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I have read before about hypoglycemia but now I did some research I think it can really be the cause of SA. Adrenaline is a hormone that converts glycogen (stored glucose (sugar)) back into glucose in order to feed the brain. Now the brain sends a message (hormone) to the adrenal gland to pour adrenaline into the system to raise blood sugar level quickly. It is excess adrenaline that is responsible for the sudden anxiety attacks coming from within the body. Thus if you have an anxiety attack and you happen to be in a lift, then the lift may become a trigger for anxiety at a subsequent event. Interesting, yes, but I thought the same thing when I was trying to find out what the f was the matter with me.
They definitely sound very similar on paper, and I imagine it's not too difficult for somebody to confuse low blood sugar with a panic attack, but the experiences are very distinguishable if you've dealt with them before.

But the insulin production can get stresst and pruduce to much, couse of the extreme amount off sugar it has to handle. I have woke up this morning with headache, I think because my blood sugar is low, I'm still eating only healthy stuff.
It is a program based on one of the largest studies of people who have been SUCCESSFUL at losing weight and keeping it off for good (average 5 years). A clinical study shows that people lose twice as much weight and are twice as likely to stick with our program than standard diets. Even when I have eaten healthy I just want something sweet otherwise I feel really restless end not satisfyd .
When your body is suddenly deprived of glucose, causing brain starvation, adrenaline kicks in to bring these levels up again as soon as possible. Thus anxiety is a fear response without an external object of fear also known as ?floating anxiety?.
This Reverse conditioning or the pairing of an external stimulus with a fear response may be seen as the mechanism by which a person develops a phobia. It is very hard, At the moment I eat no sugar, no fast carbohydrates(like potatoes, bread). A lot of sugar (especially simple sugars) is not by any means healthy and I'm sure it plays some role in mental health issues. Anxiety can be exhausting but excessive daytime sleepiness is often indicative of a sleep disorder.

This often happens to people who suffer from unstable blood sugar levels, called hypoglycemia. With insulin resistance blood sugar level rises with the result more insulin is pumped into the system. Very often the mind invents an object by a process that psychologists call 'reverse conditioning?, whereby any random object in the environment is paired to a powerful emotional response. However I can't take this hook, line, and sinker because I've never ever had a panic attack out of the blue, so there's no way the cycle of panic attacks I've had originated just because adrenaline surged my brain for no reason. That means your blood sugar will always get a huge boost from sugar, but right after a huge drop. With so much insulin we now have a crash in blood sugar levels to low levels, that the brain interprets as brain starvation.
This can also be demonstrated if we inject a rat with adrenaline and it will develop a fear at any innocuous object in its cage.
I thought it was low blood sugar at one point, but now I know that anxiety just physically exhausts me.

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