The TRUETrack Blood Glucose Test Strips feature biosensor technology for oustanding performance at an affordable price. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Home Diagnostics TRUE balance Blood Glucose Monitoring System will give you “true confidence” for simple, accurate results! Infopia Element Autocode Blood Glucose Meter gives fast accurate results in just 3 seconds!
You will find the diabetic supplies you need to help you or your family member with blood glucose testing. We also offer one time and subscriptions options for our products so you can make one purchase and we will send you the products every month, two months, six months, it is completely up to you.

Because only 1 microliter of blood is required for testing with TRUETrack Blood Glucose Test Strips, it is less painful and more comfortable to test blood glucose levels with TRUETrack. Element Meter can test your blood glucose from your upper arm, forearm, thigh, calf, palm, as well as fingertips.
We sell test strips, blood glucose monitors, lancets, diabetic starter kits, syringes, and footlogix professional foot care products. Yes we can subscribe you weekly, monthly, every 2-3 months, you decide when we ship you more of what you need for your personal health concerns.
TRUETrack system is easy to use and you get an accurate glucose reading in just two simple steps. The TRUE balance glucometer uses cutting edge Quad-Electrode technology and the TRUEfill beveled tip design to deliver precise results with the TRUEbalance glucose test strips.

The blood glucose meter features up to a 365-test memory, small blood sample size (1 mL), and no coding required! Best of all, TRUETrack Blood Glucose Test Strips are easy to handle and are up to 30% less expensive than other major brands of glucose testing systems.

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