OGTT is advised to individuals at high risk of developing diabetes or those with impaired sugar levels.
If one is diagnosed to have pre-diabetes, it is important to have OGTT repeated at 12 months initially; then as indicated by the results. Gestational diabetes risk differs by age, ethnicity, and many other factors – are you at risk? In the second approach to testing, doctors use a single two-hour challenge using a 75 gram glucose drink for all women. According to Helen Varney, author of the textbook Varney’s Midwifery, two-hour tests have a lower rate of false positives than one-hour tests but they are not as accurate as three-hour tests. Decoded Everything is a non-profit corporation, dependent on donations from readers like you. Mary EarhartA graduate of CSU Domingues Hills BSN program, Mary Earhart is a practicing Licensed Midwife and Public Health Nurse in Southern California. Tanya on Calculate Embryonic Age vs Gestational Age: Pregnancy Mathsabrina on What Eye Color Will My Baby Have?

OGTT is used as a confirmatory test to diagnose diabetes & can indicate presence of pre-diabetes (insulin resistance). The test is done after at least 3 days of unrestricted diet & normal physical activity.
The test is never done during any illness because blood sugar levels may fluctuate due to the underlying infection, medicines or illness.
The person is instructed to fast for 10-16 hours during which drinking plain water is permitted. 75 grams glucose is dissolved in 250 – 300 ml of water & it should be drunk by the person over the course of about 5 minutes.
She has done her post graduation from Pune University and she is currently pursuing her PhD in area of Diabetes Prevention.
This term sets it apart from pre-existing disease, but may include women with mild to moderate high blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, during pregnancy. The lab gives you a 50 gram dose of glucose in a sweet-tasting drink – you must consume all of it within ten minutes.

The lab will draw your blood before you drink a solution containing 100 grams of glucose, and the lab compares your level to subsequent draws taken at one, two and three hours. As in the three-hour test, you’ll fast at least eight hours and will have your blood drawn at 1 and 2 hour intervals. She works with Diabetes Unit, KEM Hospital (Pune), Just for Hearts (Pune), Moraya Multispeciality Hospital & Healing Hands Clinic (Chinchwad) etc. Recent controversies in glucose tolerance, or glucose challenge testing could mean that more pregnancies than ever before will be labeled with a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, which makes this subject an important one to women who want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. If two or more levels are above normal, doctors consider this a confirmation of the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

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