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I used to have a vintage one made of bright red canvas that I loved, but one of the straps broke mid-flight on my way home from Chile a few years ago. All photos not otherwise credited are copyrighted Hannah Clay Wareham 2012-2016 and may not be used without permission.
While there’s more variety than ever in check-in bags, there are also some emerging themes.
And we have a diverse bunch nominated, for a diverse range of travel that’ll hopefully hit the mark. Lots of weekenders look great, but very few of them can fit into a tiny kit bag and slide into your backpack.
This nomination surprised us a little, as it’s too heavy, shows knocks, and has been largely made obsolete by polymer replacements. We talk a bit about the Security Theatre around air travel at Carryology, as most of the billions of dollars spent on this stuff is silly.
This bag is awesome value, weighs a whole kilogram less than most of its direct competition, and won’t complain as you drag it around the world in pursuit of waves, white and weirdness.
And the outdoor industry is re-discovering adventure travel in a way that will continue to throw forward worthy contenders. Half way between a business carry-on and an adventure travel pack, the Aviator uses flexible and sensible zones to help you organise your one bag travel.
This is small capacity for a carry-on, which means it works better as an overnighter only, or a supplement to check in luggage.
Raising over $340K on a goal of $30k wasn’t a bad start for this Kickstarter launch, with a convertible carry-on that tries to always have you covered. Being able to swap between wheeling or carrying sounds awesome, but hybrid packs have generally suffered from being too heavy or awkward to bother with. There is loads of great carry-on getting around, as this is a category that people care about. This is one of my favorite bag categories and it has been getting a lot of attention in recent years, as evidenced by stores like REI and MEC making their own carry-on travel backpacks.
The GR2 suffers a bit from bulging in the middle which steals space from the front compartment.
On the first series of Daypacks we also found the resistance of the zipper to be rather low, mainly the one on the side. I would probably buy another of your bags for myself—I like my wife’s Daypack a lot—but would prefer a backpack that embraces two strap carry with ergonomic straps rather than constraining comfort for the sake of convertibility. I’ve got a similar Qwstion bag (the Daypack I think, which is smaller than the weekender as above), and the backpack carry mode is sufficiently comfortable. I personally use the Tortuga and it has performed well on both weekend trips and long term travel (currently in India).
I recommend SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack, I bought it from best travel backpack reviews, I got bast one here.
Home Blog What Is The Best Hand Carry Luggage Size For My Flight?What Is The Best Hand Carry Luggage Size For My Flight? So, you may be asking, how do you know if your carry on luggage dimensions comply with the airline rules? Traditionally you used to receive a paper plane ticket from your travel agent and this could include information on luggage allowed on board as well as checked luggage. I was then informed last week about a tool to quickly find the dimensions of carry on baggage by airline in one quick, easy to find place. This was actually perfect for me since my next flight is with an airline I’ve never flown before.
This guide is even more useful since it gives details on the maximum weight of your hand luggage cases too as well as weight restriction for hold luggage.
As an update for those who have followed my complaints about being denied boarding access with hand luggage, I recently received a telephone call from KLM. The jury is still out on KLM but I appreciated the call from them and know that my concerns are being listened to.
It has been my companion for more than a year and it’s an unusually good, light backpack. I can't even tell you how excited Kristie and I are to spend six nights, five days in paradise!
Now, I'm not talking about carry-on luggage, but rather the elusive giant-yet-still-attractive tote bag. If you ask science, it says that most of us are happier before and after our holidays, than actually on them, so you need kit that brings on the warm and fuzzies across the entire experience.
As with lots of their NSW ranges, Nike treat new fabrics in classic ways, elevating synthetics to be as classy as leather. It’s not as immediately striking as some, or as dolled up as others, but darn it just works. However, there are times when you need to protect your luggage, and Pacsafe are good at it. It uses leather without consuming the whole cow and it will wear beautifully, and will remain flexible and as willing as your plans change.
It looks good in almost any setting, it maximises your carry on space, it can swap between single strap or backpack carry, and it has pocketing for almost anything you’ll carry.
