Diabetes testers can be found online, through your local doctor’s office, at your local pharmacy or retail store.
Diabetic testers or monitors as some people like to call them are used for a variety of reasons but the most popular is by measuring the amount of sugar or glucose in a person’s bloodstream. Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose or SMBG is considered to be an important part in diabetes management.
IDF Diabetes Atlas (Fifth Edition), 2011 estimates that India has more than 60 million people diagnosed with diabetes. The number is expected to grow more than double by 2030. Dr Roshani Sanghani, Consultant Endocrinologist at P D Hinduja National Hospital says, “Monitoring at home is very important.
Roy says people with diabetes need to monitor at regular intervals as suggested by their physicians. Sidhartha Roy refuses any such possibility. “SMBG is a structured way of monitoring your blood glucose. The decision of recommending SMBG for individuals in type 2 group may largely be determined by personal preferences, cost and individual and healthcare system resources. As published in IDF Guideline for type 2 diabetes 2012, studies performed among insulin-treated individuals with type 2 diabetes suggest that SMBG is required to titrate the insulin dose while avoiding hypoglycaemia.
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Diabetes testers are a main staple item when it comes to being a diabetic because diabetics need these in order to maintain their diabetes and remain healthy on a daily basis.
Diabetes testers help monitor the blood glucose level in a person’s bloodstream and without a diabetes tester a diabetic can’t function on a daily basis.

Diabetic testers can be found in a wide variety of places such as grocery stores, convenience stores, on ambulances, hospitals, doctor offices, retail stores and wholesale outlets or pharmacies just to name a few. These testers or meters are loved by most diabetics because not only are they a necessity but they also have ease of use, portability and are convenient.
These reviews can be found online, at your local library, through speaking with your doctor or the most popular way is to talk around to other diabetics, you can do this online through many diabetic chat rooms or people you know.
While its utility in insulin-requiring diabetes is proven, the role of monitoring in non-insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes is highly debated.
With 63 million people diagnosed with diabetes and around 32 million with undiagnosed diabetes, India is a country with the largest diabetic population, second only to China. Structured self-monitoring can help patients see a pattern that they themselves as well as their healthcare professional can effectively use as a part of ongoing diabetes management.
Every diabetic needs to know their control on sugar frequently. It also helps doctors to adjust medications accordingly.
The monitoring throws out data points of hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia at different times like fasting, postprandial, before sleep. Sidhartha Roy attributes this to the fact that India being a self–pay market that also results in lower percentage of usage. We still don’t have the culture of specific diabetic health educators who will spread the awareness”, says Dr Pahuja.
Any test which is used for diagnosis should give  consistent results and SMBG devices are still inconsistent in that sense”, says Dr Pahuja. Diagnostic tests are for more precise testing. SMBG devices readings may show slight variations but these devices are very helpful to check sugar at home.
It will help us to plot graphs, find trends and learn more about diabetes,” says Dr Sanghani while talking about the future development she wants to see in SMBG devices.

SMBG may help type 2 diabetes patients who are on insulin or sulphonylurea drugs because the information about a patient’s glucose level is useful to refine and adjust insulin dosages, resulting in an improved glycemic control, says a study published in ADA Diabetes Care.
By speaking to other people it will allow you to find the best diabetic testers for your needs. However, if they are taking tablets for sugar-control and sugar goes out of control, they need to check.
It can under-estimate or over-estimate when sugars are extremely low or high”, adds Dr Pahuja. These might include people recently diagnosed with diabetes, those with more erratic lifestyles, people having problems of hypoglycaemia  and those particularly keen to tighten their blood glucose control. The impact of monitoring on patient wellbeing must also be considered as some studies suggest adverse psychological effects.
Monitoring gives a rough but fair estimate about whether sugar is going low or high,”  explains Dr Roshani Sanghani. Given the large increase in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, it will be important to define the role of SMBG so that resources can be used appropriately. There are recommendations from bodies like ADA (American Diabetes Association) and AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinology) in patients of type 2 diabetes for SMBG,” he adds further.

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