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Avoiding extreme highs and lows in glucose levels is crucial to controlling diabetes and reducing the risk of long-term diabetes complications. Put simply, a sensor placed just under the skin reads your body tissue fluid’s glucose level and sends the result to a receiver. CGM systems can also be used by those on MDI (multiple daily injections) – you do not need to be on a pump, but some pumps are now CGM-enabled systems.
Clinical studies have shown that adults aged 25 and older with type 1 diabetes who use CGM therapy to help manage their disease often experience significant improvements in glucose control. Information used in the study was gathered from mothers at face-to-face interviews when their children were around six months, three years and seven-years-old, and from questionnaires completed when the children were ages one, two, four, five and six.Among other questions, the mothers were asked how much time their children slept, both at night and during daytime naps, during an average day.
Measurements taken at the seven-year visit included not only height and weight but also total body fat, abdominal fat, lean body mass, and waist and hip circumferences - measurements that the researchers say may more accurately reflect cardio-metabolic health risks than BMI alone.

Based on the mothers' reports at each age, individual children were assigned a sleep score covering the entire study period.Overall, children with the lowest sleep scores had the highest levels of all body measurements reflecting obesity and adiposity, including abdominal fat which is considered to be particularly hazardous. Identify your HbA1c test score, mean blood and glucose level to know if your blood glucose is in the optimum level. Continuous Glucose Monitoring is one way of helping gain more control through greater insight as to your blood glucose highs and lows. The frequent results show a graph from which you can see trends – you might see your glucose levels slowly decreasing if you check the screen while you go out for a long walk. In the UK these are the Animas Vibe (using Dexcom’s sensors) and the Medtronic Veo (using Medtronic Enlite sensors). Patients who use insulin pump therapy in combination with CGM obtain lower HbA1c levels relative to patients who use multiple daily injections and self-monitoring of blood glucose.
Curtailed sleep was defined as less than 12 hours per day from ages six months to two years, less than 10 hours per day for ages three and four, and less than nine hours per day from age five to seven.

These systems provide patients with a more complete glucose picture (compared to normal blood tests alone).
The new study analysed data from Project Viva, a long-term investigation into the health impacts of several factors during pregnancy and after birth. The pumps can including customizable high and low alerts and rate-of-change alarms and trends based on CGM results being received.

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