Production is reportedly starting background filming at the end of October moving into a Jeju shoot in early November. DC gall chatter is hit-and-miss but the Korean industry insiders often post there so there is always a nugget of real news from time to time. But for your information, Shinhye has worked with KBS for 1 drama special 2 years ago and got an award for it.
Skjall’s Grave is a very short main quest only accessible if you make a specific choice during The Child of the Elder Blood. None of the dialogue choices you make during this quest have consequences, and there’s no combat or even walking around, so do as your heart sees fit. At the end of the quest you can select “Together” to be transported back to Kaer Trolder harbour, where you can go on with any of the Battle Preparations missions you are yet to complete, or go on to On Thin Ice. Willows website uses cookies - by continuing to browse the website you are agreeing to our use of cookies.
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One of the most annoying things about the lead up to the release of Terminator Genisys has been the rating hold back. While we have reported that small changes had been made to visual effects sequences to make them slightly more brutal (fan backlash? The Rating hold back feels somewhat deceitful and if the movie is PG-13 (as our source states) then the rating hold back is, overall, a carefully crafted yet cynical marketing ploy, as the studios know, and have known, for quite some time,- what the rating of the movie will be.
Executive Producer of Terminator Genisys; Megan Ellison, promised us a rated R movie but after she took her production company Annapurna out the mix and headed swiftly for the hills, she seemingly but grudgingly handed over control to her brother David Ellison and his company Skydance Productions with distribution help from Paramount Pictures.
It is no secret that an Annapurna Pics Terminator movie was a very interesting prospect to us but the Skydance Productions and Paramount take-over really worried us and made us lose hope almost instantaneously. The big surprise would be if the Fan uproar managed to alter the rating to an R and they plan to surprise us (especially with movies like Mad Max Fury Road being announced as rated R).
An R rating obviously does not ensure a movie will be good, but movies like Terminator and Mad Max need to be rated R to stand any chance of a good footing with hardcore fans and long term success. While T3 was R rated- it was so soft an R that the removal of the scene of the T-X punching a cop through the seat of a car and handling the wheel of the car,- would have instantly dropped the rating from the R to a PG-13.
Terminator Salvation earned itself one cinema viewing (from myself) and healed a little of the damage caused by T3, but it was void of the R rating and felt like a very long trailer, as if half the movie had been smashed into post-apocalyptic dust.

As always with the stories we run things are always subject to change at the whim of a studio executive. If it the script warranted an R rating, it should of got it but only the people making it know that. If the people who run this site are shitting on the movie then I’m really not too optimistic about this movie. I watched both T1 and T2 when I was a kid and those films were brutal when it came to the violence as they were clearly R-Rated. I have a feeling that if it is reduced to PG13 it is because the film makers and censors know that not matter what rating it has, kids will still view the film. In a world in which old, cherished values are becoming extinct, there still remains a place for courteous behavior and enlightened conduct; and for proper progress in life, one needs a constant reminder on what constitutes genuine refinement. The male K-actors that is getting mentioned the most as potentially being cast are : Kim Jae Won, Lee Jun Ki, and Park Shi Hoo. As reported; our source close to the production of Terminator Genisys (as far as we are aware- has been right about all the exclusive stories we have been able to bring you) has been telling us for a long time that the movie is PG-13. A PG-13 or an R rating- the latter being the rating that all the real fans wanted in the first place. It is totally ridiculous to use such a program to gear towards a younger audience- again,- especially given the content involved in GOT.
Thank you Warner Brothers for finally learning your lesson after making that huge mistake with Terminator Salvation.
Do you believe greatness can be achieved with the softer rating or would the PG-13 rating make your furious? Stranger, or the selection of vampire dramas like Vampire Flower (see above poster) and Vampire Prosecutor. Blood is not scheduled to premiere until early February 2015 so if there is filming starting soon it’s probably location scouting and the like. Today we decided to do the tedious job of trying to reinforce our latest story and also to confirm its truth. More focus on whipping out a fast product than putting any real time and effort into a fantastic movie; one made with love and care. PG-13 is a ride for little kids with sticky fingers and hipsters with waxed mustaches reading trendy magazines on scooters.
I sure hope combining the two genres is a good idea because KBS is on the verge of commencing production on Blood, the follow up drama from the production team of Good Doctor.

The two lead characters in Blood are confirmed to be in their thirties (male lead 37, female lead 31) and the vampire concept is written as a virus that infected the male lead’s parents before being passed on to him.
He was friends and colleagues with the male lead’s parents and all three were researching the vampire virus when they were infected together.
Scheduling-wise all three of the actors mentioned above can do it though Lee Jun Ki has Asia fan meetings lined up for November-December of this year. The bigger problem by far is that PG-13 movies usually don’t have that adult, mature tone and atmosphere of an R movie. It’s the story of the battle between good and evil taking place in a hospital where the chief of a medical department is actually a vampire.
Some other names that fans have mentioned who legit have a chance of landing this project are: So Ji Sub, Ji Sung, and Kang Ji Hwan.
I immediately thought, wow, a Terminator film with substance, character development, and a solid plot. I know with all my heart that Terminator Genisys will have the same effect as T3 and T4- it will make me appreciate T1 and T2 as the cinematic gold they always were and always will be.
PG-13 movies have that harmless appeal to them in order to not shock younger audiences too much.
DC gall is lighting up with news this week, some of which are details about the lead characters and the storyboard, both of which are exactly the spoilers I love to get my hands on. The male lead used his ability to rescue her from wild dogs and she’s never forgotten the boy who saved her life. This will now allow fans worldwide to pinpoint what rating the movie will be in their country! PG 13, Jai Courtney, crappy marketing, rumors of a shitty script, two terrible writers involved in this film – Drive Angry, anyone? All in all, just make the best possible film and it will find its largest audience by its own merit.

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