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As every seasoned traveler knows, the FFA allows all airline passengers to bring onboard one carry on bag and one personal item (sometimes for a fee). A bag with a soft, fabric exterior will have more flexibility than a hard-shell carry on, which could give you some extra room.
In a surefire effort to make things super confusing for everyone, the size and weight parameters are not uniform across the board. However, we highly recommend that you double check with your airline’s website just in case anything does change.
Not if you don’t have to.Remember, it’s impossible to lose a bag that you carry on, but it is possible that an airline can lose a checked bag, which could be a headache to try and get reconnected with in some cases.
International sized bags are smaller, typically 20” L, while continental carry on sizes are 21-22” L.

You should have similar luck with a 21-22”, but some international airlines may have smaller compartments.
There are numerous airline carry on size restrictions, and not knowing the rules could mean checked bag fees, depending on your airline. Some airlines list their max carry on dimensions as linear instead of the usual three dimensions. Try to anticipate the return flight and if your bag may get heavier with souvenirs or other items. Be aware that a Wall Street Journal report found that 8% of airline baggage scales in New York were inaccurate. If you are told at the gate that there isn’t any more room in the overhead and your bag must be checked, don’t worry, because it’s pretty much a guarantee that your bag will be on your flight, meaning it can’t go missing.

So especially if you’re a frequent overseas traveler, go with a 20” bag if size is a concern. Before you fly, make certain that you’re aware of your airlines carry-on baggage restrictions.

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