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Choose from more than 200 weekly flights to altogether 20 European destinations, which are provided by 7 regular airlines.
Fly from our General Aviation Centre with a highly customised flight: when you would like, to where you would like. Our highly trained staff will make sure your time spent at the airport is carefree and meaningful.
The airport scenery will work great as a venue for your out-of-the ordinary event, product placement or photo shoot. Please note that in order to ensure your safety and comfort during the flight, the rules on hand baggage are strickt and the staff check its adequacy and act accordingly. It is also possible to check the weight and dimensions of hand baggage at the airport by using the dedicated gauge and scale in the vicinity of the check- in counters. Detailed information concerning the baggage rules can be found on the website of the carrier. Starting 31st January 2014, duty free liquids purchased from any airport or airline may be carried as hand luggage.
For more information see the graphic: Which liquids can I take on my flight as hand luggage? Hand baggage should not contain dangerous items which are allowed to be transported only in checked-in baggage. Believe it or not but this is a surprisingly common question with very little available information.
Aside from the benefits of having an electric shaver with you at your holiday destination, It could be that you will be traveling for a long period of time.
Despite media attention, travellers are still confused about what they can take through airport security. The EU’s airport security rules regarding hand baggage and liquids have been in force for more than a year but with tens of thousands litres of liquids and gels being confiscated at airports each day, this is not only stressful for passengers, but just adds to the delays. Make sure you find out in advance the rules of the airport you are travelling from and also the airline that will be carrying you. However in the aftermath of the attempted detonation of an explosive device on a Northwest jet on route from Amsterdam to Detroit in the US, more security measures are being implement on US-bound routes. Q: Liquids are not allowed in, but can I carry through a bottle of water I am drinking at the time?
A: You can take through various liquids in different containers, but the container itself should not be able to hold more than 100ml. These should be carried through the airport in a single transparent re-sealable plastic bag – like a freezer bag.
A: You can take this, but only as much as you need for the duration of the trip, even if this exceeds the 100ml limit. A: You can take as much liquid baby food or sterilised water required for the journey itself. It is a sad fact that today’s travellers do face security threats and it makes sense that security measures are taken at the airport.
There are some items which cannot be carried in hand luggage or onto the plane and some that can be packed into check-in luggage. She is also Travel Editor of The Jewish Chronicle and publisher of a series of Channel Hoppers Guides - guides for Channel Hoppers to Northern France. FREE TRAVEL NEWSLETTERGet the latest travel news, articles, guides and competitions directly to your inbox. Increased airport security measures have imposed limits on items that may be carried on flights. According to TSA, travelers are allowed one piece of carry-on luggage and one personal item, such as a purse, laptop case, briefcase, camera case or small backpack. A current list of restricted items can be found on TSA's website under "Prohibited Items." These items include, but are not limited to, liquids of more than 3 ounces, sharp objects and flammable or otherwise hazardous substances.
TSA standards are subject to change at any time, so the best way to avoid security delays is to check the TSA website or call the airport with questions about restricted items.
The Transportation Security Administration checks both carry-on and checked baggage for airline passengers. Understanding hand baggage regulations when traveling by air lets you avoid possible hassles and delays with airline and airport security procedures.
For the safety of passengers and crew, the Transportation Safety Administration regulates what items passengers can bring on airplanes. Carriage of prohibited items may result in fines or in certain cases imprisonment by each country's regulations. Medical and toiletry articles and certain other specified articles, in small quantities, may be carried. Any matches and Lighters in carry-on baggage to international and domestic flight departing from India, Philippines, Vietnam, the mainland China (except Hong Kong), Myanmar are strictly under the ban by Bureaus in each country. Carriage of alcoholic beverages exceeding 24% by volume but not exceeding 70% by volume is limited to 5 liters in total per person whether it is checked or hand-carried. Any alcoholic beverages is prohibited to carry into cabin by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
Any bleach item which is belong to the oxidizing substance or the corrosive ,is prohibited in the aircraft and in checked baggage. For smoking only.One small packet of safety matches or a cigarette lighter that does not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel, other than liquefied gas, intended for use by an individual when carried on the person.
Hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas provided that the safetycover is securely fitted over the heating element.*Gas refills for such curlers are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage. Electronic devices containing the batteries of Lithium Ion Batteries and Lithium Metal Batteries. Travelling with hand luggage only is often a more economical way of setting off on holiday. Planning to serenade your fellow travellers by bringing your instrument on holiday, but worried about putting your prized guitar in the hold?

You will have to contact your airline before you travel if you are planning to take a large musical instrument on board.
If you’re planning a hen party abroad, forget taking party poppers, toy caps and fireworks. You may be tempted to buy novelty lighters as souvenirs while you are on holiday – but you will have to leave them all behind if you put them in your hand luggage. If you are heading off to a festival abroad you may end up sleeping al fresco if you try to take tent pegs in your hand luggage. Yea, I am a little surprised that tent pegs are not allowed on flights, and I am sure I’d be surprised by how often people run into this issue (I have never attempted to bring camping equipment on a flight).
Useful article, I was aware of most of these rules but it’s the first time I have heard about the 1 lighter rule.
It’s that time of year again, when millions of us take to the roads, rails and skies laden with Christmas goodies and family gifts. Whether you’re travelling internally within Britain or adventuring farther afield for the festive season, how do you handle air travel with Christmas gifts without causing mayhem and chaos, and without falling foul of airport security regulations?  Can you take Christmas crackers on board a plane? Here’s some sensible advice about travelling from A to B at one of the busiest times of the year, especially when you’re carrying Christmas with you! One of the nicest things about travelling by air over Christmas is that everyone’s in such a great holiday mood, especially friendly and helpful.
There’s nothing worse than struggling around an airport concourse with gift wrapping flapping around you, falling off in colourful chunks, being torn to shreds. There are still restrictions in place about the amount of liquids you can take on board, and they apply to Christmas gifts as well as your own possessions.
Musical instruments can be taken on board many airlines as part of your hand luggage, but it’s always best to check with your airline first. The British Airways website includes plenty of really useful information about what you can carry with you and what the restrictions are. Having said that, it’s important to remember the new EU regulations about the way duty free liquids, prescribed medicines and liquid baby foods are screened at security. One of the most visible aspects of the security process is making sure our passengers do not take on-board prohibited items. Knowing what’s allowed and what’s not allowed before you arrive – as well as allowing yourself plenty of time to follow all the security procedures when you get to Gatwick – will save you time and inconvenience and make your journey more enjoyable. Have only your boarding card ready for inspection – your passport is not required at security. Have all your toiletries, aftershaves, perfumes and cosmetics (in containers of 100ml or less) in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag for security staff to x-ray separately. You may be asked to remove your shoes and belt before going through the security archway.
All passengers flying into or out of the UK should ensure that any electronic devices carried in hand luggage – mobile phones, tablets etc. To speed up your journey through security, remove all items from your pocket, take off any large items of jewellery and zip them in your bag before you reach security. Since the stowage space in the cabin is limited, you are advised to follow the carrier's rules on carry-on baggage. It is likely that the baggage will be removed by security authorities for security reasons. If you would like to have the instrument in the cabin an additional ticket for the instrument should be purchased. These liquids must be in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each. Your duty free liquid and receipt must be sealed at the time of purchase inside a security bag with a red border. By talking an electric shaver with you it eliminates the morning chore of having to go through the wet shave routine.
So what do you do if you are felling uncomfortable and want to shave but you are on a plane?
You will be please to know that according to their table electric shavers are allowed to be taken in hand baggage. However, some airlines such as easyJet, regardless of airport rules, still apply the one bag rule diligently and may even refuse boarding even if your other bag is your handbag. This will be confiscated whether you are still drinking it, or unopened and regardless if this is a bottle or can.
Inside there should be no more than 10 containers of 100ml bringing the combined volume to no more than 1 litre.
You will be asked to remove these from your pocket or bag and place it in a separate container along with any change and keys so that it can be scanned. Apply a generous dollop of common sense to decide what you think can be reasonably taken through security and on board. She has also appeared on the BBC Holiday Programme, GMTV, CNN and Al Jazeerah TV as an expert. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for maintaining security in United States airports, and its rules are important to consider when packing your carry-on luggage. You should always pack cash, credit cards and all forms of personal identification (driver's license, passport, etc.) in your carry-on.
