What this blog is aboutGetting Stronger is a blog about the philosophy of Hormetism, based on the application of progressive, intermittent stress to overcome challenges and grow stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. The EasyTouch® Glucose Monitoring System gives you the ability to obtain a blood sample for testing your sugar from different areas of your body. We are a young, fast growing company offering high-quality medical products to Pharmacy Wholesalers and their value conscious customers. La realidad es que todos nosotros somos distintos y “nadie es igual a nadie” pero hay algunas pocas cosas que aplican a todos nosotros por igual.
El unico verdadero enfasis correcto y la meta real para lograr un verdadero control de la diabetes debe ser: ?EVITAR QUE LA GLUCOSA SUBA POR ARRIBA DEL PUNTO DE PELIGRO!   La otra meta que acompanaria a esta anterior debe ser LOGRAR QUE LA GLUCOSA SIEMPRE PERMANEZCA DENTRO DE LOS RANGOS NORMALES. Existen varios tipos de pruebas que le ayudaran a saber si esta controlando su diabetes o si la diabetes le esta controlando a usted.   Estas pruebas, que son medidas cientificas especificas, son las que guian al paciente y a su medico en el camino hacia el “control de la diabetes”. La prueba mas comun es la de Glucosa en Ayuno (GA) que refleja la medida de glucosa en sangre en un momento en el que una persona ha pasado por lo menos 8 horas sin ingerir alimentos, como cuando usted recien despierta por la manana.  Esta prueba es certera y los resultados no se afectan por su edad o por la cantidad de ejercicio fisico que usted haga. Usted puede y debe hacerse frecuentemente su propia prueba de glucosa en ayuno con la ayuda de su glucometro y las tirillas de medir la glucosa en su sangre.
Viendo los estudios clinicos que se han hecho no estoy de acuerdo con la opinion de la Asociacion de Diabetes Americana (ADA) que establece que 7.0 es aceptable para un diabetico. Esta prueba siempre se hace en un laboratorio comercial debido a que requiere multiples mediciones cada 30 o 60 minutos y el proceso entero de la prueba puede tardar hasta 3 horas. Tengo mucha ilusion de experimentar estos cambios tan positivos para mi vida a corto ,mediano y largo plazo, se que estare muy bien y compartire mucho todo eso con mis personas allegadas. Por ahora tambien tengo muchas dudas respecto a la alimentacion, de repente no se si mas bien como muy poco o si podre comer mas pero manana mismo espero comprar mi glucometro para iniciar mis mediciones, voy a iniciar con las 4 medidas por dia ( ayunas,desayuno,almuerzo y cena ), ya me formule una tabla para ir apuntando los datos y asi evaluar mi avance.
Te felicito Warner por haberte educado sobre la diabetes con mi libro Diabetes Sin Problemas.
TaiDoc TeleHealth System represents a significant integration of devices and network applications. You might have heard this mentioned on commercials but weren’t sure how it correlated to diabetes. When you are first learning to live with diabetes, it can be both frightening and confusing.
The A1C number gives a broader picture of your diabetes management for a few months at a glance. Keep monitoring your blood sugar using your glucose meter, but do follow up with your doctor on a routine basis for this other very important test.

What normal blood sugar , In chart top article, patterns person' blood glucose levels follow diabetes progresses.. Abbott’s new FreeStyle Libre glucose sensor system is generating excitement due to the fact that the Libre technology presents a ‘third way’ of keeping track of blood glucose levels.
Unlike CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) these readings are not beamed to the reader, you have to manually ‘swipe’ the sensor with the reader. The FreeStyle Libre sensor uses Wired Enzyme technology to achieve stable sensor performance. There is an on-board insulin calculator in the professional options section, which means it needs to be set up in conjunction with them and details of how to do this are in the sensor and reader user manual. You may test your blood sugar from your forearm, palm (ventral or dorsal hand), or fingertips. With a little bit of education, you can give your fingertips a rest and test more frequently than you do now.
La medicacion quimicamente puede lograr mantener los niveles de glucosa en un “rango normal” pero los diabeticos que lo hacen de esta forma, y dependiendo de los medicamentos recetados, se mueren en una mayor proporcion.  Este estudio tambien demostro que la medicacion agresiva no es la mejor solucion porque inclusive los episodios de hipoglucemia (bajones de glucosa que producen mareos o accidentes) aumentaron dramaticamente en los diabeticos que estaban siendo agresivamente medicados para controlar los niveles de glucosa. TaiDoc develops bluetooth devices and App for different parametes such as - blood glucose, blood pressure, thermometer, oxygen saturation, weight, and ECG recorder. Keeping blood sugar close to normal reduces your chances of having heart, eye, kidney and nerve problems that can be caused by diabetes.
You don’t realize how important the relationship is between glucose and insulin until your body can’t perform the job properly anymore.
The percentage of glycated (bound) hemoglobin lets the doctor know the average blood sugar over that period of time. The more information you gather regarding your diabetes, the more likely you will maintain control and avoid complications. Abbott has a foothold in both the blood glucose meter arena with its FreeStyle range of testers, and also has a slightly less well-known CGM called the Navigator. As a result it lacks audible alarms that tell you if your glucose levels are shifting fast, either up or down, but it does show on the reader’s screen an arrow that show if you are steady, going up, or going down in regards to the last 15 readings. Wired Enzyme technology is not dependent on oxygen to provide glucose readings and allows the sensor to operate at a very low electrical potential as a reference electrode. Reports generated from the sensors can be saved as a PDF from the software package and shared via email if wanted.
Any time you want to be sure of an accurate, up-to-date blood glucose reading, test on your fingertip.

Palabra se construye de la combinacion de “pos” (despues) y del Latin “prandium” que quiere decir “comida”. Through the connection between device and App, user is allow to share and review significant physiological parameters for further realization of healthy lifestyle. When your blood sugar stays at manageable levels, then complications are are less of an issue. To control your diabetes, you need to know your blood glucose numbers and your target goals. A glucose meter is used to determine your blood glucose level at any point throughout your day. If you have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, the body never developed the process to do what it is supposed to do to the glucose.
You can test your blood sugar at any given moment and get a number that shows compliance but that may not have been the case all the time. Glucose that has been circulating for a while unused will bind to hemoglobin in the red blood cells. This is not to catch you off guard but to help you better keep your diabetes under control so you don’t run into trouble in the rest of your body systems. The company’s newest addition uses Flash Glucose Monitoring, which features a sensor and a reader and a fair bit of data generation. The daily graph that is generated will, over time, show overall trends that can lead to modifications in medication (such as an increased pump basal level at certain times in the day, or a change of insulin-to-carb ratios for someone on injections).
Currently unavailable on the NHS, and not available to children with diabetes, while only being licensed for the sensor to be used on the upper arm, early feedback is positive.
But, it takes time, as well as carefully following your doctor’s instructions to find the balance.
This is important for treatment because these numbers can teach you where your diet is lacking when it comes to eating too many carbohydrates. Since red blood cells live for about three months before they die, that sugar can stay bound for a good amount of time. A percentage of eight or nine means your blood sugar has, at some point, been out of control.

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