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I have been knitting, quilting, making bags or doing some kind of textile art or craft since I was a young child. Many people have a fear of sewing a zipper into something, so I created this tutorial to show my way of sewing a zipper into a simple bag. Sadly I had a bit of an interfacing issue and my interfacing came away in parts when I turned my bag, giving it a bit of a crumpled and bubbly look, but I can live with it. I used materials from these suggested suppliers – 3D Hardwares (ships international) and Zipper Island. Download the Zipper Top Tote Bag patternYou can download the pattern and instructions for the Zipper Top Tote Bag from my design account at Craftsy. Take the upper back piece and match it right sides together at the other side of the zipper. Box the corners of the bag, both the outer and the lining with a 2 inch line across each corner.
Top stitch all the way around the top of the bag, making sure to push the lining down and away from the back of the zipper as you go.  Close the gaps under the zipper.
Want more free sewing patterns?Join the So Sew Easy weekly newsletterIf you love to sew, or are learning to sew, and love free patterns, then you'll love being on the mailing list at So Sew Easy. Hi Maureen, I’m not sure what email you are referring to – did it come from me? We have free sewing patterns, wonderful tutorials, and easy to follow step by step guides for a range of sewing projects. If you see a pattern or project on this site you like and want to share with your readers, that's great! Stack clutch back on clutch front, right sides facing, and pin raw edge of clutch back to free edge of zipper and repeat stitching.
When you fold back the lining, this is what you should see: the right side of the lining fabric.
Leave zipper unzipped, and pin together right sides of clutch body, making sure to align top strips.

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Threads you might like: Movie Monster Bag My Summer Bag Girly silver handbag with pleat and flower details My first bag! November 14, 2014 by Heather · 17 Comments Zipper pouches are one of my favorite quick projects of all times! NOTE: All the zipper pouches featured in this list are made from FREE tutorials, so get clicking!
Zipper Tabs – a fun way to add a burst of color to your project while shortening your zipper. Recessed Zipper – Kick it up a notch on any of these pouches with a recessed zipper tutorial. If so, I’m glad you stopped by and hope that something has inspired you to keep your needle moving!  Don’t miss a single project and subscribe via email HERE! How to sew a zipper pouch tutorial - melly sews, Written plus video tutorial shows you how to sew a zipper pouch - great practice for zippers and fun and quick gifts to make.
Jennifer jangles blog: zipper pouch tutorial, easy and free!, Today i have a tutorial for you! I am now learning to sew bags with zippers and have learned a lot with this one, especially to shorten the zip. This lined zipper pouch tutorial will show you just how easy it is to create a zip-bag to store your goodies.
On the right side of zipper, position fold of one zipper tab so it just overlaps metal end of zipper.
We’d love to see your pouch if you have a photo… glad you found it so easy and quick to make! I’m still slightly terrified of zippers, but this tutorial makes me feel more confident. Geometric Leather Clutch (pictured) I love the way the leather pieces are almost 3D on the wool.

From pencil pouches to date-night clutches, there’s something for every person and every occasion here. I think the site must have changed over and a new link has been added in it’s place of another personal favorite of mine.
I’m looking for something I could add a strap to, has a zip at the top plus a couple of zips on the front that all create their own pocket. I am busy sewing a Cross Body bag with an adjustable strap and will hopefully finish the bag today.
There are lots of other ways, depending on the bag you are making (like a recessed zipper). When you don’t need to carry everything with you, replace your purse with a simple zipper clutch and store your keys, cards and cash! After trying other hosting companies, Craft Buds proudly uses Bluehost (affiliate link) for all of our hosting needs. Stay warm and you could always consider reusing some clothing as fabric (plaid shirts, for instance, make great bags!). Plus, since zipper pouches tend to use small amounts of fabric, I’m sure this list can keep your stash under control, too. When you are done, you can use this same method to create a zipper pouch in various sizes based on your needs. It's super reliable, a great value (just a few dollars a month!) and easy to install Wordpress with one click.

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