A glucose tolerance test is used commonly among clinicians to determine how quickly glucose is cleared from the blood. In the previous Medical post that I did I briefly stated that there are many different colored Blood Collection tubes, but that  I would not go into what they were or their purpose to save length and time. Dexcom CGM sensor technology is approved for up to seven days of continuous wear with one of the smallest introducer needles on the market. First and only CGM-enabled insulin pump with a high-contrast color screen, featuring color-coded graphs and arrows to indicate direction and rate of glucose change, revealing trends at a glance. Clinicians will take blood samples at two time intervals, results similar to below will be conclusive in diagnosing diabetes.

This symptom is normally caused by prolonged high blood glucose causing glucose absorption, which leads to changes in the shape of the lens, resulting in reversible vision changes such as blurriness. I will be getting into specifics in this post here and breaking down the  individual tubes, additives and laboratory uses that each tube serves for. It consists of evacuated tubes of various sizes, with color coded tops indicating tube contents.
It's always good to know all of the tubes though in case you ever encounter them at smaller labs or clinics.
Thanks for hanging in there even though I'm probably sure most of the time you said to yourself "What in the *u*k is that?!!" I loved learning about all of the tests and things that you can learn just from somebodies blood *salivates* it's great.

This information complements fingerstick testing results and can be used to help guide immediate and long-term insulin delivery therapy adjustments.2 CGM technology measures glucose levels every five minutes and provides real-time glucose values, as well as trend information.
Relationship of fasting and hourly blood glucose levels to HbA1c values: safety, accuracy, and improvements in glucose profiles obtained by using a 7-day continuous glucose sensor.

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