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Here are a handful of the the 2013 SEMA cars getting the boot from the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Well, not exactly, you see this thing is clearly purpose built, functional, and apparently in regular use. SubscribeGeneration High Output is an automotive enthusiast site that covers everything from tasteless cars to hot rods, muscle cars, customs, exotics, and more.
Here's mine, Yakima rack with Thule MOAB(Mother of all baskets) carrying a 12 foot a frame ladder.

I spotted this cool old Audi up in Sedona a while back and thought it looked pretty cool so I snapped some shots of it.
I’m not sure what good the walker does up on top of the roof rack, but hats off to you for that. I also recently purchased 2 raptor bike attachments and I also want to get one of those 55' van fairings for the basket. I think it would look a little nicer without the trendy roof rack on it, but hey, this photo was taken a couple months ago so the guy has probably removed it and jumped onto another bandwagon by now.

I see theres alotta end caps and stuff but im sure theres more out there.This is a good place to start for newbs like myself.

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