Using patented noble metal technology while applying the latest in injection molded nano-technology allows Bionime Test Strips to deliver consistent, reliable, and accurate results. InformationDevices advertised on this website may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law. GE and the GE logo are trademarks of General Electric Company and are used under license by Bionime Corporation, NO.
Noble Metal Electrodes and a patented strip structure provides highly accurate and reliable results in about 5 seconds.
Innovative application port, grip handle and top loading feature reduce unnecessary sample handling for a cleaner testing experience. GE and the GE logo are trademarks of General Electric Company and are used under license by Bionime Corporation, NO.
The GL300 is a sterile disposable Lancet for home use in the GD500 Lancing Device and compatible with other devices.

Glucose meter - glucometer - blood glucose meter p2, Diabetes meters - allegromedical blood glucose meters prices. Glucose test strips - diabetic test strips - blood, Diabetes test strips - prices diabetic test strips? The large injection molded plastic strips are designed to be easy to handle, and easy to insert into the Meter.
It does not require coding, has a large, easy-to-read screen and one of the lowest CV’s in the industry. Reduce false test results due to coding errors with the one-of-a-kind True Auto Coding feature.
Palm-sized meter and big buttons combined with extra large, plastic reinforced test strips make handling easier than ever. Our horizontal design allows for hygienic testing by having the blood sample placed on the opposite side as the hand grip.

With state-of-the-art technology, the GD500 automatically injects and retracts a lancet, reducing pain and preventing contamination. The large size makes them easy to handle, especially for those experiencing some of the common complications of diabetes including: loss of vision, dexterity, or mobility. The patented design prevents wasting strips by minimizing contamination due to dropped, bent, or damaged Test Strips.

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