The good news is that this chart seems to show that one shot per day of this insulin gives adequate coverage for him. I had been so hopeful after her graph at 2 units twice daily that I did hope that using one unit twice a day would be a good level for her. As you can see, I gave up during the red curve, because it was obvious that this would not be the dose of insulin that we would be leaving her on. She is high for a few hours each day, which does mean her kidneys are having to work extra hard to shift all that sugar, but she’s also happy in herself at this level. This form of diabetes develops much more gradually and so symptoms may not be apparent for many years. Individuals with diabetes rapidly become hyperglycaemic and their blood glucose level remains above normal. Healthy individuals will release insulin to store the excess glucose and return their blood glucose level to normal. Blood glucose in the diabetic rises and stays above normal.The healthy person regulates their glucose back to normal. In the UK, there are significant variations in the frequency of type 2 diabetes between different population groups. The graph shows the incidence of diabetes in adults over the age of 16 from different population groups (type 1 plus type 2). As families relocate from Asia to Europe, their lifestyle and diet may change to ones that increase the risk of developing diabetes.
Genetic screening of families where someone has diabetes could lead to the identification of family members who have genes that make them susceptible to diabetes.
When glucose is high in the blood but unable to enter cells, the body starts using stores of fat for energy, which results in the production of acidic ketones as a by-product.
What do Da Vinci, Napolean, Thomas Jefferson, Buckminster Fuller, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Margret Thatcher plus many other noted great minds have in common? For as long as I can remember I have been waking up utterly exhausted usually from nightmares and it takes me all day to get my energy back.
The nightmares in the early morning hours make sense in that cortisol is a a stress hormone, and leads to nervous system activation. I don’t want you to get the impression that cortisol is evil, it is naturally very good for you if your survival is threatened and your in danger and need to move quickly.
There is also good ancestral evidence that humans for most of history only slept 4 consecutive hours at a time, breaking their sleep up into chunks.
People were becoming increasingly time-conscious and sensitive to efficiency, certainly before the 19th Century,” says Roger Ekirch. Strong evidence of this shifting attitude is contained in a medical journal from 1829 which urged parents to force their children out of a pattern of first and second sleep. The idea that we must sleep in a consolidated block could be damaging, he says, if it makes people who wake up at night anxious, as this anxiety can itself prohibit sleeps and is likely to seep into waking life too. Russell Foster, a professor of circadian [body clock] neuroscience at Oxford, shares this point of view. Over 30% of the medical problems that doctors are faced with stem directly or indirectly from sleep. The theory is if you sleep only 4 hours, get up and sleep again 12-ish hours later, you can get another deep cycle in. When i first started taking resistant starch it seemed to me that it was coaxing my body more towards this polyphasic style of sleeping. Low DHEA and testosterone levels are also a consequence of high cortisol demands as the precursors are depleted due to the primary survival demand of cortisol which takes hormonal priority in terms of production and utilization. While a double COMT variation has the downside of poorer stress management it does have the upside of there being naturally higher levels of dopamine in the brain which is thought to increase intelligence.
Now I know many people are probably quite adverse to changing the way they have been sleeping their entire life.

