In addition to the healthy foods with naturally occurring sugar like fruit and some vegetables, (think corn, beets, and potatoes) over 50% of our daily sugar intake comes from processed foods.
Sugar is found in ketchup, tomato sauce, salad dressing, bread, flavored yogurt, barbecue sauce, beef jerky, crackers, soup, and almost all processed foods.  The food industry uses sugar and high fructose corn syrup as a cheap food additive for browning, thickening, aerating, and flavoring.
At this point many people feel like giving up, they feel that sugar is too hard to combat, that is not true. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. According to David Wolfe (world’s foremost authority on raw-food nutrition), organic berries can alleviate symptoms of depression .
All materials and information on this website are intended to be used for educational purposes only. Most of us know by now that there are two types of cholesterol: HDL, or good cholesterol, and LDL, or bad cholesterol. What make trigs different from regular cholesterol, though, is that they aren’t always increased by eating fatty foods. According to the American Medical Association, most Americans eat two to three times as much added sugar as they should each day. The key distinction to point out is the term “added sugar.” Almost every food we eat has a certain amount of naturally occurring sugar, but most food labels do not distinguish between naturally occurring sugar and added sugar.
It’s important to note that naturally occurring sugars, such as those found in fruits and dairy products, do not generally count toward your ideal daily sugar consumption. This is because doctors recommend that most adults consume fewer than 150 calories (six teaspoons) of added sugar per day, or about the amount contained in the average can of cola. Most people who are diagnosed with high triglyceride levels, as determined by blood tests, are treated with medication designed to lower the amount of the fat in the blood.
While cutting added sugar is an important step toward maintaining a healthy triglyceride level, be leery of any expert who recommends cutting out all sugar completely, including the naturally occurring sugars in grains, fruit and dairy products. You’re better off to commit to reducing your added sugars to within the healthy range and focusing on an overall healthy diet of fresh produce, lean meats and dairy.
An annual check-up is recommended as the minimum review but check- ups are recommended more frequently for patients whose asthma is unstable, or when there is a change in medication and following an asthma attack.
At your asthma appointment we can also discuss a management plan which helps you to recognise and treat symptoms before they develop into an asthma attack. Information for VisitorsPlease be advised that all the services offered on this website are for the benefit of our registered patients only. Do you know that different food tastes are not just for making your food taste good? Each different taste have different functions for our body. Foods with a SOUR taste improve appetite and increase the flow of saliva and digestive juices.
NATURAL sodium improves the taste of foods, cleanse the body, tone the adrenal glands, kidneys, prostate and thyroid gland.
When sodium-potassium are taken in the right balance (nature knows!), they do all the things OPPOSITE to table salt (sodium chloride) that is harmful.
Natural SALT regulates blood pressure, reduces water retention, breaks-up mucus congestion in sinusitis, prevent over-acidity in the body and many more health benefits.
BITTER is the taste you get when you eat dark-green leafy-vegetables, especially when raw. BITTER taste is a powerful DETOXIFYING agent, and has antibiotic, anti-parasitic, and antiseptic qualities.
It is insulin-like foods suitable for diabetics, and helpful in reducing weight, water retention, skin rashes, fever, burning sensations and nausea. SWEET taste also increases saliva, soothes mucous membranes and burning sensations, relieves thirst, and has beneficial effects on the skin, hair, and voice.
Table sugar (SIMPLE carbohydrates) as those found in processed foods pull valuable vitamins and minerals from your body causing a nutritional DEFICIT.

