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I will not ask for any information from you, this is just a directory of consumer panel websites that will pay you to take a survey and give your opinion. The only truly honest survey companies that pay you for your opinion are the ones that don't charge you for your opinion. Then follow the steps below to learn how to give your opinion and make money online, from the comfort of your home, or any location. You won't have to sign up on this site, for anything, it is simply a helpful guide to finding which sites are legitimate. Survey companies that pay you money for taking surveys and want to know about many different subjects.
This should be rewarding for you and your family, and not take anything away from your lifestyle.

If you STILL don't believe that you can set up a system, where anytime you like, from whatever location you chose, and get paid for taking free online surveys in the form of cash, rewards, and prizes, read my story. Just like I did, you can make money online, sharing your opinion with free online surveys for cash.
Be honest when you share your opinion, these free paid surveys for cash and prizes websites, want legitimate information based on real people, who actually function in society. What i mean, is if you don't have the internet, you live in a cave, trade shells for food, and have no way to earn money working at home, you can stop right here.
You just need a computer, a few hours extra time aside from your weekly work load, and you can share your interests for cash and prizes. Remember, look for the Bookmark dollar bill and bookmark this page, you are going to want to come back to it.

Look at the bottom of the page for a picture of a check from a free paid surveys website I got in the mailbox, for free. I am constantly updating the list for more online surveys for cash sites that will reward you.
They come straight to you so you won't have to pay any money for them to send you a paid survey.

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