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Whether you’re going on a European vacation, an African safari or a beach getaway, choosing the right kind of luggage for an upcoming trip can make all the difference to your travel comfort. Modeled after the suitcases flight attendants and pilots have used for decades, wheeled suitcases revolutionized travel for the ordinary person.
Features to consider: Ergonomic design, compact sizing, and sturdy construction, with things like retractable handles, side handles, and wheels that make it easy for transporting your possessions from place to place.
Features to consider: Duffels fold up small and can be put inside your primary travel bag if you expect to bring back more than you arrived with. If you’ll be going from cobblestone to gravel to sand or other terrains too tough (such as stairs) for wheels, travel-friendly backpacks excel.
These smaller bags offer the ultimate in multifunctionality, whether they be for sightseeing, everyday commuting, overnight jaunts, or to and from the gym. You're standing in the airport terminal, watching a line of luggage move toward you on the conveyer belt. Choosing the right luggage can help prevent these minor tragedies, in addition to other inconveniences like pesky baggage fees for an oversized piece or the embarrassment of trying to squeeze your massive nylon duffel into the overhead compartment as impatient passengers struggle to get by. Many ultra-lightweight luggage pieces are hard-sided and may help you meet weight requirements for checked luggage. Whether you opt for a hard-sided suitcase or a soft one, be sure that you're paying for good quality. Check your airline's website for information on what size bags you can check or bring onboard, and keep in mind that many airlines have different size requirements for international and domestic flights. When flying on a smaller airline in a foreign country, acceptable baggage weight and size requirements can be a crapshoot.
You may prefer to shop in a real store instead of online, as that will allow you to test the bag before purchasing. Bags with a detachable piggy back clip, a looped clip on the top of the bag near the handle, allow you to clip a second bag onto a larger one. Designer luggage is a more a fashion symbol than a travel tool and is not the choice of most experienced travelers.
Beautifully woven into an architectural landmark, the new Moynat Maison de Vente in Mayfair (London) is located where the past meets the present. French luxury luggage specialist created the bespoke Jaguar F-TYPE luggage during 900 hours of work, using 8 layers of moulded wood. Since its inception in 1849, Moynat has become renowned for the production of made-to-measure luggage and travel accessories.
F-Type 20" Carry-On Suitcase - Jaguar CollectionRimmer Bros, For all of your Car Parts & Accessories. With the ability to fit in overhead compartments on an aeroplane, this 20 inch wheeled suitcase is made with performance nylon with leather trim details. Most 22” models can fit in overhead bins of airplanes (check your airline’s guidelines first though).
Bags with 360-degree spinner wheels can make your suitcase feel nearly weightless when you’re pulling it.

Their large main compartment and unstructured frame allows you to fit odd-sized items that a typical suitcase doesn’t.
Shoulder totes offer a more sleek, “uptown” style whereas backpacks are generally viewed as more casual. You eye each bag carefully, searching for your own and dreading two distinct and disappointing outcomes: your bag could either appear dented and mauled with your underwear hanging out of a gaping tear, or, like a blind date gone horribly wrong, it could simply fail to show. Pick the right carry-on and experience the freedom of traveling without checked bags -- you won't have to worry about lost luggage or extra fees if you can pack what you need in a good-sized carry-on. Most bags, from backpacks to larger luggage pieces, can be purchased with wheels, back straps or retractable handles.
Hard-sided bags are molded from difficult-to-pronounce materials like polypropylene and polycarbonate. Soft bags are more common than hard-shell luggage and are easier to squeeze into overhead compartments. If your tightly packed bag often weighs more than you do, look into purchasing a lightweight bag, which can save you a few pounds. Flimsy hard-sided luggage can break or crack under pressure, while cheap soft luggage can tear. As a general rule, go for a carry-on no larger than 45 inches (length plus width plus height) and a checked bag no larger than 62 inches (length plus width plus height), which are the standard for most major airlines in the U.S. You don't want to discover that you have to leave behind one of your bags or pay extra fees when you attempt to board a 20-seat plane for a domestic flight in Costa Rica.
Pretty much any department store or big-box store (like Target or Walmart) will have a selection of luggage, though quality can vary widely.
When you pick up your checked bag, clip on your carry-on and presto -- you have a free hand!
Walk around for a bit and see if the handle is long enough for you, if you like the feel of the fabric, if the back straps are comfortable, and if the suitcase feels sturdy and durable. Jaguar announced a collaboration with Moynat, French luxury trunk maker, for bespoke luggage. This is then covered by vegetal dyed leather in slate grey to match the car body, lined in mandarin orange colour, the signature colour of Moynat.
Our brands share a commitment to beautiful design combined with quality and functionality –qualities which are espoused in this bespoke trunk”, said Moynat’s artistic director, Ramesh Nair.
The company specialises in designing custom trunks to match the paint finishes and fit the contours of various vehicles. If you need additional information or clarification on this part, please select your car model from below to see specific application information, or click the Add to Cart button to make your purchase.
Don’t leave anything behind with this bags zipped front pocket for laptops, magazines and documents. These guidelines will help you make the best luggage choices for wherever the road takes you.
The rigid exterior shell of hard-side bags add extra protection to your belongings and offer incomparable durability.

You have hands-free carrying convenience that features balanced weight distribution so you can carry longer distances with less strain. If you’ll be carrying this bag all day, you may want to opt for a daypack with shoulder straps to help keep the weight in your bag balanced evenly across your back, reducing strain on either one of your shoulders.
If you do check a bag, you'll feel confident that it will remain intact if you select a sturdy, reliable brand. While handles and back straps are consistently useful features, some travelers get frustrated by stiff luggage wheels, which can inadvertently lead a heavy bag across the foot of an innocent bystander. Although you may want bring as large a bag as you can on the plane, remember that if you can't lift your carry-on bag above your head, you will not be able to place in the overhead bin. And features like a plastic waterproof pouch can hold wet swimsuits or leaky shampoo bottles. If you shop for a bag online, order it at least a month before your trip so you can send it back if it doesn't feel right for you. You'll look hot carrying your sexy Vera Bradley duffel or Diane Von Furstenberg luggage set through the airport at the start of your trip, but you definitely lose some sex appeal if your bags are held together with duct tape on the flight home. The trunk created for Jaguar to fit in the boot of a convertible F-type was unveiled during the London opening party of the new Moynat boutique.
The most famous example is the limousine trunk, patented in 1902, with its curved bottom designed to fit on the roof of an automobile. It also has an address tags in the back of the case, and supports wrinkle-free packing with its adjustable packing straps on the interior. Soft-sided bags have more give and sometimes include zippered expansion and can fit more, if needed. Though slightly heavier, wheeled backpacks combine the convenience of wheeled luggage with the mobility of a backpack. If this sounds like you, look for "spinner luggage" with wheels that can twist 360 degrees, allowing for greater control and ease of movement.
We love these bags -- but make sure to tape down any wayward straps if you check your backpack to keep them from getting entangled in the baggage carousel.
Soft bags are available in a wide variety of models; for example, you can purchase a carry-on with a zippered backpack attachment, or a duffel that can be either strapped to your back or wheeled through the airport. They're reputable among frequent travelers and carry a full line of luggage, garment bags, briefcases, duffel bags, carry-ons and more.
Soft-sided bags also often have outside pockets for last-minute additions or easy access to documents.

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