InnerAge is not an anti-aging solution offering quick fixes or cosmetic shortcuts but instead helps people make sense of the most reliable science on aging to make lasting changes that can be tracked over time.
It’s very hard for me to understand what the different kits do, but there seem to be restrictions for anyone who lives in New York state. AbstractPortal biliopathy (PB) is a term used to describe biliary ductal and gallbladder wall abnormalities seen in patients with portal hypertension. We report a case of a patient with PB presenting with obstructive jaundice that involved endoscopic sphincterotomy and stenting. Abdominal ultrasound revealed hepatosplenomegaly, cavernous transformation of the portal vein, portal hypertension (extra-hepatic), gallbladder sludge, dilated intra-hepatic and common bile duct [Figure - 1] and [Figure - 2]. It is the advice of the authors that patients presenting with features highly suggestive of EHPVO and PB should be adequately investigated and referred to centers where facilities are available for prompt interventions, as many lives have been saved through such interventions. 13.Amitrano L, Brancaccio V, Gnardascione MA, Margaglione M, Iannaccone L, D'Andrea G, et al.
Following a simple blood test, the InnerAge intuitive dashboard provides a wealth of information on the results as well as nutrition advice to improve outcomes. If you go to the order page you can click on details to see a list of all the things it will check. In New York, you can order one of our Fitness, Performance or Ultimate tests and we’ll have someone come to you at your home or office for the blood draw. This is an easy to use hub that aggregates sensor data to record temperature, weather, rain, etc and allows you to view that data through a mobile app or the AcuRite web client. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) was done, which showed proximal and mid-lower common bile duct strictures.
Since then, several cases of obstructive jaundice due to CBD obstruction caused by cavernomatous transformation of portal vein (portal cavernoma) have been described. Asymptomatic patients do not need any treatment, especially if the results of tests of liver function are normal.
Choledocholithiasis associated with portal biliopathy in patients with extra-hepatic portal vein obstruction. The causes, management and outcome of upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage in an Indian hospital.

Recent portal or mesenteric venous thrombosis: Increased recognition and frequent recannalization on anticoagulation therapy.
Portal cavernoma associated cholangiopathy: A clinical and MR cholangiography coupled with MR Portography imaging study. Biliary changes in extra-hepatic portal vein obstruction: Compression by collaterals or ischaemia.
Comparative study of portal biliopathy in patients with portal hypertension due to different aetiologies. Of course doing those two things are very important, but what about potential issues going on inside your body that you don’t know about which could be effecting your health?
By following its recommendations, people can optimize their InnerAge to be up to 15 years younger than their actual age and also catch early warning signs that could negatively impact their longevity.
A couple of days later (3-4!) you’ll receive an email inviting you to check out your account on our site, and take a look at the analysis and recommendations, so you can begin making changes. Sphincterotomy with balloon dilatation was done, and a common bile duct stent was deployed with good drainage.
Williams et al,[17] were the first to report cholangiographic changes caused by choledochal varices, while Dhiman et al,[11] first described abnormalities on endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERC) in a prospective study. At present, strategies for the management of PB are selective and directed to symptomatic patients only. The expert research team behind InnerAge, analyzed and reviewed hundreds of clinical trial studies and peer reviewed articles to identify the five key biomarkers with the highest correlation to longevity. Treatment should be focused on the management of portal hypertension, and relief of obstructive jaundice due to the portal cavernoma can be managed endoscopically. They also ruled out biomarkers such as cholesterol that did not show strong empirical connection to longevity. Such collaterals are present in all patients with EHPVO, and the frequency and severity of PB are greater in these patients than in patients with liver disease. There was no hematemesis or melena; however, she had developed hematemesis and melena in 1999 and was admitted to the Medical College Hospital, where she was investigated and found to have EHPVO. InsideTracker is a company that can provide you with the info you need to improve your health.

Between 1999 and March 2007, she had had 15 sessions of sclerotherapy.Her delivery was reported to be normal, with no umbilical sepsis or jaundice in the neonatal period. The patient under discussion had balloon dilatation of the strictured CBD, and stent was deployed with good drainage. Their InnerAge personal health analytics testing can give you insight on specific blood biomarkers that can negatively (and positively) effect your age and your overall health.
Her developmental history was also reported to be normal until age 7 years, when she started having growth retardation.
Although biliary abnormalities are seen in most patients with EHPVO, majority of them are asymptomatic and a few present with symptoms such as jaundice, pruritus, fever or pain in the abdomen. Abdominal examination revealed a slightly distended abdomen with right hypochondrium fullness, as well as moderate tenderness over the right hypochondrium. The patient under this report presented with deepening jaundice, low-grade fever and yellow urine, an indication of a progressive disease with cholangitis.
Liver was palpable 4 cm below the right costal margin and was 14 cm in total span; also, spleen was palpably enlarged by 4 cm below the left costal margin. Abdominal ultrasound provides additional information regarding the presence of gallbladder varices (tortuous vessels in and around the gallbladder) and is helpful to provide the complete spectrum of PB. Unfortunately the InnerAge food recommendations suggested to improve that result are not foods I enjoy eating.
The results suggested that I talk to a doctor about them so I asked a long time Gadgeteer reader who is also a doctor to take a look. He didn’t seem concerned and mentioned that that hormone can be effected by different factors including the time of day.
He mentioned that he’s seen high testosterone results from women who are getting ready to work out. I asked the InnerAge specialists what my body age would be if my blood sugar was in their suggested range and they told me it would go down to the optimal level of age 38.

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