We are balancing the need to maintain good blood glucose control with the fear of hypoglycemia. Feeling ashamed of all the things you should have done won’t make your diabetes better. CGM in the Cloud is a concept first put forward by engineer (and father of a young son with type 1) John Costik early last year that, in a nutshell, entails taking a patient’s CGMs device real-time data, sending it to the cloud, and then allowing access to that data – again, in real-time – in remote locations, such as a webpage, a cell phone, or a wearable, like the popular Pebble smartwatch. After lathering up the hand sanitizer, Jess had an interesting thought: she wondered if the hand sanitizer could impact blood glucose readings. Focusing on eeking down that ever shifting number can be one of the most frustrating things a person living with diabetes has to do. Jacobson was involved in the most comprehensive long-term study of whether hypoglycemia adversely impacts brain function. Lifebringer is a free, interactive web-based app for type 1 and 2 diabetics, as well as newly diagnosed diabetics, that goes beyond simply tracking blood sugars and organizing numbers input users. Good news on the blood glucose meter accuracy front: the Diabetes Technology Society (DTS) is beginning work on a surveillance program to ensure that blood glucose meters and strips that have been cleared for sale in the United States continue to meet those accuracy standards even after they’re on the market. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes.
This year has seen some exciting new developments from the diabetes industry, particularly for continuous glucose monitoring. Looking ahead to 2015, we’re optimistic about these seven diabetes products potentially hitting the market in the next 12 months.
The t:slim G4 will provide a strong competitor to Animas Vibe and Medtronic 530G in the US pump market and raise the stakes for the remaining pump providers (Roche, Asante, Insulet) to deliver on CGM integration.
Dexcom continues their forward momentum with expected first quarter 2015 FDA submission of their G5 technology, said Dexcom President and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Sayer in their second quarter earnings call. According to Sayer, Dexcom G5 will be the same manufacturing process as G4, so this will not be an update of their sensor technology, per se, but the user interface and the transmitter will have a new look with new connectivity capability – namely a Bluetooth-enabled transmitter and a smartphone interface to be released first on the iOS platform.
On the heels of G5 approval, we should expect to see submissions from Asante and Insulet, both of whom announced intentions in 2014 for partnership with Dexcom for G5-integrated products, showcasing prototypes at AADE 2014 (Asante) and expected to showcase at ADA 2015 (Insulet). Speaking of newcomer Asante Solutions, having launched their newest version of Snap with an updated, customizable look and color LCD screen at the end of 2014, they are setting their sites on making their pump available to more users.
Next year, we will see Asante submit to FDA for a pediatric indication for users 10 years and older, as well as for a Novolog indication.
For insulin pumpers in Europe, you may see Medtronic Minimed’s newest offering launched as early as April 2015. Sneak peaks of 640G reveal that the Medtronic design is in for a long-awaited facelift with a color screen, portrait orientation, new buttons, and a whole new user interface.
The big product buzz in 2014 had to be the FDA hearing and subsequent approval of Mannkind’s inhalable insulin Afrezza. Those of us watching the rise of CGM as it relates to pump integration and data mobility are watching to see how successfully these device companies can maneuver through regulatory and functional hurdles for mobile software. But you did NOT mention that apparently the Enlite 2G is a compatible replacement for the current Enlite in any context that sensor is currently used in. Nonetheless, all of this talk heralding new devices is just rhetoric unless you can afford them!
Pump companies would like us to believe that technology has improved tremendously, but it really hasn’t.

Huge improvement made by OmniPod because they could first in the history make tubeless insulin pump. Other manufacturers like Medtronic and Accu-Check Roche should be able to develop their own tubeless device as well. And by the way why cannot these big companies develop finally a working CGM device what should work without needles, for example a watch. Nathan has all the latest diabetes gear: a CGM tied into a pump that automatically shuts off when his glucose goes below a certain level. But here is some good news: while there may not be a magic wand, there are some pretty simple, pretty cool fixes to help you on your way to lower your A1c. As part of a team Jacobson studied the effects of improved blood sugar control on type 1 diabetic patients who were participants in The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial—or DCCT.
