When food intake stops, the body is compelled to live of the energy it has stored, primarily body fat. Because body fat is the main energy source during a fast, this time period can be very effective in reducing body weight that is carried in the form of excess fat tissue. Within the first twenty four to forty eight hours of fasting, the body enters into a state known as ketosis.
All of our body’s muscles and organs, aside from the brain, can use fat directly as energy.
Once blood sugar starts to drop, as it inevitably does during a fast as the glycogen (sugar) stores gradually become depleted, then Ketones become the only other alternate source of fuel for the brain.
Ketosis is a completely natural state and an essential bodily function, especially during a fast.
Within forty eight hours of commencing my fast, I became very mentally alert and sleeping beyond four to five hours per night was impossible. At the time I did not have access to Ketone testing, so instead I tracked my blood sugar level up to ten times per day. Late evening on day four I was so wide awake, which worried me a bit, even though I was feeling fine. What may be regarded too low a level, is only relevant, if the liver cannot make ketones to replace the blood sugar as an energy source.
The transformation in my physique was not extraordinary, but quite impressive after only four days. My photos and weight measurements are all taken late morning in a fully hydrated state versus first thing in the morning where the body can be somewhat dehydrated.
The photo on the 16th of January 2015 was taken approximately twelve hours after I decided to end my initial four day fast.
I ate food normally for three days and resumed fasting on the 19th of January 2015 while continuing to monitor my blood sugar several times a day.
In an attempt to deplete my glycogen (sugar) stores quickly and thereby enter into a state of higher fat burning faster, I performed a brief hill sprint workout for the first five days during my second round of fasting.
Having done extensive testing (since my fasting experiment) on my blood sugar and ketone levels immediately before and after exercise, I now have some doubts whether this attempt was successful in speeding up my body’s fat burning, it may even have been a hindrance. The immediate effect of intense exercise (at least on my body), is an elevation of blood sugar which is the opposite of what is needed when trying to burn body fat for fuel.
I also found, that my blood sugar level would stay elevated for several hours after my workout. The high recordings on days 1 to 5 ended up being the ones immediately after my sprint workout.
An interesting observation, was that I ran faster times for each sprint on day 5 compared to day 1. To me, this demonstrated how the body always preserves and maintains enough glycogen stores in order to physically perform at a high level when needed – despite being deprived of food intake for several days.
However, as mentioned earlier, the danger was only relative if my liver had not produced ketones from body fat stores to replace blood sugar as my major energy source.
I also maintained a light exercise regime throughout the entire fasting period, consisting of a 40 minute mountain hike twice a day, as well as my 15 minute daily handstand routine. On the morning of day 10, I ascended the mountain hike in my fastest time ever and proceeded to make a personal best, for the amount of time I could hold a hand stand. Had I been breaking down muscle tissue, it would have been almost impossible to perform physically on day 5 (faster sprint times) and day 10 (PB hand stand and hike time) as I did. Below are the final before and after comparison photos of my entire fasting period spanning a total of sixteen days, including three days of non fasting. I view fasting, when done properly, as a way of re-compositioning the body and achieving one’s ideal body fat percentage without losing lean muscle, in the process. Fasting may even be the quickest, safest and most efficient way to shed body fat – because of the natural high fat burning rate, while the body is in a state of ketosis. Here you see my latest weigh in and photo session on the 12th of April 2015, compared to the 28th of January – the last day of fasting.
A monitoring meter like the Precision Xtra will tell you instantly what your blood ketone level is. The blue strips shown here are used to test your blood sugar, while the purple are for ketone testing.

These are the terms which Dr Jeff Volek and Dr Stephen Phinney, in their book The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance attribute to the ascending ketone blood level. Diabetic Keto Acidosis is a condition which can only occur in people with type one diabetes. In the Optimal Ketone Zone, Dr Volek and Dr Phinney estimate that Ketones are being utilized most effectively as energy by the brain, but also to fuel muscles and other organs. During Starvation Ketosis, fat is being metabolized and converted into Ketones at a higher rate. At 4.37pm on the 28th of January, the last day of fasting, I finally got access to Ketone testing. In The Daily Ketone Advantage, I have written about the benefits of being in ketosis on a daily basis.
According to the results from my self testing, drinking coffee seems to very consistently, correlate with a rise in ketone level. While fasting, I only drank water plus two to three cups of coffee with heavy cream a day, so in a sense I was getting a very small amount of calories daily.
Every time I tested the effects of coffee, it seemed to stimulate ketone production – or at the very least, I can say, it never seemed to inhibit my ketones from rising. Here are a few snap shots of my daily blood sugar and blood ketone range at 7, 14, 21 and 28 days after completing my fasting experiment. Seen here is a detailed description of my testing on the 25th of February – 4 weeks after ending my fast.
By 4.34pm I took my third test for the day, after having had a second cup of coffee with heavy cream and otherwise remaining sedentary by sitting down most of the afternoon doing computer work.
