how to avoid body bruising (on wrists, fore arms and below shoulders) when working with a KB (not swings but cleaning the bell for instance).
Lower body routines are actually my weakness, its always for some reason much harder for me to do than upper body, but I believe whatever seems harder, that’s what we should focus on.
This routine comes in 3 parts, part 1 and part 3 are done for time, so they will be as long as it takes you without sacrificing your form, and part 2 was 5 minutes long.
Don’t know if you remember, I was vegetarian and I was feeling that I need sometihing else… You advices helped me sooo much, no more cheese and milk and I just feel different and great! I used my 35lb sandbag for the first 100 bridges, but for the last 100 I dropped down to a 20lb dumbbell.
Used 2 – 10 lbrs on part one and started with a 20 lb-not-so-manageable-bag on part 3 and switched to a 10 lb db after 30 reps.
I was actually partly poking fun at myself and partly dismayed, but as I review the previous post I see that it doesn’t read that way at all.
The opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent anyone else's view. I’m sure it was just a result of some bad form on my part, so LISTEN TO TATI AND PRACTICE GOOD FORM, people!!! Also, no matter how much we work out, if our eating is right, we’re defeating our purpose to lose.

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