Straps can all tuck away for checking in, there’s a solid waist belt for helping with the load, a rain cover, and you have zones for shoes, tech, laptop and clothing. Great organising, excellent build quality, and incorporates the modular system for hanging laptops, tablets and tech. The patterning is sophisticated, the organising features are resolved and it sports a seam-sealed rain cover included as standard. This looks like a bag from a much more mature company than it is. Red Oxx has big fans, and awesome organizing, but for us the generic handles and fussy look just slide them out of the core group. There were far fewer options when I bought my Osprey Porter 46 (maybe a classic in this category now?) in 2007 for my first trip to Europe.

The Qwstion bag might look the best, but my wife has their Daypack and the zippers feel odd in use and don’t want to stay closed. I always found it a bit uncomfortable, I have a Goruck GR2 which would be amazing if it was a bit lighter and had a waist belt. My wife gets a lot of compliments about her Daypack and it’s one of the nicest convertible bags if you need a backpack that can hide its straps, as she does for dress code.
We’d like to join the discussion here, to give you our point of view from the designers perspective. The current edition was updated in this regard and uses an auto-lock zipper with higher resistance. She’s also fairly small, so I got her the bag that was just big enough for a MacBook Air and let that dictate the dimensions.
It seems very practical and well considered for travel, but the aesthetics leave a lot to be desired.
I forgot to check back on this thread to reply, and now I’m sure my reply is no longer relevant.
You’d include the SK40, which is basically identical to last year’s winner the GR2, bar external webbing, but not include the Mystery Ranch ASAP, a different bag entirely from the 3 Day Assault that won last year but sharing the same trizip opener?
I am someone who likes to stay within the rules and become frustrated when I see others flout them. Now you can just go to an airline’s website, browse through a few pages (some websites are designed better than others). Also discount price carriers often offer airline baggage size limits which are less than the main carriers. It turns out that the travel gurus at Expedia have come up with a hand luggage size and weight guide. My hand carry luggage size is in line with the various airlines I fly and also helps me keep my valuables with me all the time. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase you will still get the best price available on the day.
I always look up my hand baggage allowance before flying and I try to stick to the rules, but I am fed up with people who abuse the allowance massively.
I scored a pretty good deal at Marshall's last week, though, so my emotional wounds are starting to heal.
Very few folk have unlimited baggage allowance, and so it’s rare for us to recommend a heavy bit of luggage these days.
While this bag has been getting released and sold out for a couple of years now, its elusiveness has helped it win nomination for this year. It has that kind of appeal. But Rimowa does make a great case, and this range looks better than any of them.
The Morphus lets you split your luggage, wheel it, backpack it, shoulder carry it, or just compress the heck out of it. We’ve had a Cubelite wrap its way around the world a couple of times so far, and this spinner is still box fresh and awesome. Their double-coil ToughZip resists pen punctures (a radically easy way to break into luggage), their Exomesh resists slashes, and the AT range is really quite light considering the safety feature set. While nominated last awards, the bag has been updated for faster conversion and more nailed details.
Weighing 6lbs (2.75kg) with its added zip-on backpack, this bag is light even when compared to pure wheeled cases.
I use the Porter for every trip and it hasn’t failed me yet, but I may upgrade to one of these packs at some point for more comfortable straps, a tiny bit more organization, and nicer materials. The bag certainly doesn’t just open on its own, the twist latch prevents that and holds the flap securely in place. For maximizing the amount you can pack within carry-on regulations, however, I don’t think there is a better choice. As pointed out by Nick, we developed the double-zip top opening with the twistlock to allow full access to the main compartment with only one quick movement. The most logical replacements are the Tortuga and the Minaal, but I might just as likely try to reduce my packing list until it’s closer to 20 liters so I can get a perfect all-purpose backpack from Mission Workshop or the like.
You unhook the straps at the bottom (they’re sewn to the pack at the top) and slide them behind the panel to hide them.
If you want to be sure to take your bag inside cabin (whether Rimowas or a bag pack or whatever) take care that the length is within limits. It is even worse when I suffer because of this since rules aren’t enforced correctly.
Eventually, usually in the travel information section, you will come across the dimensions for carry on baggage that you are allowed.
As a result the correct hand luggage size for one flight can be significantly different to another.
