Knowing these lab values and knowing what they mean will help you tremendously in your rotations and beyond. Fill in the laboratory values below and click make to create the medical lab fishbone and a table of other relevant labs. Although used as a noun, an arterial blood gas (ABG) refers to the sampling of blood from an artery with the aim of analysing the blood gas concentration. Several other values are derived from these three values using the Henderson-Hasselbach equation and other similar formulae (e.g. For other self-filling syringes, you pull back the plunger to the appropriate volume required. Our Team, headed by Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson, consists (mostly) of emergency physicians and intensivists based in Australia and New Zealand.

By assuming a pCO2 of 5.3kPa, the standard bicarbonate compensates for any abnormality in HCO3- caused by a respiratory cause. A value outside of the normal range (-2 to +2 mmol) suggests a metabolic cause for the abnormality.
The syringe comes with a cap which has porous material, allowing air bubbles, but not blood, to be excluded from the top of the syringe. Please read the disclaimer.If you are unwell and looking for advice please see your own doctor or contact the emergency healthcare services as appropriate. Many modern machines have additional electrodes that can measure other useful information, e.g.
After the blood is taken, the needle is pushed into the blue piece of rubber to prevent sharps injury.

On reaching the artery, the blood pressure is sufficient to push the plunger back and fill the syringe. This is more fiddly as you need to fix the position of the needle and syringe with one hand and aspirate with the other.

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