Police investigate the crash scene between a truck and a car carrying four people in the Staten Island borough of New York on Friday.
Investigators have applied for a warrant to test the driver's blood-alcohol level following the crash early Friday on the West Shore Expressway in Staten Island. Authorities said the four men were headed home from a strip club when their car drove the wrong way down the highway and crashed head-on into a tractor-trailer. Pedro Abad, 27, who was driving the car, and Patrik Kudlac, 23, were hospitalized on Staten Island. Another Linden officer, 28-year-old Frank Viggiano, and the officers' friend, 28-year-old Joe Rodriguez, were killed in the crash. Hours before the crash, Abad had posted a photo on his Instagram page of three shot glasses filled with what he identified as "Jack Daniels Fire on the house." But authorities said it was "too premature" to speculate on what caused the accident. Video taken by a surveillance camera at a gas station shows a car traveling the wrong way on a service road minutes before the wrong-way crash on the adjacent highway. One tractor-trailer swerved out of the way of the car on the West Shore Expressway on Staten Island, but a second didn't have enough time to veer away before the crash.
This is a copy of an 8-page booklet produced by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory in 1986.

Page 7 states clearly that if a man of average weight drinks two pints of ordinary-strength beer, his maximum blood-alcohol level would reach a maximum of 60 mg, while Page 8 says that "sensible guidelines" are to ensure you drink no more than three units of alcohol before driving. The more a person drinks the more likely they are to have unprotected sex, according to research.
Experts found that for every slight increase in alcohol consumption, a person’s willingness to engage in risky sex got stronger.
This held true even when other factors, such as sensation-seeking or a general tendency to risky behaviour, were taken into account.
Experts from the University of Toronto analysed the results of 12 studies involving men and women which looked at the relationship between alcohol and unsafe sex. After pooling the results, they found alcohol consumption affects decision-making, and this impact rises with the amount of alcohol consumed. May 1, 2014 - Wanted: Budding Journalists - From this May SMART will be running a course for citizen journalists. University of Michigan Pediatric Critical Care Core Curriculum Wiki. (c) 2016 The Regents of the University of Michigan. But a New York Police Department spokesman said Saturday he did not know if the warrant had been approved or executed.

At the time, it came across as very hard-hitting, but in today's climate it makes some statements that are distinctly politically incorrect. Consider naloxone if opioid ingestion is highly suspected (generally the use of flumazenil for benzodiazapene ingestion is not recommended due to the risk of precipitating seizures)DecontaminationActivated charcoal is the preferred method of GI decontamination in children.
In particular, the vital signs, pupils, and mental status may help identify a particular toxidrome. Of note, the elimination half-life of naloxone is 60-90 minutes so the patient may need further doses if they have taken a longer acting opioid.
Generally not recommended if concern for precipitating seizure (ie chronic benzo use, lowered seizure threshold, etc).
Patients present cherry red, often in the winter due to furnace exposure etc., normal SpO2 but signs of hypoxia. Treat with 100% Oxygen via nonrebreather mask as it changes the half life of carboxyhemoglobin to ~80 minutes instead of ~ 300 minutes).

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