This saves all that time scouring the websites for this information which might be hidden away. I was advised that they would soon be changing the aircraft on these KLM Cityhopper routes that I frequently use. However this site will receive a small commission which goes towards the annual costs of running this site. If I can I try choosing flying with hold baggage but for short weekends flights there is not really a point, so I stick with a hand baggage. Posted on January 7, 2016 by Heidi When traveling within Europe, we do our best to travel with carry on luggage only.
This is a two-part luggage solution that will do anything you need it to, without much of a compromise on weight.
The wheels are large enough to skip over bumps, and clad in a resilient but vibration-deadening rubber so they stay quiet.
There is an update currently flushing through, so the still great and prior model is at discount.

The F-Light has plenty of colorways to match the loudest of board shorts or Hawaiian shirts. Small wheeled cases generally look a bit dorky, but this thing is Keyser Soze, secretly coordinating the world’s entire underground everything.
Refined pattern work, just enough features, and a convertible system that doesn’t need a rocket scientist, this is Osprey at their best. However, the zippers operate with so little force that the lateral expansion of the bag is enough to make them rest about an inch shy of the fully-closed position at the end of the zipper.
And I am always impressed each time I pack when the foam panels in the sides and the compression straps that connect them across the pack manage to shrink the bag so much. I’m glad to hear it has been resolved and a locking zipper sounds like the right solution.
The trouble is convincing your family to reduce their packing too, or you end up offsetting your minimal backpack by having to drag their checked luggage. Recently I wrote about this and how I knew my hand carry luggage size was correct for an airline but still I couldn’t take it on board. The new aircraft would be better designed to cope with their airline carry on baggage size limits as stated in their policies. Trust us, we have a couple that are almost permanently out on loan, because they just work. This is one of the broadest categories, as carry-ons need to cover travel, work, play and still fit in an overhead bin. It’s been great to see the SLICKS pack return, which is an excellent carry on option.
It’s entirely possible this was a design decision as it allows you to, having opened the latch, simply pull the flap and both zippers will open without a fight. It invariably takes an overpacked bag and brings it right back to regulation carry-on size. She generally finds the straps comfortable for light loads but, as Nikko pointed out, they’re not sculpted for ergonomics. In addition my comments were noted and I was assured that they would be passed up the chain since it was valid customer feedback. I was thinking of going with the Qwestion but for nearly ?200 for the weekender a two year warranty is very poor. It also allows you to close the latch first and then close the zippers without being careful about their alignment. It’s a much better compression design than most of these that only have straps on the sides and will leave a bulge in the middle. Put simply, this is the spinner than has converted several of our contributors over to spinners, where historically they’d never go near the small wheeled things. A After ourA 1 year of nomadic travel and homeschool, we are pretty much experts at packing lightly.We can easily use a carry on bag only for a few weeks of travel.
Some people would likely prefer this easy opening and closing, so I would characterize it as more of a personal preference than a glaring design flaw.
A We have found we wear the same things over and over, as well as packing items for mix and match.
A We also find it useful when we book an apartment rather than a hotel, as they often have facilities to wash our clothes. A You will want to consider how much your suitcase weighs empty, so you can determine how many belongings you can bring. A It is great to have a fancy suitcase, but if it is heavy empty, you arena€™t getting much value.In the table below we have compiled a matrix of information based on some of the best carry on luggage available. A These tend to have some of the best luggage reviews and reasonable prices too.Of course prices vary depending where you make your purchase, but you can find some great luggage sale prices if you do someA hunting. A It is very lightweight to begin with and allows for a little expansion, if you really want to pack things in there.
A Us adults each had one full-sized backpack as well as a small day pack for our electronics. A This was best for all forms of transportation via trains, planes, ferries, buses and more. A Of course in the photo above Gma Bev, just had one large suitcase!If you are looking for some new luggage think about only using carry on luggage. A Sometimes that just wona€™t fit the bill and it is best to also check a piece of luggage for long-haul flights or international travel.
A We will soon provide a shopping guide for a standard suitcase as well.If you would like to view more options or read detailed reviews of the best carry on luggage deals, check them out on Amazon and look for free shipping!What carry on luggage do you use?
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We didn’t think about the luggage, but this is the most important things to travel around.
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