Getting through the holidays as a Type 2 diabetic can be challenging with all of the scrumptious food at your disposal. With the above effects in mind, it is recommended you limit your alcohol consumption to one or two drinks a day for women and men, respectively. Using a base of hand-squeezed lime or lemon juice, muddled herbs, such as mint, and a splash of sugar-free seltzer water, you can create some diabetic-friendly cocktails. As always, remember to keep your alcohol consumption to a well-balanced, moderate level, and don’t forget to check your blood sugar levels. Citrus Wine Spritzer. This bubbly, refreshing spritzer contains relatively little alcohol and can be the perfect after work or social mixer. Lite Mint Julep. The Kentucky Derby classic cocktail gets a makeover in this diabetic-friendly version. This entry was posted in Diet, Lifestyle, Type 2 diabetes, Uncategorized and tagged alcohol, alcoholic mixed drinks, Beverleigh H Piepers RN, Beverleigh Piepers, blood sugar, calories, citrus wine spritzer, cocktails, diabetes, diabetic, do's and don'ts of alcohol, drugfreetype2diabetes, fat, have a drink, Sugars, Type 2 diabetes, wine on November 24, 2015 by Beverleigh H Piepers RN. Gives me a guide to preventing diabetes“I liked the conversational way the author discusses this subject. Diabetes is a disease, which affects the small blood vessels of all the organs of the body. If there is bleeding within and in front of the retina, floaters would be seen or the vision may be drastically reduced.
Once the central retina is detached the vision loss becomes severe and chances of recovery even after surgery become less.

Fluorescein Angiography involves taking photographs of the retina after injecting a dye in a vein in the patient’s arm. Optical Coherence Tomography : In this test images of the retina are taken to show its microscopic detail. Complications of steroid injection can again be infection, rise in eye pressure (glaucoma) and cataract. You’ve got to take extra caution in monitoring your blood sugar as you consider which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. Even if you only enjoy having a simple drink here or there, you should know how alcohol can affect you. Drinking alcohol, even a few drinks, can increase not only your blood sugar but also your blood pressure.
Enjoy your drink with a snack or a meal that follows your usual healthy eating guidelines, such as whole grain crackers, light popcorn, or low-fat cheese. You can even filter, dramatically reducing the alcohol and sugar content of wine by mixing it with equal parts of seltzer water over ice.
I have struggled with this health issue for a few years and have only followed what my GP told me. Uncontrolled diabetes , High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Kidney disease and Low Haemoglobin worsen diabetic retinopathy.
The dye reaching the eye helps to clarify the type and extent of disease, including detail of abnormal vessels and leakage.

The type and amount of thickening can be delineated and an assessment of any pull on the retina can also be made.
Rule out loss of protein in urine ( microalbuminuria) and treat kidney disease as far as possible.
The situation becomes further complicated if you enjoy having a drink every now and again for, during the holiday season, nothing says celebration like making a few toasts to the family and the new year.
And in some cases, it can cause a rapid and drastic drop in blood sugar levels, which can also cause complications. And when crafting cocktails or mixed drinks, think outside of the soda and the juice-based mixers. It is an excellent tool to follow up after treatment to assess the effect of the treatment done and need for re-treatment. As with food, every alcoholic mixed drink contains a different amount of calories, fat, and sugars, depending on the ingredients, so learning to craft a healthier recipe is an excellent way to enjoy without guilt or worry. Drinking alcohol can interfere with diabetes medicine, insulin, and other medications, and it can stimulate the appetite and lower your inhibitions.
Instead, opt for homemade mixers with fresh citrus (like lemon and lime juice), fruit-flavored spritzer water, and diet club soda.

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