This was a big concern for me when I first got pregnant, simply because of the fact that my Dad got diabetes when he was about 18.
My midwife called me 3 days later, and told me I failed the test and I would have to do the next 2 hour Glucose Test. My advice to anyone doing the first glucose test – if you can do it in the morning, FAST ANYWAYS!
So there you are, staring at that glass of painfully-sweet, ultra-sugary orange liquid and wondering, “What on earth is that?
Basically, you are made to drink a liquid which is extremely high in glucose all in one sitting, on an empty stomach.
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With everything I’ve been through in this pregnancy, a sweet drink is the least of my worries!
I saw another doctor today who just did a quick exam on me, measuring my tummy and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Albert took me to a local diner for breakfast and it felt so good to sit in a restaurant again. Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers, Size 1, 112 CountHuggies Size 1 Snug & Dry Diapers give your baby great protection at a great value. Delta Children Table & Chair Set, Hello KittyFeaturing a spacious tabletop, this Hello Kitty Table & Chair Set boasts colorful graphics of girls' favorite feline, along with two coordinating chairs that showcase Hello Kitty's iconic silhouette.

What happens when you drink that teeth-searing beverage is this: because your stomach is empty, the sugar in the drink hits your system fast, and all at once. Down that nasty stuff and get on with the bigger business of bringing that bouncing bundle of joy into the world. This blog is about our journey from pregnancy to parenthood and we welcome you to be a part of it! Diabetes is a disorder in the way your body metabolizes sugar, and pregnant women are susceptible to developing it due to the way that baby is wreaking havoc with your hormones.
If you have problems metabolizing glucose (sugar, what the body uses as fuel), then your blood sugar will spike once it gets mobbed by all that sugar you just drank and turn you into a trembling mess.
Mums with pregnancy diabetes rarely end up with it later in life, but it’s always worth keeping an eye on your blood sugar as you get older just in case. All flavors are available in the standard 50, 75, and 100 grams of Glucose per 10 ounce bottle. Then she went to talk to my regular doctor about my medical history and his plans for me closer to labor.
I was under the impression that I would be here for another 3 hours if I didn’t pass the test.
If your pancreas and metabolic system is fine, you’ll feel a bit light-headed for a while and then shake it off. If they do diagnose you with diabetes don’t lose your cool, you can manage it just fine in most cases.

All Glucose Drink varieties are non-carbonated, packaged in a 10 oz plastic bottle, and have an easy to read volume indicator. She finally found a slot and I just said yes knowing how hard it is to get an appointment around here! But when I asked the gal in the lab, she said my results will be in online later and if there are any problems, they’ll just call me. Sometimes they pair a glucose tolerance test with physical stress tests, and that is just loads of fun: walking on a treadmill while your blood sugar is leaping around like a frog on crank. You’ll be placed on a diet rich in protein, veggies and complex carbs and will have to just say no to those ice cream cravings.
You’ll have to get regular exercise and go in weekly for a finger-stick blood test, unless they give you an at-home test kit. Maybe I was just really thirsty, but it tasted more like orange gatorade and was not that super sweet at all.

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