This program costs $100 which includes 1 year of lifestyle training classes (24 in total) and all the handouts. Meets once a week for 16 weeks, and then once a month for eight months to maintain healthy lifestyle changes. Learn about and practice healthy eating and physical activity habits that have been proven to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Discuss topics such as healthy eating, increasing physical activity, reducing stress, problem solving, and much more. A ketogenic, low carb diet is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to lose weight, but if you are someone with a love of sweet foods, then it can look a little bit intimidating. The good news is that as you get used to a low carb diet, you will cease to crave sugar, because your body will break any sugar addictions and your blood sugar levels will remain consistent. You can buy keto friendly snacks such as cookies and snack bars either online or in many supermarkets.
You can easily find sugar free Jell-o, and sugar free versions of many popular soft drinks. In some phases of some low carb diet programs, such as the OWL phase of the Atkins diet, you can incorporate some berries into your diet.
Low carb eating is not only a sure fire way to lose weight, it is also essential for long term health, processed carbohydrates and sugar are directly related to diabetes and other medical conditions. I debated whether to include it or not, because looking back now it makes me very embarrassed! It also tells me that this insulin pushes her blood glucose levels down too far too fast - classic signs of Somogyi rebounding.
She started off incredibly high, went dangerously low for about five hours before rocketing off the scale again. She’s eating well, doing her normal stuff, and I noted on her chart that day that she’d beaten Paris up after her morning walk around the garden!
It is often diagnosed during healthy screening tests where the blood sugar level is found to be elevated despite there being no symptoms of diabetes. This is quickly absorbed and their blood glucose level is measured over the next two hours. Black Caribbean, Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi groups all have high levels of diabetes. Polyphasic sleeping is the practice of breaking up sleep into multiple time periods (phases) in order to reduce the total number of hours sleep needed. While many things in the body ebb and flow, that is more like a massive spike similar to a huge insulin spike for someone who has poor insulin control, rather than a nice fluctuation around a homeostatic line.
It is only with the recent age of industrialization where maximal daylight work hours were trying to get squeezed out of human laborers. But sleep has been ignored in medical training and there are very few centres where sleep is studied,” he says. The deepest most rejuvenating sleep occurs at stage 4 and two cycles complete after roughly the first 4 hours of sleep. Meaning in a 24hr time period you could perhaps get more deep delta sleep in if you split it up. The natural outcome would be that I would be eating every 4 hours instead of starving myself for 8 and inducing a massive cortisol spike. I mean who purposely wants to impair their immune system, slow healing and rejuvenation in the body, enhance catabolism right when you want to be doing the opposite? Based on my personal nutrigenomic analysis I have a double mutation on the COMT gene.  Practically this means I have a 3-4 fold reduced clearance of the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinepherine (adrenaline), and norepinephrine from neural synapses. Due to the my COMT variation the stress effects will be more acute as well as last longer due to slower metabolism of said catecholamines from mys system. I now, force myself to wake up after about 4-5 hours of sleeping and eat some carbs to boost insulin a bit to dampen cortisol.

Sugars of all kinds are carbs, so even the sweet things you would be allowed or even encouraged to eat on a conventional low fat diet, such as fruit, are out, let alone foods like cakes, cookies and chocolate. It can be added to coffee or tea in place of real sugar, and used in cooking, or sprinkled on things if you buy it in the granulated form.
These are designed for people on a low carb diet and so the carb content will be clearly displayed to help you factor it in to your daily allowance. If you are in the induction phase of your low carb diet, make sure that you are choosing soft drinks that are free of caffeine as well as sugar, like Caffiene Free Diet Coke as opposed to regular Diet Coke.
Berries are lower in carbohydrate than most fruits and won’t cause blood sugar spikes in moderation, but offer sweetness as well as important vitamins.
Not so low that you risk a hypo episode, and not too high that the kidneys are being stressed.
She’s spending too long outside an acceptable blood glucose range - about 12 hours in each 24 hour period.
I think the only good thing that could possibly be said about this blood glucose curve is that she wasn’t going to have a hypo incident with numbers like these!
If different, look for differences in diet and lifestyle that could explain the change in incidence. Eating food and carbs specifically generates insulin which counteracts cortisol and helps bring that down cortisol throughout the day. Perhaps westerners have got it all wrong and some insulin promoting carbs may be better, a potato or some rice perhaps. The next 4 hours are not nearly as rejuvenating as the stages are not as deep, which lead to fragmented sleep naturally.
Sleep is supposed to be rejuvenating! The thing is if you do it too much at once, it has the opposite effect. What this means is stress hormones can very easily establish a negative cycle, where stress begets more stress and then your hormones are all out of whack.
This can have a negative feedback cycle effect where stress begets more stress quickly leading to adrenal fatigue. If I’m still tired I will go back to bed and nap, but at least it will be more rejuvenating this way.
You may even find your sweet tooth goes away altogether, and you become one of those people who’d rather have cheese for dessert. This allows you to sweeten things up and develop or follow recipes for sweet snacks and desserts suitable for a low carb diet. These tend to taste less sweet than their sugary alternatives, but can make for a nice treat.
Ensure you measure portions and count the carbs in your berries to make sure you don’t exceed your daily allowance. But even then notice that at about 2:00am her blood sugar level has gone above 15 and her kidneys will be under pressure to shift all that extra sugar again - not good. Whilst I believe everything on this site to be accurate, you must not follow any advice on this site without consulting your vet. And remember you can still get all the sleep you need, just tweak it so your cortisol doesn’t spike. Above about 12-15 the kidneys are overwhelmed and the renal threshold exceeded - and long-term damage to the kidneys could result. I usually have woken up muscles tight and stiff, adrenals depleted, emotionally exhausted, energy depleted and no appetite to boot and then not eating which by prolonging the stress response.

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