She posted it on Facebook and said within two hours people from all over were commenting on it.
The woman said she had to shut down her Facebook, turn off her email and even got a call from a lawyer in Atlanta that wanted to use the photo. In the background of this on-air news report from WAFB, a CBS affiliate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a child danced like no one was watching. Did you ever observe something and think to yourself, "I could do that?" I know I have, though watching Usain Bolt in the 100 meters is not one of those things. We have all been there: complete misinformation or simply all-encompassing confusion, fueling a passionate argument that could not prove more ludicrous.
This dude strapped a GoPro to a Hot Wheels car as it traveled through 8 different track sections all connected by tunnels.

You've seen the athletes at the Rio games look down at the colorful little thingees after they won a medal. Dad cannot stop gagging while trying to change a baby's stinky diaper for the first time!!
A It looks like youtube star CemreCandar enjoys taking videos of himself bathing in different things.
A She recently was married and unfortunately found her new husband had been cheating on her! There is a lot of new coverage of the disaster, and it the midst of the devastating news, a young boy became a light of happiness for viewers.
They were at the Indiana State Fair patrolling in a golf cart and must have had some down town.

A She listed her wedding gown on ebay for 500 pounds and procedded to explain how the dress is filled with bitter memories and how horrible her ex is. About 200 feet of track was used, and it was filmed with a GoPro mounted on a 2014 Pharadox car.

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