Many of us at some time or another have required a blood test and been instructed to fast beforehand.
Below is an recent explanation by Dr. JasonFung, on why fast and why fasting works to reduce body fat. Of course, this Eat Less, Move More (or Caloric Reduction as Primary) strategy has a known success rate of about 1% or a failure rate of roughly 99%. To better understand how energy is stored in the body, it is more accurate to use a two compartment model. So, this leaves two potential fuel sources – glucose and fat – and these are stored in different compartments.
Only after almost the glycogen is already burned for energy does the body turns to its stores of fat. In isolated heart and skeletal muscle cell preparations, Randle and his colleagues were able to show that cells that were using glucose for energy were inhibited from using fat and vice versa without any interference from insulin or other hormones.
You imagine that since you are filing up the fridge with less glucose, it will eventually empty. Insulin goes up when you eat, so it tells the body to start using the incoming food energy and stop using the fat in the freezer. So, if your insulin is high from insulin resistance, you may find that your body is not able to get at the fat in the freezer. Being a keen foodie and vegetarian often leads to disappointment when eating out as options can be limited, poorly thought out or at worst not vegetarian at all!!
The Peacock Hotel on Mansfield Road, Nottingham is currently closed for refurbishment, but when it opens on 5th September the menu will be 100% vegan. A bright summers evening calls for some light and fresh food, so what better place to go than Escabesche in West Bridgford. Sadly I arrived too late to take advantage of the daily menu offer, but on the plus side I could choose anything veggie. The service is very efficient and relaxed, so our drinks order was quickly taken and we settled in to peruse the menu. As you may know Tapas style eating is not about starters and mains it’s about small plates of food that arrive when they are cooked.
Some of you eagle eyed readers may have spotted that I ate a dish containing parmesan, which as many vegetarians know is not suitable for us, due to the inclusion of animal rennet.
All the dishes were exceptional (the empanadillas deserve a special mention) and I most certainly could have pigged out and ordered more. Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin A, which is needed for healthy eyes and fibre which will help keep you fuller for longer and is great for digestive health. If like me, you’re interested in nutrition and wellbeing you have probably seen that the childhood obesity plan has finally been published.
Primary schools to provide at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day and support families to do the same amount at home.
You might well be wondering what all the fuss is about and why you should be concerned about your child’s weight? Today nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese and younger generations are becoming obese at earlier ages and staying obese for longer.
If you are concerned about your child’s weight or you would like them to eat a wider variety of foods, then why not book in for a nutrition consultation with me.
It is at this point that my dinning companions usually make their excuses and leave the scene! But this problem is not just limited to restaurants; supermarkets, cooking programmes, recipes in magazines, cookbooks and online resources also seem pretty lax when describing a meal as suitable for vegetarians.

