If there’s one topic that gets our readers raring, it’s almost any update in the auto or car insurance industry. To find out which other posts struck a chord with our readers, we dove into the stats to check out engagement, shares, and views. The news that the Ontario Ministry of Finance would be mandating winter tire insurance discounts blew up online. In other major car insurance news, the Liberal government failed to lower car insurance rates in time for its August deadline.
I think you’d be hard pressed to name a company that made as many headlines -- daily, and across the globe -- as Uber did. Naturally, one of our top-performing blogs featured strategies for reducing your car insurance rates.
A section of the QEW’s HOV lane is being converted to a high-occupancy toll lane: single-occupant cars will be able to use the lane if they pay a fee.
Even if your misbehaviour is unlikely to turn into a trending topic on Twitter, it can get you in hot water with your car insurance provider. Driving a vehicle in Canada isn’t as simple as just putting the cash down and driving your new ride off the lot as you test the sound system. When it comes to saving money and the environment, electricity use in the home is one of the easiest places to start.
According to studies done by the Department of Energy, the average sized American home uses about three times more energy than homes of the 1960’s.
We expect all this year round comfort, but many homes that were built in earlier times simply do not have enough insulation. By replacing all of your bulbs with compact fluorescent ones, you can expect to lower your home electricity bill up to 7%. A programmable thermostat is a great way to save up to 50% on your heating and cooling bill. How to use a programmable thermostat: For example, if you and your spouse are away from home roughly from eight in the morning until four in the evening, you can set the programmable thermostat to allow the home to get warmer in the summer while you are gone or cooler in the winter, then to start to cool off or heat up just before you come home. Installing a hot water heater jacket is one of the top ways to cut your electricity bill without spending a lot of money. Among the top ways to cut your electricity bill is to cut the heat gain from your windows in summertime and also reduce heat loss through them in winter. As much as a quarter of your home’s heat load comes through windows, according to the Energy Star website.
If you cannot afford new, double pane, insulated windows you can seal the ones you have and add insulated drapes that cover the entire window. If you live in a cold climate, the simple act of repainting your home a few shades darker in color can reduce your heating costs by allowing your home to absorb more solar energy. According to the DOE, vampire loads or phantom loads, caused by appliances and devices that appear to be off, but are still drawing power, account for over three billion dollars or seven percent of U.S.
To find these energy wasters, use a device such as the Kill-A-Watt power meter to find how much energy each appliance in your home is using when dormant, then put those things on a power strip that you can turn off. When it comes to TV accessories such as DVD players and computer peripherals such as printers and scanners, there is no need for them to be on when your computer or TV is not being used. By lowering your thermostat and installing a programmable one, insulating windows and doors, installing compact fluorescent lights and other measures as described above you should be able to dramatically cut your electricity bill throughout the year.
You must request to receive a copy of the property tax card from your local assessor’s office. Remember, not giving permission to the tax assessor to access the whole area of  the home can cost you dearly. Yes, winter tire news and blog posts dominated the metaphorical LowestRates.ca airwaves last year.
Ontario drivers had a bad feeling that the long-awaited 15% cut in rates wasn’t going to happen, so this auto insurance news only confirmed their doubts.

