Carbohydrates, fats and other food groups are broken down into glucose and other components during digestion. Actually the glucose level in our blood varies, depending on the time of the day and the time since our last meal.
If this balance is somehow disturbed, it can lead to a host of health issues, the most common being diabetes. There are certain simple lifestyle choices you can make that go a long way in helping your body maintain a normal blood glucose level. If the amount is too high (Hyperglycemia), or even too low (Hypoglycemia), our body stops functioning properly. So, the glucose level is lowest in the morning, when we wake up, and continues to be low till we have the first meal of the day. This also happens when we consume alcohol – there is a huge surge of glucose in the body which later falls drastically.

Other problems could include memory loss, heart disease, infertility and even coma (in case of extreme hypoglycemia).
When you eat bread with simple carbohydrates, it dumps a huge load of glucose in your blood which the body finds difficult to regulate.
People who have one grapefruit every day (ideally split up between two meals) tend to lose weight and have a normal blood sugar level. But make sure that each of these meals are about half of what your regular meals are today. When the blood glucose level rises, the Pancreas produces Insulin which facilitates the breakdown of glucose bringing the level down.
This ensures a steady flow of sugar into your blood and helps in maintaining a normal blood glucose level. Stress relief activities can go a long way in ensuring that the body becomes more capable of maintaining normal blood glucose level.

When the level goes lower than normal, Glucagon, also secreted by the Pancreas, induces the liver to release stored glucose bringing the level back to normal. No: People who have a glass of wine every day have less chance of having abnormal blood sugar level.
Not only will you be maintaining your blood sugar at a normal level, but you will be on your way to living a healthier life as well. Walking can not only keep your blood sugar levels normal but also increase HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

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