Glucometers allow people to test their blood sugar levels without the need for a blood draw. Scientists created a working guitar the size of a red blood cell to illustrate the possible uses of nanotechnology.
A glucometer is a portable tool a person can use to measure and monitor his blood sugar, or glucose, levels.
To use a glucometer, a person may start by turning the device on and inserting a test strip. A patient’s doctor may recommend a particular type of glucometer, but these devices are usually available at drug and grocery stores without a prescription.
When I was in middle school, the insulin pumps that are hooked into people long term, and can give insulin whenever it's needed, were still pretty rare and expensive. Glucometers are used by diabetes patients, as they allow them to keep track of their blood sugar levels at home or from any other location. A glucometer is often sold in a kit that contains everything the patient needs to measure his blood sugar. He may then wash his hands and use an alcohol pad to clean the area he will prick with a lancet.

Diabetes patients can purchase replacement lancets and test strips when the original kit runs out.
I've had to get those finger pricks when I donate blood a few times a year, and that's bad enough; I can't imagine testing my blood every single day, even if I had whatever was considered the best glucometer,and it was less painful that most. A glucometer provides results right away, letting the diabetes patient know whether his glucose level is higher than desired, lower than expected, or within an acceptable range of levels. Typically, these kits contain lancets, which are tiny needles used to prick the patient’s skin and produce a drop of blood. Some glucometers allow the patient to prick another part of the body, such as his arm, instead.
If he’s planning to prick a finger, he may first rub his hands together to stimulate his circulation.
A patient may need to write his blood sugar readings down and save them to discuss with his doctor, or he may use them in following his doctor’s recommended treatment plan. It can help a patient decide when to take steps his doctor has recommended for controlling his blood sugar. The kits also contain special test strips for use in testing blood and measuring its glucose level.

He’ll then use the lancet to prick his fingertip, drawing a drop of blood, and placing it on the strip. His doctor may expect him to respond in a variety of ways, depending on the level he sees on his glucometer. But even the girl with the "pager" had to test her blood with the same type of diabetes glucometer that everyone else with diabetes used, though I don't think she had to as often. It can also help him to give his doctor important information about the efficiency of his current treatment.
The glucometer will calculate the patient’s blood sugar level fairly quickly and display the results digitally. I don't suppose there will ever be huge advancements in blood testing that are easy for people to use every day.

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