People whose diabetes requires insulin injections usually have to make a series of visits to the doctor's office to fine tune their daily dosage. But mobile technology can help low-income patients with the process of titrating their dosage without them having to see a doctor, according to a study from New York's Bellevue Hospital. For people with chronic conditions, mobile technology can provide crucial support and lower costs. So Natalie Levy, an assistant professor at the New York University School of Medicine and head of Bellevue Hospital's Diabetes Program, decided to try mobile technology to help her low-income diabetes patients adjust their insulin doses remotely. When diabetics initially start taking insulin shots, they need to check their blood sugar at least once a day to make sure their dosage is correct. Bellevue, which has traditionally served New York's poor, sees about 5,000 diabetes patients a year. Wearables like FitBit or Jawbone cost far too much for most of Levy's patients, and less than half of this population owns a smartphone.
Levy's team designed a pilot study called the Mobile Insulin Titration Intervention, or MITI. Of the group that got daily text messages and weekly phone calls, 88 percent were able to get their blood sugars within an acceptable range.
Levy and her team also estimated that the remote titration group saved about two hours of time, plus the $15 copays that many other participants paid for office visits. Moreover, Levy says the mobile titration patients reported feeling more in control of their illness and more accountable for complying with medical advice. Levy says mobile tech offers a new avenue for helping patients manage their chronic diseases.
Dominick Frosch, a patient-care researcher at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in Palo Alto, Calif., echoes Levy's sentiments. Rina Shaikh-Lesko reported this story for KQED's Future of You blog, which explores the intersection of emerging technologies, medicine and health care.
Hope it works tomorrow with my students #science linacomley: This lecturer just reffered to titration. Doctors have used mobile messaging to prompt hypertensive patients to measure their blood pressure and to remind HIV-positive people to return for regular lab testing. In a survey Levy conducted, one patient reported that it often took three to four months to return for each followup visit during the titration phase.
Nearly all of Bellevue's diabetics, though, have mobile phones with a text messaging feature. A small subset of Bellevue's insulin-dependent diabetics, 33 patients, got a daily reminder to take a morning blood sugar reading and text that value back. The intervention appears feasible, too, since patients sent blood glucose values back more than 80 percent of the time, indicating that the daily task wasn't too arduous.

He advocates for making patients with chronic diseases the primary managers of their illness. And the more flexible doctors can be at using various media, Frosch says, like phone, email and patient portals, the better they can be at getting patients to manage their own illnesses. The Health and Hospitals Corporation that runs Bellevue and other public hospitals in New York City is now looking into improving the system for sending secure private health information over text messages.
We've been innovating and perfecting ion chromatography workflow for more than 25 years, we just haven't been vocal about it.
This experiment is important because it is one of the most commonly chosen experiments for Prac Exams.
As a result, they often live with chronically elevated blood sugars for weeks or months until they can find time to get to the clinic. For people tracking their overall health, Apple's new HealthKit makes it easier for different health and fitness apps to exchange data. Nurses reviewed the information daily online to check for values that were too high or too low, indicating the insulin dose needed to be adjusted.
A control group of 27 patients got the usual kind of care and titrated their insulin with in-person office visits. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research in July. Levy is looking forward crossing that hurdle so that the MITI protocol can be provided on an ongoing basis to a much larger pool of diabetic patients. Prac Exams could come any time throughout year 12 -- but most of the time they occur as part of your trial HSC exams, and usually worth around 20% of total internal assessment. Therefore it is important to pay close attention to proper titration procedure and understand the underlying processes of neutralization reactions. For this titration, our unknown was a solution of NaOH (the ***yte) and our standard solution was oxalic acid (crystals in dihydrate form) -- the titrant. The average of the 3 accurate titres were recorded and used to finally calculate the concentration of the unknown NaOH. Our indicator was phenolphthalein due to its slightly basic endpoint (the titration was between a strong base and a weak acid, therefore the equivalence point would be slightly basic). This clip: Chemguy shows some titration apparatus in preparation of doing some solution stoichiometry. Donations welcome at Weak Acid Titration Equivalence point when titrating a weak acidTitrating Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) For Biodiesel - Utah Biodiesel Supply Graydon Blair shows how to titrate waste vegetable oil with a mini wvo titration kit and calculates how much catalyst would be needed to make a 50 gallon batch of Biodiesel with the oil. Utah Biodiesel Supply Titration Technique using a buret Technique for performing a manual titration with an indicator using a buret. Titrations can also be used to determine the number of acidic or basic groups in an unknown compound.

You bear the sole responsibility, liability, and risk for the implementation of such safety procedures and measures. MIT shall have no responsibility, liability, or risk for the content or implementation of any of the material presented. Select an area and learn more about our wide range of products and applications for weighing, measuring and ***yzing. In this video, we perform a titration with potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid in order to calculate its concentration. Because volume measurements play a key role in titration, it is also known as volumetric ***ysis.
We have integrated a Mettler Toledo Titrator (DL31 and V20 have been successfully integrated ), an XP Mettler Toledo Balance, an uncapping station, and two MasterFlex pumps in a unique and compact format to create a work cell for Karl Fischer Titration. The turn-key automation allows for the user to setup the samples, press the run button and and walk away.Carrying out a titration This video shows how to carry out a titration using pre-prepared solutions.
The completion of the reaction is usually shown by a change of color caused by a substance called an indicator. Cusson Directed by John Locke & Mike KeckGlucose ***ysis Titration This video demonstrates the ***ysis of glucose through a pair of redox titrations.
After a short reaction period the remaining triiodide is quantified through a titration with thiosulfate. The process, operation, or method of determining the concentration of a substance in solution by adding to it a standard reagent of. The amount of glucose in the solution can be determined from the difference in the number of moles of triiodide used and the number of moles that reacted with thiosulfate.
Find info and videos including: How to Dissolve Acid in an Acid-Base Titration, What Is Titratable Acidity?, How to Calculate Titratable Acidity and much more. As titrant is added drop by drop the acid solution the indicator turns red as each drop hits the vinegar; but the colour disappears on mixing. How to do titration calculations without a calculator This is a recording of a tutoring session, posted with the student's permission. For a playlist containing all the videos in this series, click here: (1) TITRATION OF A STRONG ACID WITH A STRONG BASE--vertical intercept (2) Continued.

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