Above is an image of the different ecological levels, going from individuals up to the biosphere (earth). As humans destroy the environment, the human carrying capacity is dropping and less humans could survive on earth.Although now that humans know that dams are killing local ecosystems, it is a little late, only to know that it would take hundreds of years and millions of dollars to destroy and recover the ecosystem back to the original state. To many people, especially creationists (people who believe that god created everything), theories are guesses, but in science, theories are conclusions backed with a decent amount of evidence. Said so, evolution is more than just a scientific theory because many indications and studies lead to the conclusion that the idea of evolution is most definitely true.
As time past, skin and muscle structures rot and disappear, but bone structures stay in the form of fossils. We could see that humans and other mammals, including whales and frogs, actually have many similarities. Another evidence that proves that humans are results of evolution is the presence of the Coccyx bone, a tailbone.
If a god created humans, then humans should be perfect without anything unnecessary, but reality proves the opposite.
In this phylogenic tree, close species relatedness between peccary and Pig, Hippo and whale, deer and cow are shown. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, viruses have been attacking humans for a very long period of time. If cells that are made during mitosis are identical, then how and why do they become different cells like liver cells and skin cells? Cytoplasmic determinants are defined as “maternal substances in the egg that influence the course of early development” (Urry). Determination is the term used to describe unseen events that lead to observable changes in cells as results of specialization.
While specialized cells are made as results of cell differentiation, there are other regulatory genes that act like growth factors, stimulating growth when needed. In conclusion, cytoplasmic determinants are internal factors that cause differentiation within cells while induction is how one embryonic cell could send signal molecules (inducers) to trigger the gene expression of other cells (external). While Mendelian genetics help explain how traits are inherited in future generations, there are many factors that lead to results that differ greatly from what the Mendelian genetic assumes.
In conclusion, while the Mendelian Punnett square depicts simple cross breeding, there are many factors in inheritance that causes results that differ greatly from the results of a Mendelian punnett square. The protein products of two genes, The Ras gene and the p53 gene, could eventually lead to the development of cancer cells.
In conclusion, the impairment of p53 and mutation of Ras gene are two factors that lead to the development of cancer in humans, which involves in the mutation of proto-oncogenes into oncogenes.
Cancer cells are caused by the genetic mutation of a cell that is either weakened or damaged.
While most cancer could be cured at early periods while it is still local, it is hard to recover from a developed cancer not only because of its wide-spread influence but also because every type of human cell could eventually develop cancer, meaning that there aren’t definite countermeasures that could help a person.
In order to survive in the environment, organisms including plants, animals and even bacteria have different mechanisms and behaviors in response to the environment an animal wants to survive in. In this picture, when a plant that requires a long-night time in order to flower is interrupted by a flash of light in the middle of the night. In animals, many behaviors and adaptations are made in order to survive in the environment. Organisms use feedback mechanisms to maintain their internal environments and respond to external environmental changes. Unlike ectotherms, organisms that gain most of their heat from the heat, humans are endotherms, organisms that obtain heat from our body’s metabolism. To be more specific and relate more to biology, when the temperature is low, the hypothalamus of our brain responds to the drop by signaling the body so the body could shiver to increase the temperature.
In contrary to negative feedback, positive feedback reinforces a stimulus, amplifying (increase) the response. To sum everything up, negative feedback loop regulates homeostasis by brining fluctuating values back to the normal value while positive feedback loop bring the value away from the normal value, amplifying the effect of a stimulus.
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Increased abdominal fat, which has a stronger correlation to certain health problems than fat deposited in other areas of the body.
Saliva samples need to be collected at four different times during the day, and a record kept (for that day) of activities, events and foods eaten. Salivary hormone testing has been used in research for over 50 years and is a highly sensitive validated technique. It has the benefit over serum testing that it detects predominantly unbound, active hormones, which are biologically available to their receptors in target tissues.
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Ich fande es interessant wenn du auch mal den DNA-Addukte Test machen lassen wurdest, um zu sehen was dabei rauskommt und aus Grunden der VORSICHT.
Over the last 3 decades, observations of patients have revealed that their response to treatment is correlated with their prognosis. Patients with cobalamin-responsive disease may reach some early developmental milestones, and they may have long-term prognoses better than those of the other group.
In a cross-sectional study of 35 patients from the United Kingdom, early-onset cobalamin-nonresponders had the worst outcomes, with a median survival of approximately 6 years.[26] Neurologic outcomes remained unchanged despite dietary modifications and management of infections.
