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Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available Shops that sell lost & found unclaimed airline items How to Send My Luggage With UPS How to make luggage tags on a computer Hand baggage allowance What can one take on a plane in luggage? Auctions are not just for the well-to-do and held at grand auctionA houses in London such as Sothebya€™s and Christiea€™s.
Carry on: Victoria Beckham has lost luggageEver the optimist, I think of well-heeled travellers and bags loaded with designer labels.
Seized: Stolen goods are sold at auctions onlineWhen the auction begins, bidding is brisk and I feel nervous.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Police auctions and lost luggage auctions offer the chance to bag a bargain from suitcases and stolen goods!
Thousands of suitcases are mislaid by airlines each year and the ones that are never reunited with their rightful owners end up at lost luggage auctions.
Another option is to attend an auction where police sell off seized goods or items handed into police stations that remain unclaimed.
British Airways flogs its lost luggage at auction house Greasbys in Tooting, South West London.
Viewings take place every Monday afternoon to give you a chance to have a look at the bags you might want to buy, and auctions take place every Tuesday at 10.30am.
However, it's all pot luck as you don't get to see inside a bag or suitcase before you bid. Other auction rooms worth checking out include Wellers Auctioneers in Guildford which sells off lost luggage from Gatwick Airport and Hertfordshire Auctions which flogs Luton Airport's mislaid bags. Bear in mind though that auctioneers will take very valuable items out of suitcases and sell them separately. After you've identified which suitcases or items you want to get your hands on, it's time to bid at an auction.
If other people's dirty laundry isn't your thing then a police auction could be a better place to grab a bargain you could then sell on at a profit.
Police sell off items that have been seized from criminals or handed in to police auctions and not retrieved by the rightful owner.
Typical items include jewellery, household items, and electrical equipment such as laptops and mobiles. If you win an auction you'll need to collect larger items from the police station in question or pay for postage of smaller items.

You can search for products, or by towns, and so only view items you'd be willing to go and pick up.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The cases are usually crammed with clothes a€“ both clean and dirty a€“ and can go for as little as A?8.But there is a slight snag as a buyer. Earlier this month, I travelled to Greasbya€™s, an almost century-old establishment in Tooting to try my luck.
Fashion designer and former pop star Victoria Beckham is known to have become separated from her luggage.
But I am pleasantly surprised when I see it is filled with 40 womena€™s scarves a€“ three of which I would have bought myself.
So if you buy a suitcase hoping it will contain an iPad and £1,000 digital camera, you're likely to end up disappointed.
Five per cent of them are lost forever a€“ thata€™s one million suitcases that have simply disappeared. Ita€™s just a great way to save money.a€™ In South London, Greasbya€™s auctioneers sells some 2,400 suitcases a year a€“ once orphaned bags sitting on a merry-go-round in one of Heathrow Airporta€™s arrivals halls. Ia€™d be happy to get my hands on a bag like hers.But knowing my luck, Ia€™ll end up with a bag that is less Armani and more a€?Primarnia€™ a€“ the Primark discount version.
As a result, I spend the first 20 minutes avoiding eye contact with the auctioneer.A word of warning for bargain hunters at auction. After 90 minutes Ia€™ve bought two unopened suitcases for A?56.I want to get my hands on them straight away to see what is inside. Not bad value for my winning A?14 bid.The second bag, a large, red case listed in the catalogue as containing simply a€?ladies clothinga€™, is not so productive. Chances are sports-style luggage is likely to contain sports clothes or equipment while top of the range suitcases might contain some posh clobber.
However you can bid separately on valuables – and at least you'll know what you're getting, unlike the mystery suitcases. If the original owners cannot be tracked down or dona€™t show up to reclaim their bags, they are shipped off and sold.
The Sale Of Goods Act 1979 does not apply to auctions, so you do not have the same consumer rights that you would have when purchasing from a normal retailer.
Unfortunately, I must wait until the auction wraps up nearly four hours later, join a lengthy queue to pay a€“ and queue again to collect them.

The original owner and I clearly have different tastes a€“ and dress sizes judging by the size-eight frocks and multiple string bikinis.
The company was founded in Munich in 1976 and became a must-buy brand in the Eighties – only to fall out of fashion a decade later when the company lost its way.
Another auction house, Bristol Commercial Valuers and Auctioneers, sells suitcases abandoned in the South West.
If you bid at auction, you enter into a legally binding contract to buy upon the fall of the auctioneera€™s gavel.I start to relax and even make a few bids. It looks like this lot is a dud a€“ and a waste at A?32.It seems lost luggage auctions are, by their very nature, trash or treasure.
In 2005 it was bought by a Korean company, Sungjoo Group, and is fast becoming an iconic label again; models Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum and Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field are all fans. And these bags and cases are expensive: from A?455 for a travel bag rising to A?760 for the trolley suitcase. When the pink Samsonite bag I unsuccessfully bid for goes for A?65, I start to think that I may have a knack for this.
MCM has 70 stores worldwide, including one in London (5 Sloane Street, W1) and one in Heathrow's Terminal 5. With the advent of the Internet, even more people have been able to take advantage of Unclaimed Baggage's unusual range of goods. I opt for a a€?slap-dasha€™ approach a€“ simply picking a few of the nicer looking bags, based on condition and colour.
But if you're looking for something flash to carry on or transport to a smart country house hotel in the boot of your car, MCM could have just the bag for you. This company now has exclusive contracts to purchase all unclaimed baggage sold on by airlines in the United States. All the Cognac designs are made from tan, logo-embossed soft Italian leather and canvas with satin gold hardware. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
There is usually aA a€?public announcementsa€™ or a€?legalA noticesa€™ section that will list auctions.

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