Sweet PotatoesSweet potatoes are excellent sources of beta carotene and soluble fiber that regulate insulin response and help stabilize blood sugar.
In order to have optimal health you will want to eat foods that maintain a stable blood sugar. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake enough you will inevitably have to increase your fat consumption. Not only is Fat consumption and ketosis good for fat loss, it is also excellent for mental performance. For many athletes they have been told that carbohydrates are absolutely necessary for athletic performance. There is an emerging field of research that shows the potential for ketosis preventing and possibly curing cancer (1). There is no doubt that there are many benefits to living in a state of ketosis and I have personally enjoyed them with my own experience.
The field of research on ketosis will continue to develop over the years and I think it has excellent health benefits and possibilities. A balanced diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle are the cornerstone of diabetic therapy.
Bitter melon or bitter gourd is a sour fruit which is efficient in preventing the sugar levels from rising in the intestines and also allows a more effective usage of sugar by the cells. Studies have been conducted on the effect of the ripe fruits of cactus pear and it has been found that it can lower blood sugar levels.
A climbing shrub which has saponins and gymnemic acids has shown to possess anti diabetic activity. The bark of cinnamon has been found to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Research studies have shown that with endless health benefits, garlic is also helpful in reducing blood sugar and a regular use along with insulin and balanced diet can be an adjuvant to management of blood sugar levels in diabetes.
Ten minutes guide to learning Non-invasive Weight Loss & Muscle Toning procedures available. The diabetes food chart below is unlike most, it has been tested and it has been proven to help diabetics.
Most other diabetes food charts are high carb, grain based charts that promote elevated blood sugars and ever-increasing drug requirements. This food chart is truly diabetes friendly, not Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry friendly. Note: The base of the chart or pyramid is wider, these are the foods you need to eat the most. I wrote a post for those who mistakenly believe that cholesterol and natural fats are harmful.
Unless you have sources for wild caught fish, then try my first choice for seafood, Wild Planet.
Note: Some organ meats and seafood (like oysters) can raise blood sugars, so eat small amounts, an ounce or two and test your blood sugars.
I consume only fats from the meats I eat, real butter, coconut oil and occasionally extra virgin olive oil. Amazon has unbeatable deals on one of my favorite coconut oils, Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. While following a low carb paleo dietary approach, check your blood sugars periodically and reduce medications appropriately to prevent lows. Chart showing different food groups, the percentage converted to blood glucose and the time taken. Blood glucose levels, Your resource and guide for all diabetes and other medical related information.
Blood sugar levels chart – high blood sugar levels chart, Glucose, or in other words the sugar in our blood is responsible for the increase and decrease in sugar levels. Normal blood sugar level, A normal blood sugar level offers tips on what a normal blood sugar level is and why to have one. Learn to easily read a normal blood sugar levels chart, A good grasp and understanding of normal blood sugar levels chart is necessary whether you have diabetes or not.
Normal blood sugar levels chart – buzzle, Consumption of food and drink leads to fluctuations in the levels of glucose in blood.
High blood sugar levels chart – buzzle, Blood sugar level is the amount of glucose present in the blood. If you suffer from high blood sugar levels, you may take advantages of sugar lowering properties of these foods. They are a slow burning fuel and because of their low sugar, they are excellent for diabetics or sugar-sensitive disorders. As the sweet potato digests slowly, it causes a gradual rise in blood sugar so you feel satisfied longer. Simple carbohydrates are the worst and generate massive spikes in blood sugar and subsequent insulin. When blood sugar is stable your body is getting all it needs for various functions and fueling the brain.
Despite popular media and conventional wisdom, in almost every study low carbohydrate diets dominate. Your body will switch from using sugar as a primary fuel source to using fat as a primary fuel source.