Tests also elucidate biochemical abnormalities which may be interfering with cell membrane integrity and mitochondrial function, believed by some ME specialists to be crucial in ME and CFS. A functional test looks at the in-vitro efficiency of the patient's red cell superoxide dismutase (SOD) when their neutrophil superoxide production is maximally stimulated. For each form of SODase, genetic variations are known, mutations can occur during excessive oxidative stress on DNA and polymorphisms may be present.
Normal blood sugar levels chart for adults, This simple chart shows target blood sugar levels for before and after meals, after fasting, before exercise, and at bedtime, as well as an a1c target..
Diabetes blood sugar levels chart: what is a normal blood, Keep in mind that the blood glucose level before a meal for a non diabetic person and a person with prediabetes may be very similar. Blood glucose monitoring – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Blood glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood . Normal and diabetic blood sugar level ranges – blood sugar, Impaired fasting glycemia test. Yet at the same time, human technology has also caused great damage to the environment we live in. While dams could be used to control water levels and provide hydroelectric energy, its effect on the environment is actually detrimental. If humans continue to disrupt the ecological systems without recovering it, then one day the biosphere will be a planet of desert where nothing could live, at least not humans. Scientific theories are usually backed with numerous experiments and trials before they are brought about and considered a theory in the world of science. Out of the many studies and braches of science that prove evolution correct, I will focus on mainly on comparative anatomy and molecular biology and how they prove that evolution is a true fact through an example of bones. Comparative anatomy compares the similarity and differences between the body structure of organisms.
Although different in shape and size, the humerus, ulna, radius and carpal in the human arm are also present in other mammals, other than the bat that is missing the ulna.
It is common sense that humans don’t have tails, unlike monkeys, but in reality, we have a tailbone that is too small to be noticed. In addition to the example of Coccyx above, molecular biology also shows that humans have many inactive genes that are useless yet still present.
Below is a data table that compares the similarity of DNA between the organisms between every organism in the tree above.
As one side tries to gain immunity through the immune system, memory cells and anti-bodies (which could also come from outside sources) while viruses constantly mutate and develop immunities or resistance to human anti-bodies. As explained in the text under the picture, an unfertilized egg has different molecules encoded by the mother’s genes, and when the egg is fertilized and goes through mitosis, the daughter cells aren’t completely homozygous but contain determinants in different ratios. Induction is when signal molecules (usually sent by other nearby cells) attach to membrane receptors and trigger signal transduction pathways that could lead to gene expression, which is how proteins are made.
Scientists found out that there are master regulatory genes that control the production of proteins for tissue-specific genes. Since all cells share the same genes, it takes master regulatory cells that trigger certain genes in order for specialized cells, for example muscle cells, to form. Without master regulatory genes in control, we won’t be able to form muscles of the right size when needed (trigger genes that encode for proteins necessary for normal muscle growth).

There are also master regulatory genes, like the MyoD that trigger genes required for certain cells (muscle specific protein-encoding genes) that help cells differentiate and eventually become specialized cells. One example of the many inheritance patterns that differ from simple Mendelian genetics is Linked Genes. This means that there are other factors that cause a differentiation with the estimations of the Mendelian cross.
The two phenotypes that differ are due to crossing over, which occurs while replicated homologous chromosomes are paired during prophase of meiosis I, a protein causes an exchange of corresponding segments of one maternal and one paternal chromatid (mother and father chromatid). Testcross is the process of breeding an organism of unknown genotype with a recessive homozygote so the genotype of the unknown could be revealed. The apoptosis that happens in a normal is suppressed in the mutated cancer cell which leads to unlimited division without factors to control it. The Ras protein is a G protein that relays a signal from a growth factor receptor on the plasma membrane to a cascade of protein kinases. Although there are checkpoints before S, G2, and M, it is the failure of checkpoints to function that causes cancer cells to flood in amount.
Once the abnormal cell is genetically mutated, it causes a tumor, the abnormal cell growth and divide that could invade or spread to other parts of our body. Right now the safest method is to perform surgery and remove areas infected with cancer at early stages where other body parts aren’t affected. There are animals like bears that hibernate in the winter and gather food in late fall in order survive when food sources are frozen in the river.
This is split into positive, moving towards, and negative, moving away from a chemical molecule. Organisms respond to the environment differently because their ancestors adapted to an environment or went extinct.
