Overweight and Obesity is a major risk factor associated with the development of hypertension. In addition to regular reminders where you enter reminder time yourself, you can configure "after-meal" reminder prompts. To keep tabs on your diabetes and blood glucose, you need to track your carbs and other nutrients. MyNetDiary shows additional meals as several snacks, keeping track their time and carb count.

MyNetDiary food database keeps track of over 45 nutrients, including fiber and sugar alcohols. MyNetDiary has many types of insulin pre-loaded for you - you just need to select them from the list. You can also create your very own, custom trackers, and track anything you want with MyNetDiary.
When entering new values, you can also enter time, assign one or more labels, and store notes.

If you purchase Maximum membership you can link MyNetDiary Exercise with Fitbit activity tracker, or Jawbone UP or Withings Pulse.
Limiting the amount of salt in your diet will decrease your blood pressure and problems associated with hypertensionIf your diet contains high levels of sodium, potassium supplementation can assist in counter-balancing the negative effectsReduction of alcohol consumption to no more than 1 oz of ethanol per day for men and .5 oz for women.

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