Medgadget was skeptical about this device, but acknowledged that if successful it can tale over the blood prick market for diabetics. EasyTouch is functional and compact system of self-monitoring and control of cholesterol, glucose and hemoglobin levels in the blood. Frequent monitoring of hemoglobin, cholesterol and blood glucose levels is needed for people who have diabetes, anemia, hypercholesterolemia or other diseases.
EasyTouch is a multifunctional system that is suitable for self-management of diabetes, anemia and hypercholesterolemia at home or for professional use. Before using the device you should carefully read the instructions, which contain all the information on how to obtain accurate results in hemoglobin, cholesterol and blood glucose.
The device cannot be used near to the radio and cell phones, walkie-talkies, remote controls (remote), radio transmitters and other electronic and electrical equipment, which is the source of electromagnetic radiation.

Acceptable range of levels of hemoglobin in the blood, cholesterol and glucose can be found on the label of package which contains test strips. Glumeter EasyTouch can be purchased in any private or municipal pharmacy, as well as specialized medical equipment stores. Moreover, clinical laboratory studies show that there is a quantitative correlation between glucose content in blood and acetone concentration in the exhaled air. One thing is for sure, there is big market for glucose monitors for diabetic patients that companies can tap into.  Whichever company can eliminate the pain of pricking the finger could sweep the market, if product is affordable to the consumer. This device is used by specialists in health agencies, as well as it is used by people who have diabetes, anemia, and hypercholesterolemia. It can only be used with EasyTouch II test strips (for glucose) or EasyTouch test strips - for hemoglobin and cholesterol.

The Easy Check breath glucose test measures the levels of acetone in a patient’s exhaled breath. The device helps them to control the level of hemoglobin, cholesterol and glucose in fresh capillary blood, which is taken from the fingertip. In this case, the measurement of glucose and hemoglobin will be displayed 6 seconds after the end of the test, the level of cholesterol will be ready after 150 seconds.

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