I find, without a doubt, that remaining sedentary in combination with having coffee will give me the lowest blood sugar level and highest measure of ketones. 6.22pm was approximately 20 minutes after completing my regular  40 minute mountain hike followed by a brief hill sprint session. 11.03pm, just before going to bed and about 2 hours after having eaten dinner, my blood sugar had returned to normal and ketones were once again rising. At the time of writing this post, my daily low level of ketones, seems to be on the rise once again. This essentially means, that I am maintaining Starvation Ketosis in a fully fed state and therefore very effectively metabolizing the high amount of fat I consume on a daily basis into energy. I have found exercise and more so intense physical activity, to be a major factor which lowers ketones and raises blood sugar. Currently, I am experimenting with how to maintain a high state of ketosis while simultaneously increasing my exercise volume and intensity.
I hope you have found this post informative, interesting and maybe helpful if you have ever been curious about or experimented with ketosis, fasting and a high fat low carbohydrate diet yourself. Feel free to leave a comment below or ask me any question regarding my experiment and I will do my best to answer it for you. After exercise, I was always fine and as I found out, my blood sugar always jumped up after especially intense exercise.
An interesting observation I’ve made on several occasions, is that black coffee will also produce a rapid rise in my Ketone levels and often wonder whether this is a coincidence or another specific effect from maybe the caffeine?
Whether it’s to reduce the risk of diabetes or to stay healthy with diabetes, diet plays a critical role to determine the amount of sugar we take in.
In another way, food can be categorized into 5 groups and according to your needs and goals, your dietitian can recommend number of portions of each item that you will need. The recommendations in the table are generic, it’s advisable to discuss your ideal diabetic diet plate with your Apollo Sugar expert for the right portions of each food group. Fruits are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and all have different nutritional benefits to offer.
1 or 2 portions of fruits for diabetics per day are recommended, although everyone’s personal requirements may differ.
At Apollo Sugar, our expert certified dieticians and diabetic counsellors counsel and help you with your diet.
If you are a diabetic; or you have a family member or friend with diabetes, insulin or other medicines can sometimes cause low blood sugar. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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The objective of a fast is to give the body a break from digesting food, though allowing the natural repair processes within the body, to take place. This is a natural condition where compounds called ketones start to produce in the liver, from body fat being mobilized for energy. The main purpose of this test was to lose some body fat and experiment with being in high-level Ketosis for a prolonged period of time.
Knowing that Ketones must go up whenever blood sugar goes down, made this an indirect way of measuring my state of Ketosis.
Without doing a proper before and after body composition test, there is really no way to know for certain, but judging from my photos and how I felt throughout, I don’t believe this was the case. This happens in a scenario like fasting or if eating a high fat and very low carbohydrate diet on a consistent basis. I then went for an easy 30 min walk followed by a cup of coffee with heavy cream and remained quite sedentary for the next few hours, sitting in front of my computer.
As you can see, this meal did not affect blood sugar and only helped to increase my ketone level. Did you experience any hypoglycaemic episodes during very low blood sugars and also after exercise? I’m testing and tracking how my workout performance is in a fasted state, so far the results are encouraging.
For instance, carbohydrates get digested to sugar or glucose and enter the blood stream, thus becoming a primary source of energy for body cells, particularly brain and muscles.
In fact, it’s recommended that half the diabetic diet plate of each meal be fruits and vegetables. The ones rich in simple carbohydrates are called high glycaemic index fruits, and these can increase our sugar levels. You may either be allowed a smaller portion of high glycaemic index fruit or a relatively larger portion of low glycaemic index fruit. Let our healthcare team help you with how to recognize such episodes and give appropriate immediate care. Apos ligacao a proteina, ocorre uma pequena modificacao em sua composicao, a perda de dois atomos de hidrogenio e um de oxigenio (perda de agua apos realizacao da ligacao peptidica), e a mudanca de funcao quimica, que passa a ser amida. Alem disso, existem de temperatura, que, caso alcancado, provocam a desnaturacao da proteina, uma alteracao em sua forma que redunda em sua desativacao. Lembre-se que, ao desnaturar, as enzimas perdem sua forma e deixam de se ligar ao substrato, perdendo, assim, sua atividade.A ligacao peptidica resulta da interacao de dois grupos funcionais, originando um novo grupo funcional como produto de reacao. If we did not have this storage capability, we could not sleep through the night between dinner and breakfast, without having to wake up and snack every few hours. Entendamos a estrutura de um aminoacido fora do contexto de uma proteina. Todo aminoacido pode contar com mais de dois grupos funcionais, porem dois sempre existirao em sua estrutura.
Indique as funcoes envolvidas na reacao, e a funcao originada.GabaritoO grupo amino de um aminoacido interage, reagindo, com o grupo carboxilico de outro aminoacido. Another chief component, the fat in our food influences the lipid or cholesterol levels and further impacts bodyweight, heart disease, blood pressure, etc. Several fruits do not affect the sugar levels much, so they can be taken in moderate proportions. O grupo amino (-$$$NH_2$$$), e o grupo carboxila (-COOH), que caracterizam, respectivamente, as funcoes amina e acido carboxilico. The importance of diet for a person with diabetes is not only limited to carbohydrates or fats, but extends to fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. A balanced diabetic diet is having right amount of food which meets your body’s nutritional demands. Cada molecula de aminoacido e composta de um atomo de C, que se ligara a um hidrogenio, a um grupo amino, a uma carboxila e a um grupo organico que chamaremos de residuo. Isso significa que o aumento posterior da concentracao de substrato nao elevara a velocidade, uma vez que esta atingiu seu maximo.

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