Our body generates heat from metabolism in order to maintain a constant environment in our body, homeostasis, so chemical reactions and processes in our body could always function at a constant temperature (stable environment).
When a stimulus causes the equilibrium value to fluctuate and increase above the desirable value, negative feedback loop dampens the stimulus, reducing the effect of the stimulus so homeostasis is achieved again. Unlike negative feedback loop, positive feedback loop focus less on homeostasis but focuses more on helping processes driver to completion. Note that negative feedback loop doesn’t have a specific value but a normal range of numbers (for example, you don’t turn on the air conditioning unless the temperature is not within the range of 19-21 degrees Celsius). DNJ is responsible for blocking the enzymes that break down sugars, meaning less is absorbed and more is excreted out of the body as waste.
When we consume refined sugar, it is quickly broken down in the body, driving insulin and blood sugar levels up and causing a quick surge of energy.
In New Zealand, 29% of adults and 9% of children obese, the highest rate in Australasiai people are diagnosed with diabetes (predominantly type 2)ii New Zealanders are consuming an excess amount of sugar on a daily basis, far exceeding the recommended amount for adults of nine teaspoons per day. In addition, salivary hormones are stable at room temperature and samples can be collected at any time of the day and at multiple time-points; a benefit especially important for hormones that have circadian or monthly rhythms. Online content is not a substitute for medical advice from a health care professional and is no way intended for self diagnosis, self treatment, or cure to prevent any disease. It contains high levels of the active compound DNJ (Deoxynojirimycin) found in Mulberry Leaf, which along with Chromium Nicotinate, supports healthy blood sugar levels and helps to balance sugar cravings.Mulberry Leaf works by supporting the elimination of added sugar from the body as waste and contains high levels of antioxidants which support cardiovascular health.
More importantly though, eating refined carbohydrates can upset your blood sugar balance and cause strong cravings for unhealthy foods and also mood imbalances and many other health related problems.
Contra-indicationsCaution: We advise people with diabetes to monitor blood sugar levels while taking this product. Patients with no previous history of hypoglycemia require a complete workup to find a potentially treatable disease.
Of the 6 recognized defects in methylmalonate metabolism, cblA has the best prognosis; mut0, the worst. However, this group remains at risk for acute decompensation, which may result in clinical signs and symptoms of globus pallidal lesions. They are especially concerned with the complex synthesis of omega 6 fatty acids (that control inflammation, blood pressure, gastric juice secretion, reproduction and lipoprotein metabolism) and their attendant enzymes. It is a selenium-dependent enzyme and selenium deficiency is the commonest cause of poor enzyme activity. For example, many fishes move upstream or downstream when they need to mate, and on an individual level, the creation of dams as a barrier causes individual fishes to become unable to migrate and breed with others; they are isolated from each other. A scientific theory is a theory only because there is so much information about life and the universe we don’t know, making it ignorant to call anything in nature “law” because we solve more about the world we live in. This shows that mammals had a common ancestor with a similar bone structure that later evolved in branched into different organisms with different bone structures and live in different environments, showing that different species are interrelated and are the results of evolution over millions and millions of years.
Throughout evolution, unnecessary bones don’t disappear but are inactivated and stay as a small bone in the organism. An example of such a gene is the GLO gene, a gene that codes for an enzyme that produces Vitamin C, a vitamin necessary for the daily function and metabolic processes of the human body. Supported by studies like common anatomy and molecular biology, it could be proven evolution is a fact instead of a theory.
The evidence below supports the construction of the tree because Deer and cow, two species that are closest to each other, has the highest DNA percentage similarity on the chart since dolphins aren’t part of the phylogeny tree. Co-evolution, or the evolutionary arms race, is the association between similar species in the process of evolution. While humans develop new anti-bodies and memory cells that help prevent attacks from same or similar viruses next time, viruses also mutate into new forms in order to spread itself and attack new host cells. Before we going into details, it is important to know that almost all the cells in an organism have the same genome, meaning that differential gene expression results from genes being regulated differently in each cell type. Determinants are usually mRNAs (that code for transcription factors) or proteins (transcription factors). Many differentiated cells are specialists at making tissue-specific proteins, proteins found only in specific cell types and gives the cell its characteristic structure and function.
