According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, one in three Canadians will have diabetes or prediabetes by 2020.
It is a test–a single, practical measure of average blood glucose–to help diagnose people with diabetes or those at risk of developing diabetes. For more information about glucose and how it affects wound healing, please contact our office today. Uncontrolled or elevated blood sugar levels restrict the function of red blood cells, which normally carry nutrients to the damaged tissue. Changes to skin through the natural aging process does cause some slower healing, but when combined with a bad diet and high blood sugars, it could lead to more problems. Consuming a healthy diet, while striving for good nutrition will aid in regulating blood glucose levels, and including essential vitamins and nutrients will aid in speeding up the healing process.
Staying away from packaged foods which are full of sugars, salts and preservatives is the best way to optimize the body’s healing process. Another way to improve healing is through exercise, which lowers blood sugar levels, while helping with weight management. The wound care clinic team coordinates patient care with primary care and other health care professionals to help prevent and treat chronic and slow healing wounds.

Wound Care Savannah - Pooler, GA – Wound Care Specialist Hilton Head, SC Copyright 2007-2012 Wound Care Clinic ESU, Inc. Most diabetic wounds do not hurt and are first recognized by drainage on the sock or floor. Reusable Gel Dancer's Pads relieve forefoot pain by shifting weight away from the great toe joint and sesamoid bones.
Natural Antifungal Lavender Tea Tree Foaming Soap is an antifungal and antibacterial soap in a pump dispenser. The Reusable Gel U-Shaped Callus Pads are used to help off-load painful calluses and sore spots on the foot and ankle.
Ultra Thin Ball of Foot Slip-on Straps offer comfort and protection for ball of foot pain and forefoot pain.
Shehla Ebrahim, our experienced physician, has found that bringing down the glucose level can improve the healing process. Although researchers have looked at the impact of age, gender, and baseline wound size, studies have found that A1C is a better biomarker to predict healing. Ebrahim cautions patients to be aware of other factors that may interfere with capturing accurate measurements.

Ebrahim encourages eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting out every day to move your body, and enjoying quality time with family and friends. When red blood cells are prevented from carrying the maximum amount of blood and healing oxygen, the white blood cells that fight infection are also slowed down. Even walking can help improve Cardiovascular health, which is important for maintaining good circulation for both the healing of existing wounds and prevention of future wound development. Medications such as ribavirin and interferon-alpha and supplements like Vitamin E can falsely reduce hemoglobin A1C.
Consulting with a registered dietician who specializes in diabetes (even if you have not been diagnosed) is one of the best ways to get an individualized program of nutrition. Diabetic wounds of the foot are a common problem that result from loss of sensation in the feet in poorly controlled cases of diabetes. A greater understanding of diabetic wound care and advances in wound care technology have lead to significant advancements in the field.

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