TSA allows reasonable quantities of medications, baby formula and food and breast milk, but the security checkpoint inspector should be informed of their presence. Government, printer and toner cartridges weighing more than 500g are prohibited to bring as carry-on or checked baggage on flights to and from U.S.
Would you kindly ask to check-in it as checked baggage for the flights departing from the mainland China (except Hong Kong). However it’s important to be aware of what exactly you can and can’t take in your carry-on bag. Certain sports equipment such as a badminton racquets, bats, sports sticks and walking poles aren’t permitted on board.

You’ll have to put your corkscrew in your hold luggage – it’s simply not allowed in your hand-luggage.
These items are seen as dangerous and can’t be carried in either your hand luggage or the hold. You are allowed to keep one lighter on your person but it has to be in a re-sealable plastic bag.
That being said, I have had to deal with the annoyance of transporting sports equipment via plane.
If you’re carrying gifts with you, wrap them as solidly, ruggedly and carefully as you can to avoid mishaps en route. Most sports stuff goes in your hand luggage just fine, as long as it isn’t too big or heavy. Obviously very large instruments will break the hand baggage maximum dimension rules and you’ll have to pay extra. But you have to pack them in a special cycle bag, not just pack them up any old how or wrap them in gift wrap. We recommend you update your browser so that you can get the best possible experience of our website.
You must pack these containers in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of not more than one litre capacity per passenger. Bringing your electric shaver along on holiday allows you to leave one of those 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routines at home. Obviously going to the bathroom with a razor, shaving foam and moisturiser is not practical. With some expensive electric shavers costing over ?300 you are not going to be too happy if it gets confiscated by airport security.
Secondly, processing the many hundreds of bottles and containers is an immense task for our security services. Toiletries such as sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants, all types of pastes, including toothpaste, gels, including hair and shower gel and any other solution of similar consistency are all to be treated as liquids. You will need prior agreement from the airline you are travelling with and bring a doctor’s note. You can top up by buying more from the shops on the other side of security or at your destination.
It is the responsibility of the individual to make sure that their luggage will fit through the X-ray machine as well as in available storage areas in the plane's cabin. You may want to include items that will add to your comfort or entertainment while traveling, such as a blanket or pillow, books, newspapers, magazines or approved electronic devices. After all, there’s nothing worse than packing that expensive bottle of perfume and then having to leave it behind at the airport.
That said, liquids of 100ml or less will be permitted, but have to be in a single, transparent and re-sealable plastic bag. You are allowed to take as much as your child will need for the duration of the flight, but you may be asked to taste it before you are allowed through security. I used to play lacrosse and the airline actually lost one of my favorite lacrosse sticks when they made me store it in the hold. Check first before you travel, especially if you’ll be changing airlines during the journey. The same goes for sparklers and other fireworks, whether designed for use indoors or outdoors, presumably because they’re far too much like an explosive for comfort. You usually need to take the pedals off or make sure they’re facing inwards some other way. For your safety and comfort as well as the safety and comfort of other passengers, baggage in excess of the quantity or dimension is to be checked-in. The solution for a shave while traveling would be to use an electric shaver, but the question remains, are these allowed on board a plane?
Finally this leads to longer waiting queues at the security screening points, which again is bad news for the travellers.
TSA also recommends packing jewelry, cameras, undeveloped film and video cameras in carry-on luggage.
Similarly, essential medicines of more than 100ml are allowed, but you’ll need evidence from a medical professional, such as a letter from your doctor or a copy of your prescription. Bring 2-3 shirts, 1 sweater, maybe a blazer, 1 pair nice pants (or skirt if you’re a girl), 7 pair underpants and socks, in a material that dries fast and wash in the sink.
It can peel off if it gets too hot, too cold or if there’s a sudden temperature change. Every airline has their own restrictions, so check on their website and weigh your baggage carefully first. The handlebars need to go sideways to keep the package as slim and unobtrusive as possible. You can usually take ski boots into the cabin as long as they don’t break the hand luggage size and weight restrictions.
In this way your baggage will not need to be checked-in at the gate or even refused to be loaded on the plane. In case you have a connecting flight at another airport, please alert the security officer so your duty free liquids may be re-sealed in a new security bag. Buy good quality wrapping materials and you’ll be more likely to arrive at your destination with your gifts in one piece.

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