May 10, 2016 By shrinkingmomster 3 Comments If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. If anything I’m thankful I know my boy and we caught it before his blood glucose went deadly high.
I don’t get to be that mom that lets her son buy school lunch and not worry about what it is. I am that mom that is calling the school if my sons blood sugar is too low and I haven’t heard from the nurse.
I am that mom that needs to know if the nurse is going to be out and what the procedure is going to be for the day. I am that mother that has become so friendly with the nurse because she is in charge of my son’s care when he is with her 180 days of the year. I am that mom that cringes at birthday parties when there is a pinata that is filled with candy and my son wants to be able to eat what he wants with his friends.
Since being diagnosed my son has been asked many times out in public about his pump or his cgm (continuous glucose monitor). I have had to explain to people that this is his forever and that pump is his pancreas so be thankful yours works correctly. No matter how hard I try to decorate his pumps as fun and with whatever he wants he still at times is self-conscious. One of the very first photos Luke Nuttall and his diabetic alert dog (DAD) Jedi took together. At the age of two, Luke was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a form of the disease that only 5 percent of people with diabetes have, according to the American Diabetes Association."We don't have a single member of our family [with diabetes]. That's why Nuttall decided to share her son's story on Facebook, which highlights the unbreakable bond between a boy and his service dog.The first grader has tools, monitors and a continuous glucose monitoring system inserted under his skin to track his blood sugar levels.
Similar to a bomb sniffing dog, Jedi is able to detect Luke's low or high blood sugar by smell.When Luke has low levels, Jedi brings Nuttall a bringsel, a device a dog uses to signal the need for the diabetic to check blood sugar, and bows.
I know this is being discussed on another thread,but since it concerns Indian Red ,and I might as throw in Little Red,did they have any Mexican blood in them?
Expug wrote:It would seem that fighters just have always been balls to the wall, go for it kinds of people.

Rick Farris wrote:Rick,I seen Carlos Chavez fight a few times, Carlos was a pure boxer, he beat Art Aragon and in the re-match he went in the tank in the first round, and for the rest of his life he was bother by that, he could never forgive himself for doing so. Waldner: Ramos far more than an ex-champBy Mike Waldner, Sports ColumnistMando Ramos died in his sleep Sunday.
I’m up checking to make sure his blood sugar is good via his CGM (continuous glucose monitor) or I am poking his finger. This is the nightmare of every mom of a child with type 1 diabetes – that technology will fail in the middle of the night. I am that mom that packs the cool homemade lunch and attaches a bright colored sticky note each morning with the carb count for the nurse.
I am that mom that prays every night for a cure so my son will not have scars all over his body from site changes or ugly finger tips from constant blood sugar pokes. It breaks my heart to see my son get mad that his pump was placed too low on the back of his arm and now all his peers will see his pump under the sleeve of his t-shirt. I even tell him how much I wish I could take it all away and give me diabetes so he didn’t have to suffer any more. I don’t judge how others raise their children why should people judge how I care to keep my child alive? They had the name Lopez,but they didn?t look Mexican and I don?t know if they spoke Spanish.
On the West Side of Chicago, Caemen Basilio and Rocky Marciano didn?t have to pay for nothing.
It's impossible to write about Ramos without focusing on his boxing career, a meteoric career that flashed across the sports sky and flamed out in a classic example of self-destruction. Nearly five years later, the dog is able to use his nose to identify warning signs."They love each other," said Nuttall of the friendship between the pair.
But Jedi's job goes beyond alerting, he also saves Luke from being alone, from being scared; he is his constant companion," Nuttall shared on Facebook.
Yeah,I know they faced those great Black fighters when they had a lot of miles on them,but what the heck.
Frank,Rick,one of you guys should know this.I never knew the Lopez's to speak mush Spanish.

Needless to say the doctor looked at my husband and I and told us we were to get in our car and drive straight to the children’s hospital and she would call the ER so they would know we were coming. The reason those Dagos were so thrilled by their guys victories is because they beat two of the greatest fighters who ever lived. Knowing that Robinson would not let the fight go the distance if Fusari tried to hurt him, Fusari's cornermen nervously talked him out of trying to knock out Robinson--which would have resulted in Fusari being knocked out instead.Brilliant.
Europe still has a thirst for American jazz .Robinson went to Europe several times on tours fighting. Carlos had a brother that also fought pro, Al, Al fought most of his fights over sea's.Look at their records and you will see that the Chavez's fought any and everybody, the young boxing fans like to say that we older guys like to live in the past, there most be a reason for that, and the reason is records like the Chavez's.
This is the man who used his mistakes as examples for others to avoid with his Boxing Against Alcohol and Drugs nonprofit foundation (BAAD), as well as with organizations such as the Wilmington Teen Center and the Harbor Boxing Club in San Pedro. This is the boy from Long Beach who was one of the great sports stars of his time, if only for a short time, who grew up to be the man who lived in San Pedro for much of the past 40 years. Gray remembers John Hall, a knowledgeable, veteran reporter and columnist on the boxing beat, offering the opinion that Ramos was, for a short time, the world's best pound-for-pound fighter. Van Barbieri, a San Pedro native, was the publicist for the Olympic Auditorium during the Ramos era. It's what can happen when you're young, think you're bulletproof and have no concept of reality. Because he devoted the later years of his life to trying to help others understand what not to do. It's like the tribute they're planning to hold for him on July 18 at the Longshoreman's Memorial Hall in Wilmington from 4-8 p.m.

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