Linked genes, which is the situation where genes very close to each other are inherited together more frequently, violates Mendel’s law of independent assortment, which states that when two or more characteristics are inherited, individual hereditary factors assort independently during gamete production; this means that different traits have an equal opportunity of occurring together. This results in the exchange of end portions of two non sister chromatids, which accounts for the recombinants with phenotypes different from the results of linked genes (the genes that were linked are broken and rearranged, resulting in recombinant types).
The percentage at the bottom of the picture shows the percentage of the offsprings that are recombinants. The cell response triggered by this cascade is the synthesis of a protein that stimulates the cell cycle. Right now the safest method to treat cancer is to perform surgery and remove areas infected with cancer at early stages when other body parts aren’t affected.
While some tumors that occur only in small areas are benign, tumors could be harmful once a cancerous cells moves throughout the body through the circulatory system or makes more blood vessels that serve to feed it in a process of angiogenesis. There are also drugs like alkylating agents that could damage the DNA of cells to prevent cancer cells from affecting them, but like it sounds it is very dangerous because it could also kill healthy cells in result in consequences even worse than cancer. This is because when the plant senses the flash of light, it believes that nighttime is over and cancels the process of flowering. They perform hibernation so that they could save energy in the winter since moving around actually uses a lot of energy.
It is because when you run, the internal temperature of your body is very high; therefore sweating is initiated, thus lowering the body temperature.
Back to the air conditioning example, positive feedback loop is similar to turning the temperature of the room even higher in the summer. And with hidden sugar in much of the food we eat on a regular basis, it’s not just our cravings that make it hard to avoid! White Mulberry leaf and Chromium both have the ability to balance blood sugar levels and thus reduce sugar cravings. Early in the course of non?insulin-dependent diabetes, patients may experience episodes of hypoglycemia several hours after meals.
Im LTT auf diesen Schadstoff zeigt sich uberhaupt keine Reaktion und der zeigt nicht nur aktuelle auseinandersetzungen des immunsystems mit dem jeweligen stoff an, wie du ja selbst oben geschrieben hast. As poor glutathione (GSH) availability is easily overlooked as an additional reason for poor GSH-PX activity, we also measure total GSH in red cells.
From a population level, population will decrease or extinct due to inability of members to reproduce. Although humans don’t need a tail, our ancestors had tails therefore we still express such a trait by having a small tailbone, even though we don’t need it. While many mammals have functional GLO genes, humans don’t because humans obtain vitamin C from other sources therefore genes that produced vitamin C was inactivated and became dormant. That is the same for the Hippo Whale and Peccary Pig group, 93 and 88 percent respectively, showing that they are closely related. Through natural selection, the fittest survives and passes on good traits to offsprings while the weak gets preyed upon and eaten.
It is these determinants, which are also involved in gene regulation that causes differentiation.
But linked genes show that some genes that are linked and appear more often together and that Mendel’s Law of independent assortment is, to an extent, inaccurate. It is also important to note that in the experiment above, height and color are linked because their loci, location on the chromosome is close. It is also important to note that when you perform a frequency test on the parental types and the percentage obtained is above 50%, then the results of parental types are due to genetic linkage. The G2 phase is when DNA replication stops and Cdk (Cyclin-dependent kinase), a kinase that activates only when the concentration of cyclin increases.
This means that every time the Ras protein stimulates the cascade, a cell performs the cell cycle where the cell divides.
There are also drugs like alkylating agents that could damage the DNA of cells to prevent cancer cells from affecting them, but like it is very dangerous because it could also kill healthy cells, resulting in consequences even worse than cancer. When a human’s body is attacked by cancer cells, cancer cells affects transduction pathways that causes amplification, or the rapid duplication and production of a type of cell and inhibits signal transduction pathways that are related to cell suicide, or apoptosis. Growth factors at the surface of cell membranes are in charge of cell growth and division and when genetically mutated cells could activate these hormones, the amplification of cancer cells results in tumors.
Although there aren’t methods that could totally cure a person from cancer, people can do many things to prevent cancer from occurring. Positive phototropism is where a plant organ shifts closer to the sun while negative phototropism is where a plant organ shifts away from the sun.
There are also nocturnal animals like owl that sleeps during daytime and hunts during night.
Many bacteria perform positive chemotaxis by sensing and moving towards the highest concentration of food molecules they consume and negative chemotaxis from moving away from poison that could kill them.
It is the feedback mechanisms that help us regulate internal environment and respond to changes in the external environment so homeostasis is maintained. People turn on the air conditioning is either too hot or too cold in order to bring the temperature back to the usual level.

