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Rack Envy is a terrible affliction, affecting millions of Americans who are using substandard car racks to transport their gear. At Yakima, our designers constantly follow around outdoor enthusiasts like you (in a totally non-stalker way) to find out everything you could ever want in a rack. Thanks to these special ingredients, you can rest assured when you buy a Yakima you have the finest gear-hauling solution money can buy. The Yakima Wind Fairing does an excellent job - not only of reducing the noise but practically eliminating it. The company’s basic rack system starts with the Aero Foot 400XT ($160), which grips the square Thule bar and the roof in a single, ingeniously engineered lockable cam system.
The Echelon ($150) fork-mount rack has a super-long extruded aluminum tray, which is astonishingly torsionally stiff even compared to Thule’s previous-generation trays—think double-wall rim versus single-wall rim. If the design of the Sidearm ($170) looks familiar, it’s probably because the rack is based on the same, proven design found on municipal buses across the country. Yakima’s rack system starts with Q Towers ($159), which hold the company’s trademark round bars onto the roof of most any vehicle via Q-Clips ($70) that are contoured to fit individual vehicles’ rooflines. The HighRoller ($179) upright mount has been in service for a few years now, and its aerodynamic, symmetrical styling makes it an easy-to-swallow pick for car owners afraid of cluttering their rooflines. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and both of these systems deliver a very similar feature set for virtually the same cost. If Genghis Khan could have his pick of cargo baskets to mount on his trusty steed, he wouldn't pass up the Yakima MegaWarrior. To make your life easier, all you need to do is use the search bar to the right of here, and you will be able to find what you are looking for. A roof rack provides convenience and safety, allowing you to safely and easily transport your recreational gear to and from your destination while leaving extra leg room in the cab. The Yakima Skybox offers an aerodynamic cargo and luggage storage unit, which includes dual-side openings and user friendly installation. Q Clips integrate with Yakima Q Towers to provide a secure base for your aftermarket roof-rack system. Today on this 2001 Saturn L Series we are going to install a Yakima Roof Rack and these are the part numbers that we will be using, Y00124, Y00654, Y00408. It also comes with a vinyl pad if you will and that gets installed on the back side to help protect the finish on the vehicle.
We have set the first measurement to the windshield and go from the painted part where it meets the trim and go back six inches. Very happy with the Yakima rack system (with Yakima Basket Case Roof Rack Cargo Carrier) for the 2011 Honda Fit Sport. I have a 2006 Acura TL, and I'm getting ready to move from GA to CA so I needed a rack to help carry some of my bigger items. Parts were delivered on time and fitment to my 2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax with moonroof and wind deflector were excellent. The instructions for the Yakima Towers were very unclear and the diagrams were so small, it was very difficult to figure out how to assembly them.
I was ready to spend $330 on a new rack when I found Yakima had finally released new clips for the newer Ford F150's.
I was not fond of removing the weather seal to allow the clips to directly attach to the steel ledge but I don't think it will leak. Being a novice kayaker I was very unsure what type of rack I should purchase for my 2013 Nissan Cube. My Yakima "naked roof" roof rack was easy to install because the Yakima instructions were very good and when I called etrailer to clarify some details the etrailer rep found my answers very quickly.
I got the after market roof rack and not only was customer service PHENOMENAL (free upgrade to priority shipping, which got to me 2 days after I purchased online) but it was extremely easy to put together even by yourself. I had a Yakima roof rack on my previous car, and ordered new Q Clips to be able to use the rack on my "new " Chevy Malibu Maxx, using my existing Q Towers and Crossbars. This review is not on the yamaha product which I believe everyone is aware of their quality. I have had my Yakima roof rack with the High Roller bike tray on my car for about a year.