In February, Dexcom’s G4 Platinum CGM was approved for pediatric indication and then, in November, they released their Software 505 update to the G4 Platinum (non-pediatric) receiver with an advanced algorithm being used in artificial pancreas research around the world. Roche launched Accu-Chek Aviva Expert – the first blood glucose meter to track insulin on board and include a bolus dose calculator (especially useful for MDI patients), and Tidepool, the non-profit champion of open source data headed by Howard Look, announced that Asante, Dexcom, Insulet, Abbott, and Tandem had all come on board to open data partnerships. We could potentially see two new integrated pumps on the market in early 2016, bringing the total to FIVE! The latter has required them to develop a Novolog-specific disposable pump body because their current design is tailored to the specs of Lilly’s 3mL Humalog pen cartridges and the two insulin cartridges are differently shaped. Taking their Low Glucose Suspend feature to a new level and using a second generation Enlite sensor, 640G will have predictive LGS capabilities (called SmartGuard) and be able to suspend and resume basal delivery based on predicted hypos, performing as a semi-automatic closed loop.
We ruminated on its timeline this time last year, but with approval and announced partnership with Sanofi, they are anticipating a US launch in early 2015.
According to the results from late-stage trials in people with type 2 diabetes, Toujeo showed up to a 31% reduction in nocturnal hypoglycemia compared to their popular basal insulin Lantus, whose patent expires this year.
2015 may well be the start of a new era of connectivity… or a lesson learned in who really owns our data. I think this is worth mentioning because US Medtronic CGM users are likely to have access to the Enlite 2G long before the 640G pump even enters trials in the US. When I started using an insulin pump about 8 years ago I was impressed at the freedom it gave me.
I am looking at going on a pump again but truth be told, no pump is THAT different from my OLD Diesetronic D-Tron. They could develop it with CGM too (unfortunately continuous glucose monitoring is missing from OmniPod`s device). Just for information, GlucoWatch B2 Biographer was developed in 2002, though the same technology was available 30 years before too but because of various reasons (everybody can imagine why) could not became popular.. When we were still in the hospital just after my son’s diagnosis, our diabetes educator had taught us how to use the solution to ensure the accuracy of a new batch of strips. But he also has a rare combination of type 1 diabetes and Addison’s disease, another autoimmune condition where hormonal imbalances can cause severe and precipitous drops in blood sugar.
Nagbot sends encouraging emails to the user over their computer, tablet, or mobile device reminding them to test, or letting them know how they’re doing, and suggesting ways to improve their health. Also in November, J&J Animas finally received US FDA approval of their Animas Vibe Dexcom-integrated insulin pump that has been available in Europe since 2011 and will start shipping in January 2015. With the same active ingredient as Lantus, Toujeo will have a flatter profile, a longer duration of action (which will help account for the problematic half-life of Lantus which results in the need for some patients to split doses), and could mean fewer injections and therefore improved adherence from patients.

For example, I agree with the last post that it really is inexcusable that there is only one manufacturer with a tubeless pump. Another player in the CGM business, Abbott Diabetes, received the CE Mark for their new FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system in 2014. Details are non-existent (schematics and other sensitive data are protected from public consumption), but there is certainly a filing with FCC that makes us speculate. I do appreciate my pump and what it does for me, but I’m looking for the next best thing. There employees are rude and not helpful and I have had many problems with my pods and insulin pump.
Zachary Bloomgarden, a New York City endocrinologist has made a list of the things he’d like all of his diabetes patients to do.
Therefore, since no study done yet, side-by-side comparison of a large group, I am willing to try. Scientists can develop new iPhone for every year but they cannot develop watch for continuous glucose monitoring? There seems to be an overwhelming support for Dexcom, however, which makes me wonder if they really are superior or if there is some bias created by the number of sites on the web in Dexcom’s favor????
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