A biological example is the release of milk when a baby sucks on the nipples of its mother. Do not postpone consultation with your health care professional because of information that you have read on this website.
Weight management products should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, exercise programme and lifestyle changes.
In Fettgewebsproben wurde dieser Stoff auch nur in einer Menge gefunden, die unterm Bevolkerungsdurchschnitt liegt und im Blut ist er auch nicht nachweisbar. On a community level, organisms like bear that feed on the fishes would also extinct due to lack of food source and change in behavioral patterns.
The presence of such a unneeded yet present bone suggests that humans evolved from an ancestor with a tail, for we still express such a trait in our body, although we can’t see the bone without x-ray. On the other hand, Camel has a considerably low similarity compared with the other organisms of around 80 percent, which makes it reasonable to put camels on one end of the tree. But as one species evolves and becomes more fit, other species also evolve to keep themselves from dying out. This is because they are very close to each other (on the same chromosome) therefore are inherited together during meiosis. When a mutation happens in the Ras gene, it can potentially lead to the production of a hyperactive Ras protein that triggers the kinase cascade even in the absence of growth factor, resulting in increased cell division. Although there aren’t methods that could totally cure people from cancer, people can do many things to prevent cancer from occurring.Like mentioned in the previous blog, stop smoking, maintain a balanced diet, get enough sunlight and live a healthy life. In result, cancer cells are rapidly replicated and spread while responses to destroy them are inhibited and delayed. While tumors could be simply swellings or lumps, it could develop into cancer once invades and spreads in the body. First of all, drugs like tobacco and alcohol should be prohibited since tobacco could damage the lung and alcohol could damage the liver, and cancer like mentioned is the mutation of damaged or unhealthy cells.
Plant shoots generally exhibit positive phototropism whereas roots exhibit negative phototropism. During daytime, there are many fierce predators that hunt for these birds therefore they sleep during the day and come out during night to hunt for their food (when their main food source mice are also active). Interestingly, sperm cells also depend highly on chemotaxis in order to guide itself to the egg cell during reproduction. The two important feedback loops we will cover today is positive feedback and negative feedback.
When blood sugar level fluctuates, insulin sends a signal to the liver and other cells to store glucose in order to lower the blood sugar level. When a baby sucks for milk, the stimulus, suckling is transduced into a signal and sent to the hypothalamus (posterior pituitary where oxytocin is stored). Always read the label of any supplements or natural health products you purchase and use only as directed.
When the fish would originally be downstream, they might be trapped upstream and bears that expect food to be downstream would now starve to death. Bones don’t just disappear, they simply become dormant structures, and therefore comparative anatomy is a great source of evidence for evolution. Further more, the distance between Peccary Pig and others on the right also makes logical sense because the similarities between these two organisms are high but very low when compared to other organisms to their right. Humans and viruses display an asymmetrical arms race relationship: one species is prey (fighting for survival) while the the other is the predator.
The answer is simple: Viruses have a very high mutation rate that allows them to easily change themselves. Well, recall that RNA polymerase (transcription stage) breaks up a DNA strands so RNA synthesis could happen.
Tall and blue and short and red occur the most because these two combinations have the same genotypes with the parents of P generation. G2 is also the last checkpoint before Mitosis where cell damage is repaired or cell is destroyed.
It is important to know that the reason for Cancer is some sort of malfunction in proto-oncogenes. In its final malignant state, the carcinoma stage, cancer cells developed in multiple locations constantly convert proto-oncogenes into oncogenes and impair tumor-suppressing genes like p53. Other methods include staying physically active and eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables to make sure that your cells are healthy and could get enough sunlight and vitamins. Plants do this so the plant could lean towards the direction of the sun, making sure the plant gets enough sunlight to initiate photosynthesis and other processes that require sunlight in order to occur. This is managed by an animal’s circadian rhythm, which is basically an animal’s 24-hour biological clock. This is also when sugar is converted into body fat and stored as energy or stored in the liver as glycogen. Upon receiving the signal, the hypothalamus secretes oxytocin, which is responsible for lactation, or the release of milk. On an ecosystem level, all organisms could die out and plant population could also decrease due to lack of organisms that could help spread the pollens from some plants.
Lastly, fish is a cold-blooded organism, therefore the divergence in ancestry was very early and the DNA wasn’t even compared, therefore it is reasonable to place it on the far left. Therefore as humans develop new anti-bodies that could corner viruses, the viruses could also mutate and attack humans again, either by attacking different receptors or invading in different ways. But before RNA polymerase II could begin its work, there must be a determinant that attach to the promoter, which is the segment of DNA involved in the transcription for mRNA molecules.
