Diabetes can bring complications which are mainly owing to the unmanaged blood sugar levels. Nocturia is not uncommon among people with diabetes; uncontrolled diabetes can considerably cause nocturia although there can be many other causes for the same. Older men with enlarged prostrate experience pressure on the urethra which prevents the bladder from emptying appropriately causing the urge to urinate frequently.
Uncontrolled blood sugar levels cause more sugar in urine which simulates additional volume of urine production.
People experiencing nocturia have frequent sleep disruptions as they should get up and visit the toilet to urinate the excessive urine.
Sleep disruption can easily take a toll over the health and mood of a person because a bad (or disrupted) sleep can create a hangover for the remaining day affecting energy levels and creativity. Bladder control problem or nocturia can cause other problems including bladder infections or even kidney damage. Nocturia may also produce rashes on sensitive skin, especially in children, when urine remains in contact with skin over time. Nocturia can interfere with normal life and cause low self esteem, even leading to isolation. Waking twice or more to urinate at night can be really bothering particularly for the aged people. Did you know that approximately 50% of Americans who suffered heart attacks had “normal cholesterol numbers” as reported by The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.  Traditional testing that measures the total concentration of cholesterol (Total Cholesterol, HDL {good} cholesterol and LDL {bad} cholesterol), has historically been used as the key indicator for cardiovascular disease risk may not provide an accurate assessment according to the National Cholesterol Education Program.

Measuring the number and size of cholesterol-carrying particles, called lipoproteins (as well as inflammatory markers and other metabolic indicators), has been shown to be more important for interpreting the risk of heart disease. The number and size of the vehicles on the road determines whether there is increased risk of a traffic jam, not the number of people traveling in the vehicles.
Last year, nearly 21 million Americans were prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications, yet, cholesterol is actually a crucial element in the body necessary for brain cells, cell membranes and hormone balance. Do you remember some of the TV commercials that showed a picture of “your grandmother”, and the delicious foods she enjoyed, while announcer mentioned that both your genes and your food can affect your cholesterol and heart disease risk. There are additional factors and nuances that affect cholesterol and heart disease risk than are specific to you. Raspberry ketones trials exposed on bbc watchdog, In an upcoming episode of the consumer affairs programme bbc watchdog, anne robinson and her team of investigators are planning on exposing the raspberry ketone free. Home theater lg ht303su – youtube, Aparelho basico, sem saidas hdmi, mas com design bonito e boa qualidade sonora. One such outcome is nocturia, or night time urination, where the patient involuntarily wakes-up at night to urinate. Nocturia may not seem a problematic outcome but it is likely to pose damaging consequences when left unattended or untreated. Nocturia is likely to interrupt the brain impulses which control and coordinate urination. This is possibly the most adverse outcome of nocturia which can produce more psychological outcomes compared to the physical ones. Disturbed sleep due may even cause increased long-term morbidity which highlights the significance of timely intervention and treatment. The higher the count of small-sized lipoprotein particles (cars), the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Understanding your lipoprotein status is essential for determining both your risk as well as the most appropriate, targeted intervention for your body.

Whether you are dealing with cholesterol issues, or have other health concerns, we can help you examine your situation and genetic attributes to help you select, and implement, the most appropriate course of action for you. This can signal uncontrolled blood sugar levels and can be bothering for those experiencing the same. Nocturia can produce certain unfavorable outcomes which can be more inclined to the psychological aspect of living. With diabetes, one of the best ways to control and prevent complications is to control blood sugar levels.
The quality of life can get adversely affected when nocturia is not treated timely and properly. Such is the impact of nocturia that it can be a marker of your overall health and well being.
With diabetes, there is a great need to control a potentially unfavorable health outcome before it produces fatal effect(s). Pregnant women and elderly are more at risk for suffering from nocturia and its adverse outcomes. Nocturia is more than a normal aging outcome and often remains under-diagnosed and misunderstood even by the medical community.

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