It might have been all the Hotline Bling references that propelled this story into stardom. Defensive driving is the act of taking precautions to “defend” yourself against others on the road. This can be frustrating because we’ve all heard from a friend or relative in a different province with a much lower rate.
The reasons for this are many, including larger home size, but an explosion in the number of electronics and plug in gadgets are the main cause. Even those homes built more recently may still be needing additional sealing and weatherproofing to be fully efficient. The newer ones are easy to use and program, and if you work away from home on any kind of a regular schedule they can really make a difference in your electricity bill. For those areas where electricity costs vary by time of day you may save more money with a programmable thermostat, by warming or cooling the house more during certain off peak times. For the modest sum of about twenty to thirty dollars, you can buy an insulating jacket for your hot water heater. During the summertime, your home gains much of its heat from the ceiling, through transfer from a hot attic. To cut down on summer heat gain, consider adding solar screens that block up to 80% of the sun’s heat from hitting the glass.
Likewise, in warm climates, painting the home a shade of white can significantly reduce cooling costs. The simple act of putting your entire entertainment center’s electronics on a power strip and turning it off when you are not using it, can save as much as $300 a year. A smart power strip, or smart strip, turns these devices off when your computer does not need them. After dealing with the mortgage, you need to be prepared for many other expenses like structural changes, remodeling, pains, and so on. If you allow the tax assessor to wander the home unguided, he will only point out the new things you installed and overlook the other outdated and unpolished things that need reconstruction. The tax assessor will automatically assume that there are many highest assessed items in the house.
So, if you’re around 60, then check whether your State provides a property tax break based on age or not. So, you must check out at similar properties to build up a case for lowering your property tax bill.
She shares her expertise through her crisp and well-researched articles based on money management, money saving ideas and so on. In fact, as Ontario finally gets a couple coats of snow, the story keeps picking up: it’s already garnered over 300 comments and over 800 social shares.
The news that Wawanesa Insurance was sniffing out Uber and Lyft drivers and cancelling their policies.
But because car insurance shopping isn’t as fun as actual car shopping, we used this piece to help make the process a little easier. It’s less about saving money and more about striking a balance between budget and pleasure.
Before you take that step, you must first get a vehicle inspection (also known in some places as a “safety”) done in the province you are looking to insure your car or truck in.
Also, thanks to central air and heating, we now expect our homes to remain a constant temperature year round. There are now compact fluorescent bulbs which produce whatever shade of light you prefer, from bright white to soft white. Since heating and cooling accounts for over half of your electricity use, expect to save as much as 25% overall. Even the most efficient hot water heaters loose much of their heat through their metal exterior.

If seven percent of your home energy bill is wasted due to phantom loads, then getting rid of them is definitely a good way to reduce your home electricity bill. Look around your home and determine if you really need to have all the things plugged in that are using energy while dormant.
If you’re not able to avoid these type of circumstances, then you must research how much cost will be increased by the addition.
If you coordinate with the tax assessor, then you may help him to point out those deficiencies that need replacing. Yes, it is true that when the tax assessor come to your home and discover a brand new countertop or, new 3D floors in your house, then your property tax will be higher than your neighbor who has the same house from past few years. You can follow her blog Working Moms Word where she shared her expertise on personal finance field. Our verdict hasn’t changed: with the discount, winter tires pay for themselves while protecting you and your family. In response to complaints about the cost of brand new winter tires, we wrote about used winter tires. Judging by the buzz around this story, readers are definitely ready for more futuristic, Jetsons-like technology to ignite the auto industry. There are even yellow bug lights, and CF bulbs come in every size and shape, including those mini lights used in chandeliers and small lamps. You can expect to save up to $100 per year simply by installing a hot water insulating blanket. Cellulose insulation is a green product since it is made of recycled newspaper and it is fire and bug resistant since it has been treated with the natural mineral borate. It won’t kill the weekend mechanic to have to walk into the house to get a cold beer from the kitchen. These days, many homeowners challenge their assessment and win lower tax bill for their property. Remember, you’ll get the best remodeling value when you resell your house, not from the tax evaluation. You may not be aware that identifying discrepancies in a property tax card and raising the issue can help you to reduce the tax bill. Local Government provides a special property tax deduction for veterans, low earner income households, and disabled persons as well.
Research a lot to know how to point out discrepancies, your State’s laws, a process of appealing, etc. If you are ready for a new hot water heater and have natural gas or propane, consider an on demand hot water heater, such as those made by a Rinnai. Radiant barrier insulation, such a the product Reflectix can also help keep your attic cooler by reflecting radiant heat from your hot roof. Put things such as garden water fountains on a timer or switch, so it they are not running when all the time. The assessor will either investigate the mistakes for correction or re-evaluate the tax bill. These demand water heaters only work when you need them, and can save a homeowner up to a third or more on their hot water heating costs. Radiant barrier insulation can be easily added to your attic by stapling it between the rafters up against the underside of the roof. Look around your home, chances are that even in the greenest of homes there are still some ways to cut the electricity bill further. Hot water heating can account for as much as one fourth of your electricity bill, if you use an electric hot water heater.

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