FreeStyle Optium blood glucose test strips and FreeStyle Optium blood ?-Ketone test strips can be purchased at your pharmacy or any NDSS outlet.
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Richard J Melker, Test Strips for Blood Glucose Monitors are Not Always Accurate, Diabetes Care. Glucose in the blood sample reacts with enzymes on the test strip to stimulate a chemical reaction, which generates an electrical current.
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This is measured by the MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter and displayed as the blood glucose level result.
Independent Living means improved convenience for you or a loved one with special needs such as the elderly, individuals with specific challenges or impairments, and those living with disabilities.

FreeStyle blood glucose meters assist in the monitoring of blood glucose (and ketone) levels for people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. We provide technological assistance systems, covering safety and security, personal health, communication, Alzheimer's and cognition tools, wanderer alerts and more. Find improved quality of life with residential technology whether you have low vision or blindness, are hard of hearing or deaf, mobility impaired, physically challenged or simply enjoying your golden years.

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