In the summer all the things are  dull and dead  like because  there is too much perspiration and sweating which become the cause of suffocation and  due to the  sweating  face  whitening is   start to  finish and become tan  in the  summer abs in the cold season somebody’s skin becomes dry and the  rough  so the people go out for a doctor for   taking medicine and some use the  different creams ,formulas cream and the  ointment which are temporary these ointments and the creams are effected on our skin badly. So we should not use the scrubs and masks which are artificial because we don’t know the material which they use in the makeup   may be too much dangerous due to the expiry cosmetics we can indulge in the skin cancer which can spoil your overall face and then you have to do complete treatment  so you should avoid all these chemical made things because it is not god for the skin specially for the  acne skin because  due to it acne pimples ,black heads ,white heads and the blind pimples afre on your face so you should  avoid to these things and  if you want to get rid  from the  oily skin then you should  use the homemade  and natural things.
Tomatoes  are already red and when we eat it give us more benefit because vitamin C is  found in the tomatoes so when we use the tomatoes paste on our skin  it becomes so red and glowing and   with the tomatoes you can get rid of  the extra oil and the  sebum on our skin you can keep it save in the ice cubes and when you  are going on your bed then  use this cubes on your face  and you can make  the scrub with the tomatoes take a tomato and add some honey in it and make a thick paste and apply it on your face when it become dry then wash your face but if  you have a problem of acne and pimple then you should avoid from the honey because  honey is too much  sticky it can damage your skin. Cucumber is the vegetable of the summer it is very useful  doctor recommended the stomach patient to eat the cucumber daily but it is my suggestion that every person should eat a cucumber daily because it washes your stomach  dirtiness  it is so good for the skin  if on your face too much  scars and your skin is oily due to the pores  open then you should must use the cucumber paste on your skin  it is good for the eyes  if swelling and itchiness in your eyes then you should use the cucumber  slice on your eyes  and if you are applying the cucumber on your face  then  add some gram flour in the  cucumber paste and then  blend it  this paste will  reduce your oil .
Milk is the gift of the God on human beings because  it is very healthy and useful for all ages people   it makes the teeth and the bones strong  so the milk cream is very useful for the skin whitening  if you want to finish the oil from your  skin  and want to  glowing skin then you  should use the  milk cream which is unboiled   because that cream work like moisturizer and the moisturizing is compulsory for  the skin to make it fresh and   clear you should  do the cleansing  2 time in a day because due to the sweating too much  grease and the dust   is on our face  which is compulsory to remove otherwise your   pores can be increased. Aloe Vera is a wild herbs but it is very useful  for many diseases because the gel of the aloe Vera  is very soft and  sticky when we apply the gel of oil on our faces  it becomes so natural and  glowing and  it is easily available at every place you should use it daily  in many  masks and the   scrubs the  aloe Vera gel is used so apply the paste of it daily you can use it simple but it is compulsory that it should be fresh. Vinegar is  very useful for the skin when we add vinegar  in the foods it become so delicious and tasty  so take one tablespoon  vinegar and one glass water  and mix it well  and apply this on your face  rather you can wash  your face if the apple cider vinegar available in your home then it is also  good  lemon is  a natural bleach which can wash all the scars and the  spots from our faces  because the  vitamin C is  found in it  you can use the lemon  without squeezing just take a lemon and cut it in four pieces and  apply it on your face  and you will see  the oil is reduced  and the  black heads are also dim  so you can use the  vinegar and the lemon for finish the oil .
Orange peel is good for the skin  it is fact that  oranges are the big source of vitamin C and due to the vitamin C our skin remain fresh and alive  so the peel  of oranges  keep  them save after eating because it is very useful for us. Your face is most prominent part of the body; if it is not clear or neat then your whole personality goes down. 2: Extract juice of one lemon and take equal quantity of rose water, apply it on face properly and leave to dry for 20 minutes, then you can wash your face with fresh water.

3: One of the most effective tips to prevent pimples is to apply tooth paste before sleeping at night. 5: Fresh mint juice is an antiseptic treatment for many skin problems like pimples, acne and dark spots.
7: Fresh fruits and vegetables also help to keep your skin healthy and to prevent all types of skin diseases and problems. 8: Use of aloe vera juice or gel twice a day is great and most effective homemade remedy as this plant is present in every house. 9: Take 2 table spoons of white vinegar and mix about 2 pinches of salt in it, now apply it on face. 10: Make a mask of corn flour and egg white, apply it on face for 20 to 30 minutes till dry completely, now massage for 3 to 5 minutes with warm water then wash it. These are very easy and simple tips to make your face fresh, glowing, neat and free of pimples.
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Take an aloe Vera and  pull out some gel from it and add  some  baking powder and the  talcum  powder and make a good  mask and apply it on your face when it become dry accurately then  rinse your face with coldwater .
Take some peels and keep them in the sunlight when it become dry then dry it in the multani mitti and add some drops of milk make a thick paste and apply it on your face it will give you a healthy and energize skin .in the summer when you come back home then you must use it because it is very cool and give your skin feeling of coldness.

Normally pimples become when you leave care your skin, pimples filled with bacteria and may be cause very skin problems. Having pimples on face is most irritating skin problem which no one likes but has to bear these if they occur on face.
You will see after sometime your skin is becoming normal the extra oil is finished from your skin.
So every girls tries use various skin care treatments and heavy expensive skin care products but failed to get desirable results.
Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.Fresh pineapple will help heal scars left behind from acne.
Gently rub fresh pineapple on the acne scares once a day.Apple cider vinegar is yet another popular anti-acne remedy to help with the healing process.
Apply it daily on the infected areas or sores.Related Posts Homemade Face Whitening Beauty Tips For Girls Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin For Girls How To control Pimples On Face Home Remedies About The Author Sara RazaLeave a Reply Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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