The hemoglobin alc test (hgb a1c) also known as glycated hemoglobin test or glycosylated haemoglobin test is a very reliable test used by your doctor to track you blood sugar control over a period of time ranging from two to three months.
Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) has been accepted since the mid-1970 as an index of glycemic control and is the best marker for diabetic microvascular complications.
As A1C values are directly proportional to the concentration of glucose in the blood over a period of time,they are not subject to the wide fluctuations of the day-to-day fasting blood glucose tests.
Being given that red blood cells usually live around three months,most doctors believe that alc reflects three months worth of blood sugar control. You may also perform a hemoglobin a1c test at home with an over the counter test approvedby the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration). Get a test performed when you are initially diagnosed with diabetes If you have type 2 diabetes and is not on insulin ,then an a1c can be performed every six months If you have type 2 diabetes and uses insulin, or if you have type 1 diabetes,test must be performed every three months. If it needs to be replaced Are You Following the manufactures guidelines , check your blood glucose meter? Take your medications at the proper dose and on time Perform a physical activity for 30 mins five days a week Include in your diet foods that are high in fiber and low in saturated fat.

The hemoglobin A1C test may not work for those who may have levels of iron (anemia), chronic or heavy bleeding, or if the blood has an uncommon type of hemoglobin. According to a study performed a few years ago by Epic-Norfolk it has been found that persons with hemoglobin a1c concentrations less than 5% had the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease and mortality.Moreover,the researchers came to the conclusion that risks of heart attacks were independant of age,systolic blood pressure,serum cholesterol concentration,cigarette smoking,instead blood sugar and blood sugar alone predicted whether or not a person was likely to have a heart attack.
Researchers report that a 1% decrease in hemoglobin A1c levels (a marker of long-term glucose control) is associated with a 15 to 20 percent reduction in risk for cardiovascular complications and a 37 percent reduction in microvascular complications (like kidney, nerve and eye disease). Do not forget that A1C test is not a replacement therapy for daily blood glucose testing.Your daily normal tests should be reviewed alongside an alc test to help you understand your daily and overall control.
The hemoglobin A1c test has been a method of monitoring for patients with diabetes since it was first introduced in 1976 (though studies of separating hemoglobin A1c date back to as far as 1958).
That is the more glucose that is in the blood ,the more glucose will be found sticking to the hemoglobin.
The frequency that the American Diabetes Association recommends is twice a year all depending on tour treatment goal. The process is to draw a large drop of blood from your finger,mix it with a special solution ,place it into the a1c monitor and receive results in several minutes.But before using a home test, inform your doctor first.

In these instances there may be other A1C tests that can be used or other blood glucose tests available to check for diabetes. It is clearly an indicator that can reveal a patienta??s progress with great accuracy, which means that it will continue to be a defining test for the medical field in the aspects of diabetes.
If left untreated, may compound these problems even worse, though there are many problems that are related to diabetes, the progress of many other complications. The use of a home monitoring kit to measure blood glucose can enhance the results of the A1c test and create more positive results when the test is given. With diabetes, the more control of the issues that cause the disease, the better it can be combated.

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