Cancer cells are frequently found to contain chromosomes that have broken and rejoined incorrectly, translocating fragments from one chromosome to another (which is scenario 1). The p53 could trigger another gene called p32, which produces proteins that stops the cell cycle by binding to cyclin-dependent kinases.
Cancer is dangerous not only because it inhibits apoptosis responses are inhibited but also because it could spread throughout the body through the bloodstream (which is called metastasis). Like what everybody says, staying healthy is the key to a long life, and this is the same for cancer. There are animals like owls that are active during night and animals like humans who are generally more active during daytime. Without the normal functioning of negative feedback, people could suffer from terrible diseases like diabetes where the body can’t produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar level.
Once the oxytocin gets into the circulatory system (bloodstream), it travels to target cells in the smooth muscle and triggers the response, which is the release of milk. With the extinction of some population, genetic variety between the same species would also decrease due to lost members and becomes more vulnerable to diseases that could potentially wipe out the rest. This example also shows the importance of the mother’s gene and its effect on the offspring and how gene expression could be expressed internally in a cell through determinants that, to an extent, determine what genes are “turned on” in a cell. Mendel’s law of independent assortment applies only to genes on different chromosomes therefore when it comes to situations like linked genes where genes are very close to each other therefore are inherited together, the outcomes would differ greatly from what Mendelian Punnett squares would assume. A normal cell has 46 chromosomes while gametes have 23 (so that the embryo has 23 chromosome from each side of the parent). To stabilize all the mistakes the our body makes we have tumor-supressor genes that help inhibit the growth of cells whose growth is out of control (tumor-suppressor genes). This means that if lung cancer develops, then it could possibly spread throughout the body and cause the development of cancer cells in other parts of the body.
There are also birds that perform migration, the action of moving away temporarily from a stimulus. This is why we should stay away from man-made steroids that could cause the body to misinterpret the amount of natural insulin in our body, potentially taking away our lives. When keystone species die due to lack of food sources, the whole community could collapse due to lack of important regulation.
After all, all cells share the same gene, but not all genes are used to make proteins in the cell, which is one method how there is differentiation within the cells of our body. The last phase is Cytokinesis, where the membrane splits into two and the two daughter cells become independent cells. This could eventually kill a person since first once it infects important organs like the lungs or the heart. Short day plants is plants that flower only when the days are short enough while long day plants are plants that require longer day time and shorter night time in order to flower. An example of this is birds that leave a cold place during the winter to a warmer place and migrate back again during springtime.
Without plants or keystone species that help regulate communities that form the biome and with human activities like deforestation, whole biomes could become deserts and become both inhabitable and impossible for agriculture to thrive.
The arms race between humans and viruses are still present, and still will be in the future, as evolution is a endless process and the race won’t end until one side falls and is devoured by the other. Therefore when a p53 protein is damaged or inactivated, there is a high possibility that Ras protein could mutate and lead to cancer.
Once the lung cells are infected, then there won’t be enough healthy lung tissue for people to absorb oxygen.
Migration of birds is a taxis response, a response where a cell or organism physically moves away or towards a stimulus.
After all, most organisms depend on areas with water and fertile soil to survive, including humans. There is also a checkpoint during Mitosis before the chromosomes move to opposite ends (when they prepare to become individual cells) that checks whether errors related to genetic material occurred.
As a matter of fact, it is usually the mutation of Ras gene and the production of hyperactive Ras proteins that could inactivate or damage the p53, which then results in the disfunction of cell cycle checkpoints and cells, instead of going to G0 phase goes through the cycle rapidly (a lot faster than usual). Maintaining a balanced life-style and stay away from drugs in order to live a happy and long-living life.
According to scientific researches, its actually night time that determines whether a plant flowers rather than daytime.
Finally on the biosphere level, global warming could be a result of desertification and lack of food source means that other biomes could also be effected since migration of fish and birds throughout biomes is an important interaction that help every organism on earth to be interconnected and survive with the help of each other. Hibernation is an example of kinesis because the bear does not leave its home but decreases movement by sleeping in response to cold environment.
As a result, humans would not only lose precious food sources but also land that could be used for better purposes like sustaining more humans. As heat of environment increases, people sweat more, demonstrating a kinesis response to the environment.

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