The theory is that cancer relies on glucose as its energy source; remove the energy source and the cancer dies. If you are considering trying a ketogenic diet you should figure out what your objectives are and what you want to achieve.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Banerjee Leave a Comment As you are all aware diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is associated with various other complications related to eyes, nervous system and kidneys. In view of this, VIBHAlife brings to you 10 essential herbs which should be a regular part of your life. Research studies have provided conclusive evidence that patients taking bitter melon capsules for three consecutive months showed a consistent reduction in their blood sugar concentration. The fruit is beneficial in providing relief from the symptoms of diabetes which are nerve pain and eye damage. It has been studied to reduce blood sugar concentration, enhance the sensitivity of the insulin and also bring down the blood cholesterol levels. It not only regulates the metabolic rate in the body but also enhances the sensitivity of the insulin receptors.
The cinnamon which is commonly found on your spice rack is the one which is packed with antioxidants and phenols which help in warding off diseases and inflammations related with high sugar content. The chemicals allicin, allyl propyl disulphide and S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide are responsible for increasing the amount of insulin in the body and also reducing the inactivation of insulin by liver. However too many of them can and will raise your blood sugars.  Carbohydrate amounts vary among the different varieties, check before eating them. Insulin is made by the islet cells located in the pancreas, and is responsible for regulating the blood sugar levels. Even if you have normal blood sugar levels, you should consider these foods that regulate blood sugar. No part of this web site including text, pictures or web site design may be reproduced in any form by any means without prior written authorization. A raised level of blood sugar is actually quite damaging and generates systemic inflammation. Ketosis is actually preferable for endurance athletes as it prolongs energy by utilizing both glycogen and body fat stores.
Many people will find it very easy to adhere to the ketogenic diet and achieve very good results.
It has been widely studied and claimed that the treatment and management of blood sugar levels in diabetic patients is in the hands of the patient himself. The recommended dosage for bitter melon is about 3 to 6 tablespoons of the bitter melon juice taken daily. The fruit has been reported to have chemical content which mimics insulin and hence the sugar lowering activity. It has a protective effect on the eyes; it is helpful in reducing blood sugar levels effectively.
The effects of fenugreek seeds have been reported in many animal and human studies which has also been due to the high fiber content of the seeds.
Ginseng is known to reduce the absorption of carbohydrate, enhance the ability of the cells to utilize glucose and also increase the release of insulin from pancreas. It controls the frequency of urination and reduces the blood sugar and urine content of the body. Take raw or cooked garlic or aged garlic extract to not only lower the blood sugar levels but also prevent the complications related with diabetes. A truly diabetes friendly, Diabetes Food Chart designed to help diabetics obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars is crucial to your success. As long as you stay below 30 grams of total carbohydrates (or less) your blood sugars should begin to fall. It is mostly prevalent in young children and teens, who must take multiple insulin injections daily to replace the insulin the body is not making.when glucose levels rise (hyperglycemia) the pancreas responds by releasing the hormone insulin to convert the excess glucose into energy for the cells to use as fuel.
Avocados should be eaten immediately after cutting, otherwise they will change color due to oxidation.CinnamonCinnamon is high in fiber and magnesium and contains a natural compound, polyphenol, that mimic the effect of insulin significantly lowering blood sugar.
Your body converts dietary and body fat into ketone bodies, which are actually the preferred fuel source for many organs and muscles in your body (1) including the brain. A wide variety of evidence suggests that the ketogenic diet could have beneficial disease-modifying effects in epilepsy and also in a broad range of neurological disorders characterized by death of neurons. Cancer is now being considered to be a disease of metabolic dysfunction rather than previously viewed as a genetic abnormality. Studies have claimed that the extracts of bitter gourd can bring down the activity of an enzyme alpha glucosidase and this in turn is helpful in reducing the blood sugar levels. The antioxidants present in bilberry are anthocyanidins which offer protection from damage to tiny blood vessels causing damage to the retina of the eye. Gymnema tea can be taken regularly for benefits while it is also available in the form of tablets and capsules.
The recommended dosage for diabetic patients is about 1 to 3 grams of ginseng capsule or tablet taken daily.
Many research studies have shown that jambolan has hypoglycemic activity and can bring about almost 30% of reduction in blood sugar content.
Always check ingredient lists to avoid eating fillers that can contain carbohydrate including sugar and grains.

