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Comparison of a few glucose meter with their ISO 15197 version 2003 and 2013 published studies. Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out the new iBG Star blood glucose meter by Sanofi.  I am someone who is very reluctant to change, so this was a big step for me!  I wanted to see how new technology like this could be applied to my busy lifestyle and if it could make my diabetes management a little more organized on days when chaos takes over. Very small print on the meter screen when used by itself and difficult to see in certain lighting, outdoors especially; and I don’t carry my iTouch with me everywhere I go, so I was relying on the meter by itself a lot. Battery life is short, although it does come with a charging cord so no need to stress about not having a hard to find watch battery in your junk drawer! I have Medco prescriptions, and when I called to ask if they could split my order between my One Touch test strips and iBG (since I still would like to use both meters), they said they could not split brands in one order. Overall, I think this is a great new tool and practical technology that many diabetics, pumping or not, will find useful. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

She has been a Registered Dietitian for over 10 years working in the diabetes pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The purpose of this blog is to help and educate anyone wanting to learn about or relate to living with Type 1 Diabetes or really any type of diabetes, as all types require hard work and commitment. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Overview Accu-Chek Integra Blood Glucose Monitoring strips are suitable for use only in the Accu-Chek Integra blood glucose meter.
All New Zealand orders over 3kg will be charged at cost - we will email you after you complete your order. AgaMatrix® White Paper: Performance of the AgaMatrix Presto® Advanced Blood Glucose Monitoring System.
Regina also frequently writes nutrition articles for the Massachusetts Dietetic Association and is a member of the Nutrition Blog Network. The Accu-Chek Integra is unique in that the meter is self coded every time a new drum is loaded.

Express shipped parcels arrive within 1-3 business days (this may be slightly longer for remote country areas). Once you place your order one of our staff will email you with the cost of delivery, you have the option of agreeing and proceeding with the order or declining and receiving a full refund.
Platten, Accuracy of self monitoring blood glucose systems in a clinical setting: application of new planned ISO- standards. Sasse, Accuracy study of blood glucose monitoring systems: Evaluation of the TRUEresult, OneTouch Ultra2, Ascensia Contour, FreeStyle Freedom Lite. Regina also contributed to such important educational content as the JDRF Pregnancy Toolkit and the Diabetes Education and Camping Association’s nutrition guidelines.

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