The above pasta dish sounds like it could be suitable for a vegetarian, but turn over the package and Parmesan cheese is included. Any vegetarian dishes must have been produced without any contact or contamination with meat, fish or seafood.
Soak the chia seeds and dates in the milk for at least 4 hours or cover and leave overnight in the fridge. Pour the soaked mixture to a blender (I find the Nutribullet works best) with the remaining pudding ingredients and blend until smooth and thick.
I’m half way through my vegetarian and vegan cookery classes in my converted convent in West Bridgford.
There is growing evidence that a more plant-based diet has positive health benefits, ranging from a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers to weight loss. Waiting to have your blood taken while trying to stay awake, sans the regular wake up coffee, can be an extremely trying experience. They consider that all foods can be reduced to their caloric equivalent and then stored in a single compartment in the body (Calories In).
This does not deter any of the medical or nutritional authorities to question the sagacity of their advice, though. Glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen – a molecule that is composed of long chains of sugars.
Similarly, only when the food in the fridge is gone do you want to go downstairs to that cold dark basement to get the food in the freezer. When you store food energy (calories), it is stored as sugar (glycogen) in the ‘fridge’ and fat in the ‘freezer’. We store energy in the form of sugar or fat. In the fasting state – you can either burn sugar or fat for energy, but not both.
So, as you lower the incoming calories (Caloric Reduction as Primary strategy – Eat Less) your body is unable to get any fat to burn. That is, those that have been obese for a long time have a much, much harder time losing weight. And true to their word all the options they talked about on the phone were clearly marked with a ‘v’.
But escabeche spell theirs with a small ’p’ meaning it is an Italian hard cheese in the style of Parmesan but veggie friendly. Kale is also great for eye health and is high in vitamin C and potassium both needed for cell and tissue repair.
Wrap in kitchen roll or a clean tea towel, then place between two plates and put a weight on the top one. As I quietly explain that no I am not vegan because I eat dairy (which includes cheese) and eggs, but as a vegetarian I do not eat food containing animal or animal by products.  I then patiently explain that in many cheeses but always in the case of Parmesan (and Grana Padano and Gorgonzola) the process uses animal rennet, thereby making it unsuitable for vegetarians. This includes using separate oils for frying vegetarian dishes and careful checking of sauce ingredients.
So far my guests have cooked quinoa salad, spicy chickpeas with spring cabbage and cauliflower couscous. Interspersed within the cooking is nutritional advice and cooking tips, such as freezing leftover herbs in ice cube trays, how lemon juice can take the place of salt as a flavouring, the importance of fibre and ways to reduce sugar intake.
I have often wondered about the necessity of fasting before a blood test, convinced that the doctor is needlessly trying to make my life miserable.
Kieron Rooney’s diagram demonstrates that the body is able to derive energy from 3 sources – glucose (carbs), fat or protein.
This is easily accessible to the body, but there is a limited amount that is able to be stored.

Excessive carbohydrates are turned into fat by the process known as De Novo Lipogenesis (DNL). However, if you are continually filling up your fridge 3-6 times a day with sugar, then you will never start burning the fat in the freezer.
If the freezer is locked away in the basement behind steel gates and barred, then it will be very difficult to get the fat out.
As I often do, I rang ahead to check that the cheeses were suitable and they told me what was and wasn’t vegetarian. If the mixture sticks or gets too dry add some of the bean liquid to make a bit of a sauce.
Obese adults are seven times more likely to become a type 2 diabetic than adults of a healthy weight, which may cause blindness or limb amputation. Some cheeses contain rennet, which is an animal by-product, and may not, therefore, but suitable for vegetarians.
Each class lasts an hour and 15 minutes and all the ingredients and equipment are provided. However, protein is not stored as an energy source and is only used when there is excessive dietary protein after which it is turned to glucose.
Think of body fat as a freezer that you store in your basement – you can store lots of food in the freezer but it is more difficult to get at it compared to the fridge. Glycogen is burned almost exclusively until it is finished – this can last 24-48 hours of pure fasting.
This is controlled partially by insulin, and also directly by the Randle cycle – described in 1963. You can see from the diagram that using glucose eventually leads to the production of Malonyl-CoA which inhibits the use of fat (LCFA – Long Chain Fatty Acid). The CICO method ignores the two compartment problem and pretends that all calories are stored equally and burned equally (single compartment), even though this has been known to be false for at least 50 years.
Because, as you start putting less food in the fridge, your body senses that and starts to get antsy. So, if you simply reduce calories, your body can easily compensate by getting some fat out of the freezer. For example, if your glycogen ‘fridge’ is full, you will not use any of your fat in the ‘freezer’. This standard calorie restricted diet of eating 3-6 meals a day with a relatively high carbohydrate (50-60%) content. After several days, hunger is also suppressed – the mechanism is unknown, but likely related to the ketone production. If you need 200 calories of energy to go for a walk, you take that exclusively out of the glycogen with none of the fat being burned.
If you don’t fill it up, it will decrease your metabolism so that it is burning less energy.
Fasting ensures that your baseline levels of lipids and glucose are measured, not levels that have been affected by food.
The levels of blood lipid levels that are used to determine risk and the need for treatment are all based on fasting values. If the patient has not been fasting then blood lipid levels could be higher by a considerable margin and require more aggressive treatment.

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