January 9, 2015 by Laura 23 Comments Hallelujah, this peanut butter cake has less sugar than most breakfast muffins!
Indeed, not only do I serve this for desserts or snacks, I have been known to serve it for breakfast. The low amount of sugar in this cake (which I cut into 24 pieces, by the way) combined with whole grains and healthy fats makes for a very nourishing treat. These low carb high fat Peanut Butter Pecan Bars are healthy, really easy to make, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious! You could substitute the pecans for other nuts, but you’ll need to adjust your carb count if you do. I decided to “double the nuts” today, but you’ll want to make sure you enter your recipe based on the exact amounts you use – and also double check your own labels. My kitchen is dark so these pictures aren’t the greatest, but I thought it might help to show you a walk-through of this recipe.
Stir it just a bit to make sure all of the nuts are covered by the mixture, then put them in the refrigerator to set up. June 4, 2015 By Carolyn 13 Comments Why spread your low carb muffins with peanut butter when you can bake it right in? I’m guessing I could make batches of the jam with various kinds of fruit, such as the strawberries that are currently in season and then freeze them for later use?
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Now obviously I have loved PB2 for years (and this post is totally unsolicited, FYI), but recently I’ve noticed a few competitors popping up on the shelves. One thing is for sure – whether is is straight out of the creamy traditional jar, or mixed up from a tub of powder – peanut butter is quite possibly the most delicious food on earth. Yep, I decided to ditch the PB2 and switch to the TJ’s peanut flour about 2 weeks ago. I just bought the peanut flour on Saturday to use in baking – did not realize it could be used as a peanut butter substitute. I wonder if you added a little bit of melted dark chocolate, mix it in, would you have something comparable to Dark Chocolate Dreams PB? I was thinking of checking out Asian grocery stores to see if maybe they sell peanut flour (or a variation of it) there…. I’ve seen everyone talk about the TJ’s peanut flour, I will have to pick some up next time! I’ve never gone the powdered PB route, but I did see that peanut flour and wanted to try it bad!
I’m glad to read your perspective and testing and now I’ll willing to take the plunge and try a newer, low calorie version of my fave stuff!
This is especially cool because so many people not in the blogging world are still using the hydrogenated-style peanut butters…hopefully these powders catch on!! Earlier this year I was nursing a baby squirrel back to health, and I think he was really devastated when he discovered that peanut butter does not exist in nature. If you sub out white flour with whole wheat, replace the large amount of white sugar for a smaller amount of sucanat or honey, you have yourself a delicious and fun breakfast.

In case you’re wondering, the reason I use cream cheese and cream in my stevia sweetened frosting recipes is because when whipped together, those cream products provide bulk (taking the place of three cups of powdered sugar). After closer examination, I realized he was pinning your Peanut Butter Cake recipe to one of my boards on Pinterest. I usually pass on the recipes that call for heavy cream, but I will have to make an exception.
And cookies, which made up a portion of our breakfast today, but they were oatmeal so that works, right? When you call for Swerve, or other ethryritol sweeteners in recipes, should I assume you are talking about the powered form, the crystal form, or doesn’t it matter which form I use if it isn’t specified? It is calculated using MacGourmet software and I remove erythritol from the final carb count and net carb count, as it does not affect my own blood glucose levels.
When you’re ready to eat it, you mix a bit of the powder with a little bit of water, and you get the same consistency as full-fat peanut butter, but with 85% less fat calories. I love the TJ’s after I figured out I needed to add a bit of salt to it and the texture was better than PB2 even! I normally make a lot of smoothie mix up about 32 ounces and add 2 tablespoons of Hershey’s chocolate and peanut butter and taste pretty good.
I have seen you post about PB2, but I never knew it was powdered peanut butter, I just thought it was a special brand. My question is – don’t both really JUST contain peanuts (I know PB2 has a little sugar)? I was already planning on picking up that peanut flour at TJ’s while I’m home!! Wa I wish I had known while I was in Charlotte this past weekend since there are no TJ’s in south florida.
I eat peanut butter at least once a day, and definitely suffer from the same portion control issues as you. I’ve been wanting to try PB2 for awhile, but I just kept thinking about how much easier and cheaper it was to buy regular nut butter at the store. I just assumed it was just a different type of baking flour- would never have thought it could be used like PB2. I have been wanting to try PB2, but couldn’t justify spending so much, or having to order it online. My current favorite way to make breakfast is to bake a cake the night before, frost it with stevia sweetened frosting, then wake up to a ready-made meal. It’s such a simple recipe that you can get creative and use it to make all sorts of delicious low carb bars & fudges! Nothing I express here should be taken as medical advice and you should consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. I do my best to be as accurate as possible but you should independently calculate nutritional information on your own before relying on them. I like a little bit of sweet in it so I add a pinch of the splenda brown sugar and oh boy…nice! I just bought this stuff at TJ’s last week, but have been using it as flour (in things like banana bread, etc).

We don’t have a microwave, so I could see powdered peanut butter becoming really handy for oatmeal. I’ve been thinking about getting some of the TJ’s peanut flour since the last time you mentioned it, so I will definitely have to grab it now! I had never heard of the TJ version until your review and now I think I might stop by TJ before work tomorrow to see if they have it. Kid grabs themselves a muffin, bites right in, all the magical breakfast flavours are there. But if it were 47mg, it would be fantastic because mg are a much smaller unit of measurement than grams. Like folding the laundry…they are terrible when they first start, but man can my 17 year old SON fold laundry now…haha! Can’t get over the peanut butter add to my Smoothies rates better in my soy protein drink.
I like mixing it with pumpkin, oats, & instant butterscotch pudding (I know, NOT healthy at all).
Thanks to you, now I not only know that I can get some in my own backyard at TJ’s, but its also awesome to boot :) You rock!
I normally use the real stuff, but I feel like the powdered products would be great for smoothies and baking. I hate ordering food online but I do live by a Trader Joe’s so if I see the peanut flour there next time I go, I will DEFINITELY get it! I think he’s happy he’s moved on to more manly things like working in the field, but at least I know he will be able to do laundry well when he leaves for college!! Bake in a 350° oven for about 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. It’s amazing how they gouge the peanut butter out so that it ends up all over the handle of the knife. One day have them do it all themselves, the next day give them the pre-made breakfast to save my sanity a little? There are three of them and they are only just beginning to be able to get their own breakfast without creating an unholy mess. I intensely dislike following them around, wiping up trails of crumbs and spilled drinks, so I often take over and make breakfast for them. And sometimes watching them take it to the table, watching the peanut butter-laden muffin teeter precariously on the edge of the plate, makes me cover my eyes in fear. This really isn’t a good thing and as they get older, I need to curb my impulse to do it all for them.
And of course this goes for many things in their young lives. I need to give them the chance to try it themselves, no matter how poorly.

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