On the other hand, fruit sugar (COMPLEX carbohydrates) is nourishing, enriched with vitamins and minerals that can be easily assimilated by our bodies.
In small amounts, PUNGENT taste stimulates digestion, promotes detoxification by sweating, dispels gas, aids circulation, improves metabolism, and relieves muscle pain.
ASTRINGENT is the taste when you bite into an UNRIPED fruit like the guava, or persimmon, cranberry or grape. It helps arrest bleeding where there is hemorrhaging and aids healing where there is diarrhea. It reduces the flow of urine when there is an excessive loss of body fluid due to frequent perspiration, urination or incontinence. ASTRINGENT taste foods are slightly anesthetic and therefore calming, but they also reduce sensitivity. Some uncooked vegetables, some unriped fruits like pears, apples, pomegranate and various herbs.
The rice papers can be purchased at pretty much any grocery store in the Asian foods section.
Hi, I'm Kelly, and I help people every day here at the Women’s Diet Network through support, motivation, inspiration, helpful tips and guidance towards their weight loss and health goals. Lemons are one of the easiest foods to help detox your body and promote weight loss and radiant skin. Lemons have many therapeutic properties which help maintain your immune system and fight off infection.
Please note that due to the high citrus levels of lemons, they can ruin the enamel on the teeth. Avoiding sugar can be difficult as it is hidden in so many foods, many of them that do not taste sweet. Many products have stopped using the HFCS, for health reasons, but in truth sugar and HFCS are equally toxic in excess amounts. Fructose excess is stored as fat by the liver and glucose causes a blood sugar spike which causes your body to secrete insulin which is a fat-storing hormone. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. One needs to eat one or more trays of berries (2-3 cups) in the morning for breakfast daily for 5-6 weeks. The statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
We’ve all heard that a steady diet of greasy, fatty foods won’t only expand your waistline, but they’ll clog your arteries with cholesterol. When trigs are this high, they can lead to heart disease, including atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, as well as metabolic syndrome. In fact, among those they studied, those who ate the most sugar consumed as much as the equivalent of 46 teaspoons of added sugar per day — almost eight times the recommended amount.
Most food labels also do not use the blanket term “sugar,” instead using words like fructose, sucrose, dextrose and cane syrup to denote the added sugar. It’s the refined, simple sugars that are found in processed foods and carbonated drinks that are of the greatest cause of concern. Consuming more sugar each day contributes to excess caloric intake and increases the glucose levels in the blood.
Your body needs some sugar to survive and going “cold turkey” on sugar is likely to negatively effect on your mood and overall well-being. Remember that anything in moderation is okay — an occasional ice cream cone on a hot summer night or a slice of birthday cake at a party probably won’t do lasting harm to your trig levels. This involves discussing symptoms, checking peak flow measurements and that the inhaler currently being used is suitable. This citrus fruit is packed with vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and even contains antibacterial properties.

Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.
The information on this site is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease.
But have you ever heard that how much sugar you eat can also affect your cholesterol levels? Those people also had the highest levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and subsequently the greatest risk of heart disease.
As a result, consumers may be misled into believing that they are consuming less sugar than they actually are.
When the blood contains too much glucose, the pancreas has to create more insulin to process it, and the blood stores the excess calories as fat.
When you cut out sugar completely, you might find that your blood glucose levels dip to unhealthy levels, causing a “crash” that leads to low energy, headaches and potentially a bad mood. As long as your habits are healthy most of the time, and you don’t overindulge in sugar, you won’t be surprised by the “forgotten fat” wreaking havoc on your health.
Too much of sour intake causes your digestive system to over-produce digestive acids and may cause queasiness.
Lemons are high in potassium, which can benefit people with high blood pressure and associated symptoms.
Berries are an incredibly balanced food and their low sugar content does not jar the nerves.
Also known as “trigs,” these fats are stored in your fat cells to give you energy between meals.
The liver also works to remove the excess sugar from the blood — by turning it into triglycerides that are stored as fat cells. If you haven’t received a letter for a check-up, you can telephone to make an appointment with the Practice Nurse at any time.
All you do is get a shallow dish (pie pans work great!) and add up to an inch of warm water (warm is key!!).
Drinking warm water, first thing in the morning and at least 20 minutes before you eat anything, can help people break down and pass painful kidney stones.
It is recommended to squeeze a quarter of a lemon into your water on a daily basis and if your drinking the lemon water to help with an acute problem such as kidney stones, try drinking a half to a whole lemon in your water daily until the symptoms are resolved. Spells of depression are often associated with moments of low blood sugar and poor food choices. The aim of the asthma review is to manage asthma effectively and to choose the most suitable medication for that patient to enable them to be symptom free and prevent or reduce asthma attacks. Place a rice paper sheet in the water and let soak for about 5 seconds, flip over and soak another 5 – or until its soft.
Prepare by chopping up veggies or meats with a great knife like the Gourmet Nakiri Vegetable Knife . Pull out of the water carefully, making sure not to let it fold over on itself, otherwise you will have a sticky mess and might not be able to unstick very easily. Place rice paper flat on a plate and start adding your fillings to the middle, leaving at least an inch on each side for folding over.
People of all ages love them, kiddo’s do too – probably because they are fun little rolled up treats!
You could also dip in peanut sauce, sweet chili sauce or soy sauce if you’d like, but they are pretty tasty as is.

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