However, the association seen in the study doesn’t prove a cause-and-effect relationship, and more research isbneeded, the study authors said. Though the new research found a much higher risk of low blood sugar with tramadol, it’s important to note that the overall risk is still quite low. Anyone who takes tramadol is at risk for low blood sugar, not only people with diabetes, who may already be at risk of low blood sugar due to their diabetes treatment, he added.
An analysis of people who have taken the drug suggests that 40 percent of tramadol-induced hypoglycemia cases didn’t have any known risk factors, such as diabetes, he said.

During an average follow-up of five years, just over 1,100 patients were hospitalized for low blood sugar.
Patients should be told about the potential for all adverse effects, including hypoglycemia,” Nelson said. The study found a serious low blood sugar event occurred in fewer than one person for every 1,000 people taking the drug every year. This is the aspect of the drug that appears to be related to lowering blood sugar, Azoulay explained. 8 in JAMA Internal Medicine , Azoulay and his colleagues collected data on more than 300,000 patients.

Tramadol can cause seizures and extreme swings in body temperature, and it behaves unpredictably due to genetic differences among people, Nelson said. Over the last few years, the media has been full of stories about the problems with sugar in our diet.A Not to put too fine a point on it a€“ we are putting our health, and even our lives, at risk with the overload of sugar in our diet. Tramadol has grown in popularity because it has been touted to be less likely to be addictive, he added.

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