I've ordered from eTrailer several times now and have consistently experienced far above average service and follow-up.
Everything was in perfect condition out of the box, and the instructions were very thorough.
You can see its devastating effects in disorganized trunks, disheveled backs of SUVs, cramped minivans and haphazard pickup truck beds everywhere. This causes many light bulbs to hover over our heads, and lots of nifty features to be incorporated into our products. The way it mounts allows me to make quick adjustments when necessary (as in strapping on a canoe) - Ideal product that does what it says it will do. As with the Yakima system, Thule requires the purchase of an appropriate Fit Kit ($70) to match specific vehicles. The rack head’s ETC (Equalizing Twin Cam) feature lets users dial in clamp force with a single knob and apply even pressure to both fork dropouts, which can vary in thickness from one side to the other. The “sidearm” mounts next to the tray, which takes up more room than Yakima’s HighRoller, but swings into action for a tight fit on the front wheel (it ratchets down right against the fork brace).
It installs in a cinch without tools—and without the hassle of adapters—to round, square or bladed factory crossbars, making it easy to swap between vehicles. The design grips bikes without actually touching anything but the tire, which helps protect forks and frames from being burnished bald by road chatter.
Both fork-mounts offer easy one-hand tension-adjust and clamping action, and even though the Thule Echelon provides a super-stiff tray, the Yakima ForkLift does about the same thing for about $10 less and with more versatility out of the box. This colossal cargo carrier is the biggest and best that Yakima makes, delivering enough space to hold up to 4 bikes, 3 kayaks and a bike, or even a kayak and a mid-sized catapult.Whether you're storming over rugged badlands or Blitzkrieg-bopping around on a road trip, the Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket provides the sturdiest platform for holding your extra gear.
Why didn’t you get Yakima into your minds the moment mountain bike racks came to your imagination. High-quality roof racks, the perfect perches for mounting a Thule roof box or Yakima cargo carrier, are typically forged from steel tubing and capable of holding up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight.
The boxes mount directly to round crossbars developed by Yakima, while also connecting to virtually all factory roof racks and Thule crossbars. If you are one among them then the very uniquely and artistically designed Sprocket rocket rack by Yakima will be your best bet. The install took over two hours since I wanted to put Xpel in the areas the rack would be touching the roof. I have had this rack since 1993 and replaced the towers once and clips 4 times to use on different vehicles.
I don't use the rack often so the hopefully the weather seal will not wear out from the action. After several helpful reviews and youtube videos offered by etrailer ( VERY HELPFUL) I chose the Yakima Q tower system.
I will definitely be purchasing the locks so that the bars cannot be removed (I live in a city in sort of a sketchy area). I had tried to get information on changing my roof rack from an outer gutter to an inner, and after at least ten attempts on the web with " push one push two" I found ETRAILER and couldn't be more satisfied.
In this age of computers I should be able to get simple instructions that don't require me to wade through different languages and car models. You can also see it on the faces of the unfortunate drivers who own other brands of car racks – none of which are nearly as versatile, easy to use or attractive as Yakima car racks.
We’re all cyclists, campers, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, hikers and kayakers, who load up our car racks and take to the forests, slopes and waterways every chance we get.
This feature improves upon Thule’s previous designs, however, most fork-mount racks that use a simpler (read: less to go wrong) QR-style fixture also “equalize” tension.
The Sidearm locks to the crossbars via one lock core, and a second locks the bike in place—this not only helps deter opportunistic thieves, but it also locks the ratcheting mechanism, creating a fail-safe against mid-drive bike ejections.
The lockable, long-throw cam clamps down on fork dropouts and can be tensioned and operated with one hand—a key feature for loading heavy or awkward-to-balance bikes. One Yakima lock core secures the HighRoller to its crossbars, while a second is located on a smartly stowable cable that deploys to fasten through a bike’s frame.
Have you ever gone on a trip with your family and been able to store your gear and other essentials easily in your car?

Is it required to be stated that the Yakima is the trend setter for mountain bike racks which are brought into existence today.
Founded in 1893, Beaverton is barely a hundred years old, but its colorful history makes it one of Oregon’s most legendary cities.
Hold down, don’t think it might be expensive because it cost you something around only one hundred and fifty dollars or so. There is ample clearance between the top of the wind deflector and the bottom of the Yakima bar to pass a strap or tie down rope to the bar. The new clips look like they will work fine on the F150 but I did modify the installation somewhat. When I contacted them, they said it was back ordered for several more weeks, long after my need for it. This keeps the frame itself locked to the rack, however, it doesn’t “lock” the retention mechanism of the rack itself.
Then, every square inch is weather-treated, spitting in the eye of Mother Nature's fury.Up-armoring your ride with the Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket is simple.
Roof racks and their companion cargo carriers come complete with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy installation. Home to Linux, the legendary open-source operating system (ironically written by a Swedish speaking Finn who relocated to Beaverton) and footwear giant Nike, Beaverton also has what it takes to satiate the world’s thirst for high-quality recreation gear in the form of roof racks and bike racks.
I ordered everything on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday (the delivery date was Thursday). I got it because I have a 2009 scion tc and usually take my road bike and puppy with me everywhere, and there just is not enough room IN the car, so this was the perfect solution. The ratcheting device didn’t budge a notch during testing, but if it ever did give way, the sling-like cable lock would keep the bike off the ground—a good thing—but could arc deep scratches across the side of the vehicle as the bike dangled alongside—not such a good thing.
They are the mark of appreciation as they are continuously improving the standard of mountain bike racks that they supply in the market. Plus, they’re finished in a tough powder coating that resists corrosion, providing a long life of reliable wear.
This allows more pad surface to touch the roof while the notch in the pad still rides in the rain gutter. The wing nuts securing the HighRoller to the crossbar loosened after several runs through our Cone Course of Truth test track, but stayed tight after the initial break-in period. The measurements included in the manual seem correct, though I might have to widen them to support the longer items I'm carrying.
I also had to add extra rubber gasket material under the existing rubber shoes so the towers would tighten down securely. You can also upgrade your MegaWarrior with an extension, a cargo net, and a number of brackets for enhanced versatility. The wheel trays make it more comfortable so that it can be sliding front to rear end of the bike and you can carry bikes of different lengths.
If you do have crossbars, then you’re a step ahead and you have one less piece to buy.
Everything went smoothly from ordering to receiving the items to installing the whole system on my car. The Yakima Fairing's aerodynamic posture means you won't be bothered by unwelcome whistling. If you have a truck, Thule and Yakima also make a great cargo carrying rack kit that attaches to your truck bed and mounts your equipment above the roof line, giving you tons of room to store all your gear!
I could find other Auto Carrier Towers for a lot less, but the Yakima's were custom for my car, but I found out, they were not without the modification.
If you are a truck owner and bike enthusiast, Yakima also makes a truck bed mounted bike rack that holds two bikes safely and securely below the roof line of your truck.
Choose from the 32", 38", 44" or 50" length option to accommodate your vehicle's roof width.

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