If you maintain your weight or continue losing your desired amount of weight, feel free to eat cheeses as often as you like.
I normally suggest eating only fatty meats, leafy greens, eggs, butter and coconut oil until your blood sugars fall into normal ranges. In Type 1 diabetes there is no insulin production, thus depriving the cells of the fuel they need for proper functioning.
It is also helpful in lowering cholesterol.Strudies reveal that taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily can lower blood sugar level by 20 percent, the improvement can be seen after just 20 days.
Fat theoretically has a glycemic index of zero and will have almost no effect on blood sugar. If you have restricted your carbohydrate intake or have exercised rigorously these storages sites will have capacity. In the state of ketosis many people find their energy levels will remain stable and that fat very easily melts off your body. Blood flow to the brain also increases during ketosis and has been shown to increase by 39%. Weight lifters and sprinters will still require carbohydrates to replace glycogen stores after intense workouts. Charantin is a component of bitter melon which allows the movement of the glucose from the blood to the muscles, adipose tissue or fat tissue and liver, thereby reducing the blood glucose levels in those suffering from diabetes.
It has been recommended that about 80 to 120 mg of bilberry extract should be taken two times a day. A research study has demonstrated that 60 individuals taking 25 gm of fenugreek daily showed significant improvement in blood sugar management and also post meal increase in blood sugar levels. The recommended dosage is about one teaspoon of gymnema leaf powder taken once or twice a day in the form of tea. If blood sugar levels are not brought under control, complications can occur and cause damage to the major organs of the body.
Very high levels of cinnamon could lead to hypoglycemia (sugar dropping to very low level). Eating a diet of predominantly protein and fat, with some complex carbohydrates (like vegetables) will help maintain a stable blood sugar.
However, if they are full your body has no choice but to convert the excess blood sugar into body fat. But will still have comparable performance simply using the glycogen stores within the body. You may do just as well by having a low-moderate carbohydrate intake in the form of complex carbohydrates which have a low glycemic index. You can get recommended cinnamon dose in capsule form or from cinnamon foods.CherriesCherries contain red-pigmented antioxidants and are high in soluble fiber and low in calories, which can help raise your body's insulin output. Early morning, remove the pieces of okras from the glass and drink that water before breakfast.Do it daily, you should see remarkable reduction of your sugar. Sugar can be viewed as rocket fuel for quick spontaneous power and fat as a wood burning stove for long consistent energy. It is something you can experiment with to see how you feel and perform and get a better sense of what it is like. Imagine the storage sites are your gas tank in your car, you can only fill it up so much and if you keep pumping when the tank’s full, gasoline will overflow and spill everywhere.
It is also strongly anti-inflammatory.Garlic Raw garlic can raise insulin production and increase insulin sensitivity and in turn can lower blood sugar.
Benefits of garlic.Eating bittergourd (Karela) stimulates pancreas and regulates blood sugar level.
NutsNuts are "slow-burning" foods that provide sustained energy due to their good fats and protein content. Eating a handful of nuts can lower insulin resistance, according to Harvard researchers who discovered that eating nuts can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 20 percent.Examples of healthy nuts are Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, Peanuts,Pecans, Walnuts, etc. This is due to damage of the vagus nerve, which is responsible for moving food through the digestive tract.Persons who have been diagnosed with diabetes require specialized care to to stay in the most optimal health.
If you are allergic to certain nuts, you should not eat them.Onions The high sulfur and flavonoid content of onions can cause a significant reduction in blood sugar level. It is important to monitor daily blood glucose levels to keep them within normal limits to prevent the many complications that can occur. There is extra work involved as diabetics must do for their bodies what their bodies can't do.
When the body ceases to make insulin, or the insulin being produced is not being used effectively, one must take over that job by closely monitoring their glucose levels and administering to the body the insulin that is lacking. Be mindful of your salt intake as too much sodium in the diet can raise the blood pressure. Consistently high blood pressure causes damage to the major organs of the body leading to added complications of diabetes.Make regular visits with your health care provider to catch any potential problems in their early stages when they are most easily treated.

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